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5 Types of Vintage Home Decor Trends!

Anything vintage is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The same is true of home décor. When it comes to home décor though, there is no clear definition of vintage. Depending on your taste you might find a particular period or style to define vintage.

No matter the preference, vintage home décor has made a major comeback. There are many things to consider before choosing your décor. A good understanding of some important elements of home décor is a good place to start.

1. Vintage Home Décor

Vintage usually refers to something from the past that people cherish. Vintage Artefacts and effects are easy to define because you have preserved examples. When it comes to home décor, though, it is not that clear.

Vintage home décor can be defined as any style applied between 20 and 100 years ago. Anything older than that becomes an antique. Vintage décor styles from the turn of the 20th century to the dawn of the 21st are quite diverse.

There are many eras to choose from when it comes to vintage décor. And each era is quite distinct, and the décor elements are worlds apart. The décor elements from the quiet 20s may give off a completely different vibe compared to the 70s glam.

How to Decorate Your Home With Vintage Décor?

  • Vintage Starts at Your Doorsteps

A crucial element of vintage décor is doors. Whether it is for entry into your home or any other purpose you can think of, doors have a huge role to play in décor style.

  • Color Your Home Vintage

The color scheme is a major part of vintage décor. It defines the vintage style you are going for. Specific colors and color schemes give your home the vibe of the era it is meant to reflect.

  • Get Fancy with Furniture

Finding the right piece of furniture and placement is essential. Wooden furniture, vintage or otherwise is often a safe choice. You can find many well-preserved vintage wooden furniture at yard sales and auctions.

Credenzas with decorative trims can be a great addition to your living room. You can add your decor ideas to existing furniture. Placing items such as vintage mirrors and clay pots can complement your furniture.

  • Go Retro With Your Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to defining your theme. Every part of your vintage decor stands out only when complemented by the right lighting fixtures. Chandeliers often provide a great point-of-focus to highlight a room's decor. Vintage floor lamps and wall lamps can be a great addition to your study or bedroom.

  • Let Literature be the Conversation-Starter

Great literature is always a good addition to your house irrespective of the décor. Apart from providing great intellectual company, books can also add intrigue to your décor. Vintage copies of literary classics when placed right can become a key part of your décor.

  • Go Green

Placing some soothing indoor plants can create a great ambiance for your home. Any vintage decor style can be complemented by plants.

  • Experiment with Textures

Textures are essential while designing decor. Different textures create different vibes and design aesthetics. You can try contrasting textures depending on the materials used. A cloth couch might go well with a polished wooden floorboard.

Where to Buy Vintage Home Décor Accessories?

We have an extensive home décor collection sure to entice the most discriminating of vintage collectors. The Handmade Store has something for all styles of vintage décor. Our wares are crafted from the finest of materials by our master craftsmen and women. Whatever your definition of vintage is, you can find something to suit your query at our store.

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2. Mid-Century Modern Décor

When it comes to vintage décor, mid-century designs are one of the prominent styles. From architecture to furniture, this décor style features some timeless ideas. To be more precise, it is the futuristic design that makes mid-century décor appeal through the ages.

A notable feature of mid-century décor is its inclusiveness. The mid-century décor has something to offer for everyone. Elegant yet functional, all elements are designed with a purpose.

What Years is Mid-century From?

Mid-century modern is a term used to describe the decor style from the mid-1940s till the late 60s. This interior design movement started immediately after the Second World War. Mid-century decor developed in cohesion with the modernist movement prominent at the time. This decor style reflects many crucial social and economic aspects that are indigenous to the period.

Is Mid-century Modern Going Out of Style?

Despite its 80-year-old history, mid-century modern is as prominent as ever today. Many designers today borrow their design styles from this era. The many notable elements of mid-century modern are quite desirable and much sought. Its popularity is only growing among vintage enthusiasts.

Is Mid-century Modern Timeless?

Mid-century modern's growing popularity is enough evidence of its timelessness. Simplicity and honesty are the most notable aspects of this decor style. Timeless Elegance is seen even in the most fundamental aspect.

How to Make Your House Look Mid-Century Modern?

  • Be Picky with Furniture

Mid-century furniture can be tricky to find, but the authentic ones are worth the hassle. Furniture from this era has an elegant charm to it that no modern furniture can match. The unique and simplistic design of the furniture will complement your decor style. Remember though that the original ones are the ones made in Denmark, the US, Italy Japan, and Yugoslavia.

  • Go for that Rug-ed Look

Rugs are an important part of the mid-century décor. There is a wide range of rug designs you can choose from. From geometric designs to vivid color patterns you can go for any rug that complements your theme.

  • Always Keep Practicality in Mind

Mid-century modern décor is all about functionality and simplicity. Any aspect no matter how vintage, will not define the style until it is practical. You can focus on using decors such as a chair with diverse uses such as a cup holder or recliner. Maximizing the usefulness of your décor must be a key aspect of your theme.

  • Be Innovative with Your Design

There is no rulebook for mid-century décor with hard and fast rules. You can come up with your own design ideas and try contrasting or complementing elements. You could have a living room with a luxurious sofa toned down by a simple monotone vintage chair.

  • Be Bold with Lighting!

Your decor, no matter how interesting and vintage looking, needs the right light to shine. When it comes to mid-century design, bold is better. Lighting options from this period are quite elaborate and you will enjoy picking the right one. You can try vintage lighting elements such as innovative tripod lamps.

3. Retro Home Décor

Retro is one of the most discussed terms when it comes to vintage and it is quite normal to get confused. On the surface, both terms are used to describe pretty much the same elements. Yet certain aspects set retro designs apart.

  • Usage

Vintage decor often refers to the recreation of styles that have stood the test of time. While retro refers to decor that was once popular and is now making a comeback. Retro is in simple terms a decor style where you are designing your home using used, worn-out items. The result, of course, is a room that lets you relive the past rather than recreate it.

  • Gender Association

We, humans, are quite primitive when it comes to word association. Certain words sound like certain things to us. The same is true of vintage and retro. A vintage bottle of wine may sound quite feminine while an Elvis record has masculine written all over it. Retro decor elements usually involve assumed masculine stuff like wind-up clocks and a record player.

  • Color

Retro colors are often dull and dreary, as if you were in a 1970s flashback. Retro decor elements often include rusty and metallic shades. Where vintage color schemes are meant to invoke nostalgia, retro intends to teleport you back to the past without a flux capacitor.

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How to Decorate Your Home Retro Style?

  • Repurpose Your Design

Modern Retro decor is highlighted by the generous use of repurposed items. Retro furniture is quite charming and by itself can complement your decor. Modern-day facilities also allow you to customize the furniture to your preference. A mix of both modern and retro will help you achieve a decor style that stands out.

  • Paint the Walls Retro

There are many colors associated with retro. Darker, under-saturated shades of certain colors offer the right scheme. Metallic colors can often provide that exact retro feel. Lavender and sage are also gaining popularity as retro colors.

Can You Mix Rugged Decor with Modern Retro?

Rugged decor has several elements that can complement any retro design style. An eye for detail and an understanding of retro aesthetics are all you need. Color, texture, and purpose are aspects you need to focus on when merging these two styles.

When it comes to color it is best to be judicious. Rugged decor features bold colors that stand out while retro takes a milder tone. Trying out warm tones to go with your retro decor can produce great results.

When it comes to furniture the material of choice can make all the difference. Leather and faux leather are upholstery materials that go well with both decors. You can achieve the feel of retro while getting a rustic vibe.

Retro style is often highlighted by the way a space is filled. Minimalism is the rugged approach to making your retro decor stand out. Giving room for each material to stand out on its own is a great way to merge both styles. This can also highlight your color and wall decor.

4. Antique Home Decor

The antique decor is the oldest decor you can find in the market. These collectibles are well over 100 years old and reflect the elegance of the period they are from. The unique craftsmanship and the rich materials used are often distinguishing features.

You can find antique collectibles in garage sales and auction houses. There are many websites as well with extensive collections of genuine antiques. Keep in mind though you can also go for modern reproductions of antiques. These will serve you longer, need less maintenance, and fit your budget.

Contemporary interpretations of antique design elements are also something worth exploring.

How to Decorate Your Home Antique Style?

  • Develop an Eye for Antiques

It is no secret that antiques are quite expensive and having décor themed around them can burn a hole in your pocket. Knowing how to spot an antique can make a world of difference when approaching this décor style. It will also give you an idea of how to replace actual antiques with reproductions.

A modern reproduction of a wall clock or a gramophone can ease your antique hunt.

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  • Create Your Own Antique Designs

Using a contemporary approach is a great idea to create an innovative antique décor. You can use modern furniture and turn it into an antique. Following some time-tested antique design ideas on existing décor can work wonders.

  • Let the Trims Define Your Décor

A notable feature of antique decor is the gold, brown, and reddish accents on everything. Working around these colors is prudent to achieve that antique look. Bedrooms and living areas also need to reflect this antique color palette. Using cushions and spreads with red and gold patterns can make your upholstery look antique.

  • The Devil's in the Detail

Antiques are known for their intricate detail. Antique design patterns are meant to reflect exuberance and need to be rich in color and detail. You can find well-crafted modern antique pieces in stores. Curtains and covers as well need to feature intricate patterns.

  • Go all out with Wall Art

When it comes to antique wall art, there is nothing finer. There is an extensive collection of vintage art dating back centuries. With many different art styles to explore, you can pick out any piece of art. You can go with any antique artwork that complements your decor.

How to Decorate with Antique Furniture?

Antique furniture is as broad a topic as the décor style itself. There are many things you can try out with antique furnishings. Contrasting modern furniture with antiques is a great way to bring things together.

It would be wise to give antique furnishings enough room to stand out. Mixing and matching antiques is often a good idea. You can also try contrasting antique furniture with modern counterparts. Remember that you can always create your own touch to your antique furnishing style.

5. Farmhouse Décor

Farmhouse décor has been gaining popularity in recent years. The rustic elegance of the farmhouse is timeless. The cosy ambiance created by the décor is ideal for those that seek perpetual bliss.

Farmhouse décor has the advantage of being adaptable to both vintage and modern styles. Due to the minimalism associated with farmhouses, there are many avenues to explore. A farmhouse is also ideal for those of you looking for a DIY décor project.

How to Decorate Farmhouse Style?

  • An Elegant Entryway

Vintage Doors

Farmhouses reflect the simplicity and hospitability of the countryside. Creating a welcoming entryway is a great way to begin your décor. A small wooden bench and a few shelves will provide the ideal farmhouse charm with some practicality.

  • Go with Wood

Wood is the material of choice for farmhouse decor. Add as much wood as you can to any part of your house. Apart from being cozy and cool in all weather, wood is quite elegant. Wood also creates a great textured finish with a color that look vintage.

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  • Use Light Color Shades

Farmhouses are meant to be bright and airy. The colors used need to complement the liberal use of wood. The same goes for sheets, cushions, and rugs.

How to Decorate Modern Farmhouse Style?

  • Go for a Rustic Contemporary Style

Modern farmhouse decor is easy to achieve if you are willing to embrace some key elements of the style. Existing modern decor can be seasoned with rustic elements to give that vintage look. Roof panels or beams when added to your bedroom architecture can create a charming vibe.

  • Embrace Shiplap

When it comes to farmhouses shiplap is the preferred choice of cladding. Shiplap can make any house look rustic farmhouse style. Go for brick shiplap in kitchens and wooden ones for bedrooms.

  • Keep it Casual

Farmhouse decor looks best when treated to a casual design style. Using simple yet elegant textures is the way to go. Subtlety is the key when it comes to farmhouse decor. Leaving certain parts unfinished can help create the ideal farmhouse decor.

Does Farmhouse Decor always have to be White?

Farmhouse decor stands out with bright and subtle colors. A simple white is often the color of choice due to its natural ability to blend in. This is not a hard and fast rule though nor is it a pious norm. The general theme is to use light shades. Beige and cream are among some of the prominent colors used for farmhouse decor. People also try lighter shades of grey.

Is Farmhouse Decor Going Out of Style?

The farmhouse is among the decor styles that are always sought after. The elegance and simplicity of farmhouse decor are quite popular among vintage enthusiasts. Farmhouses are rustic and practical which is ideal for all decor ideas. The popularity of farmhouse decor has created a market for it. Farmhouses are also a great choice for those looking for DIY projects. Many ideas and themes can be implemented while creating farmhouse decor.

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