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All About Antique Home Decor

The antique style involves the intentional use of timeless, unique decor pieces and the placement of recognized items from the past to create the desired environment. It is done in such a way that it gives a sense of history to a visitor.

Antique design style uses old and artificially aged pieces to give an elegant look to your space.

Designing an antique-style home means incorporating pieces, colour palettes, and accessories from an earlier period. But some also include mid-century modern, art decor, etc.

Elements like wood, linen, aged furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces or lovely pieces handed down from grandparents are used in vintage-inspired interior design style.

Why do people love antique home decor?

Mid-century designs were out of trend but recently made a comeback.

More and more designers are adopting antique-style decor and mixing it with different interior design styles.

Antique decor goes with any style, be it modern, bohemian, farmhouse, etc.

Antique-style embraces pieces passed down from generations and celebrate them. It helps tell a story about the people. It uses old pieces to create a nostalgic look from the past.

It is simple as well as budget-friendly. Hence, there is no reason to not be obsessed with such an interior design style.

How to incorporate antiques into modern decor?

When a modern house is paired with rustic, vintage touches, it takes the edge off the bareness of the modern style.

Antique textures and warmth contrast modern’s simplicity and coolness by mixing with aged and worn materials in rustic charm.

Today’s antique style is more than just old statement pieces. It is now combined with the freshness and simplicity of modern style.

There’s only one rules to finding the perfect antique piece for your space and that is to simply follow your gut. And keep an open mind on how a piece can be used in space. If you love it, you will always find a place for it.

Here are great ideas and inspiration for how to create vintage style with a mix of modern style in your home decor.

  • l Layer Antiques With Contemporary Decor
  • l Let Your Antique Make a Statement
  • l Create Contrast With Old Meets New
  • l Repurpose Antiques Into Something New
  • l Mix Real Antiques With Reproductions

How to decorate with antique furniture?

Objects aged 100 years or more are generally categorized as Antiques, whereas objects older than 20 years are considered vintage.

However, decorating with antiques and vintage furnishings is the same. It's blending the old world with a sense of the new.

Antiques are meant to embody a space with context and history, not to create a museum with velvet ropes.

Many people have antique furniture passed down to them from their families, but they lack the idea of how to incorporate pieces into their homes. They either keep it in the basement collecting dust. Or place it in a corner of a room, hoping no one notices how out of place it looks.

But it’s time to embrace! Antique pieces add story and character to your home. It also gives you something unique that you cannot just buy.

How to decorate an antique bedroom?

When decorating your room antique style, purchase a bedside table that coordinates with the design theme but doesn’t match them.

Matching bedroom sets are no longer necessary and considered outdated. Mix and match your favourite future pieces like adding an antique french armoire, a vintage dresser and an antique trunk all work together.

We practice mixing old design styles with new ones, sometimes, even unconsciously.

The design style is relatively simple. Finding and picking the items you want and need is the real issue.

You can hire an expert or use Pinterest. But here are a few easy things you can do-

  • l Show Off Your Art Collection
  • l Hang Antique Wall Mirrors for Vintage Bedroom Decor
  • l Bring In Antique Accessories
  • l Use Floor Mirrors as Accents
  • l Celebrate Vintage Textiles and Fabrics
  • l Put Antique Quilts to Good Use
  • l Include an Antique Rocker in Your Vintage Bedroom Decor
  • l Remember to Include Vintage Lighting

How to decorate your kitchen with antiques?

Antique kitchen decorating ideas can help anyone open to a classic, playful, throwback look when it comes to their kitchen design.

Antique-style ideas are in high demand at the moment. Elements of antique style instantly imbibe your space with a sense of personality that is impossible to replicate in off-the-shelf kitchen design.

When decorating a kitchen, there are plenty of things to consider from countertops, cabinets and flooring to window dressings and soft furnishings. All of these elements offer the opportunity to add a vintage flair to your kitchen.

  • Vintage Appliances
  • Farmhouse or Apron-Front Sink
  • Checkerboard Floor
  • Statement Floors & Beadboard Paneling
  • Plate Rack
  • Stained Glass Windows

How to hang an antique rug for decoration?

    Are you bored of rugs being used as, well, Rugs? Want to notch things a bit? I am here to tell you how to hang your rug on the wall.

    Do not worry, I will make it easier for you.

    A few things to keep in mind while hanging a rug on the wall-

    • Decide whether you want your hanging carpet freely or flush to the wall.
    • Keep in mind the size of your rug when choosing your wall.
    • Make sure it does not fall under direct sunlight, as this exposure will damage the dies in your rug over time.
    • Keep the rug away from a heating source. This could have a damaging impact on the fibres.
    • Raw wood and uncoated metals should not be used. It could cause damage to your expensive rug. A rug hanging on a nail could cause it to fall apart.
    • Maintenance is a must. Make it a point to clean your hanging rug every few months using a vacuum attachment. It always gets dusty on the wall!
    • Stay away from sticky adhesives!

    How to decorate an antique sideboard?

      Sideboards come in many styles from mid-century antiques to farmhouse chunky beats to designer pieces. No matter what type, these useful storage pieces are more than just practical. Its large surface area makes them a display opportunity as well.

      But how to style yours is something I will help you with today.

      • l Create symmetry (but not too much).
      • l Max out your midcentury tones in your furniture.
      • l Make the sideboard practical
      • l Keep an eclectic collection tidy
      • l Let an artwork shine
      • l Go au naturel
      • l Use mirrors
      • l Treat yourself to flowers

      How to decorate an entry in the antique home?

      When decorating an antique-style house, start solid.

      Decorate your entryway with a wooden vintage bench, a clock, antique coat rack and some antique accent finishes.

      When a visitor enters your house, they should have a clear vision of the theme or style of decorating.

      You have to express the style articulately. It is very easy to overdo it.

      Adding a mirror and some vases will lighten up the heavy wooden decor. You can also add a pop of colour to create a contrast of modern and antique mix.

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