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Everything You Need To Know About Vintage Home Decor

Home decor has been a hot topic nowadays. Everyone wants to employ their artsy imagination to make their house look out of the box. There is no limit to making your house look more elegant by installing the newest furniture ideas.

Giving a vintage look to your home is the new trend. Folks pay a boatload of money to expert designers to make their homes look alluring. BUT WE HAVE GOT YOU. Giving your house a vintage look is not a tough job, just follow us through this ideas-filled article to give birth to your new decorating ideas.

What Is Vintage Look?

Vintage Office Decor

The vintage look is utilizing the old practices of old decorating ideas. A vintage look is related to old or antique items. Bringing home the heritage of any given era is an art in itself.

A lot of folks think vintage and rustic are the same, but it is not. The vintage look is something that takes your house to any given space back in the time or a used item that has some history. While rustic gives your house an old look with a modern tinge to it.

If both are mixed proportionately you can turn your house into a masterpiece. Vintage look refers to a whole different era and its designing practices. These practices are inspired by any given era and its heritage.

From the placements of the furniture to the ambient coloring of the room. Giving your house a vintage look has more to do with the colors of your decor. A vintage look would consist of soft and royal colors. Colors are very charismatic at the first glance itself.

Let us go through each aspect of vintage home decor!

Style Features

Bring every beautiful vintage piece in the world and you would still feel there is something left off. One distinct feature about vintage home decor is, that it includes a significant amount of decorating pieces.

Expecting a vintage look with minimalistic decorating furniture is almost impossible. For folks who don’t like a crowded room but want to employ the vintage look, run in the opposite direction.

You cant make your room subtle. With the vintage decor option, you can customize your room with no limit. Every aspect of the room can be redesigned in any way possible.

Looking out for aged furniture which was preserved properly is what a lot of folks look at when filling up their space. The color of the furniture should be eccentric too. Everyone should employ their distinct imagination on how must their room look. This is why every vintage decor equipped room seems different from others.

Modern Is Old Fashioned

Choosing modern home decor is the new old fashion. Back in the day choosing modern was new but it is not anymore. For office space, modern decor can be a great pick but when you are choosing for your home it has to be personalized.

Going for a vintage theme will bring some kind of charisma to the house. The vintage theme tells a lot more about the owner. As these decors are very one of a kind there are no similar pieces available at all. From placements to colors everything must be aligned beautifully.

Planning a vintage theme for your house is like painting on your empty canvas. You have to collect all the necessary bits and accessories to make the whole thing happen. From the door rug to the curtain everything has to have its own distinct identity.

The modern decor brings a sophisticated vibe to the room. You cant just chill or have a nice time in such conditions. The vintage look makes you more comfortable in your own space and gives the whole room a homely feeling. Because every decor, in the end, should deliver a laidback feel.

Alluring Color Palette

Giving a new look to your house is an act of affection. One of the ways to point out your love is to make sure that your vintage home redesign goes with the period of time during which it had been built.

Paying particular attention to the color palette is a crucial element in preserving your home’s architectural integrity. The color palette of the time should always match the era you are inspired from.

Like, subdued, soft, and neutral is to make a relaxing atmosphere far away from the cities hustle and bustle of the modern age. Choosing a distinct color palette is a crucial factor. You can visit hundreds of houses but can’t find an intriguing blend of colors on your wall and furniture.

Choose a color that dates back to the time you are inspired by. From your rug to curtain every aspect should help each other gleam.

Every Aspect Must Be Handmade

Handmade Home Decor

From buying handmade rugs to installing rustic looking furniture in your house. Making your house look better over time has no limit. Just buying aged items won’t make your room look vintage.

Buying handmade furniture can bring you a distinct personality. The fact that handmade product carries their own character. Handmade products are very attractive for the fact that it took them hours to be made.

Stuff like handmade rugs, camelback handmade sofa, handmade tables, handmade chairs, and desks. These options are a must when you are opting for something handmade. Furniture placements for sofas and desks define your vintage decor setting.

It is mind-boggling for the viewers hoe perfects every part of your room gleams and had its own character. Handmade products are real win-win. These pieces should be placed impeccably. At the end of the day, handmade furniture will always win you over other mass-produced machine-built products.

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Warm And Inviting

Add a flair to these simplistic beauties to your home. These timeless aesthetics are made to bring shine to your sweet home. Vintage home decor is indeed warm and inviting. It makes you so cozy if you get into the feel of the room.

Classic and modern interior design styles are trending quite ever before. Victorian wooden furniture, botanical wallpapers, statement accents, antique art pieces, tribal patterns, art, and Persian pieces are a number of the old design styles that are back hippie culture.

While this vintage aka classic interiors is more flexible than its traditional decor, it's an equivalent elegance and charm.

How To Mix Modern And Vintage Home Decor

Home Decor Vintage Items

Decorating your home with a mixture of vintage and modern decor might be the best decision you have made till now. Mixing these two different decor ideas can be a hurdle if you don’t know what you are doing.

These two decor themes are two opposite poles. The vintage theme will make your sweet home look distinct. As modern theme would make your home look more sophisticated and classy. There are plenty of elements to be determined before you mix these two themes.

People head out and buy stuff that would make their house look good but don’t know how to make it blend into the room.

Today we have got you an ultimate guide to mixing modern and vintage decor themes to make your sweet home look chicer.

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Play Around With Your Imagination

Put in your imagination to produce some out-of-the-box ideas to make your home look different. You must have a rough idea of how should your home should be looking after employing the theme on the house.

It will solve most of the problems. First, you should take a look at your empty house and figure out a rough plan. Then list the items which you will need to fill in that space. Doing this will give you a perfect plan about what do you have to purchase.

Get some inspiration from old themes. This will help you to come up with your Contemporary vintage items ideas contemporary vintage items.


Placements are an important element when decorating your home with a new theme. Like we mentioned in our last point. You need to figure out spots in your house to fill in the furniture.

A good placement idea will make your home look more fantastic. A good placement plan must be first presented inside your mind before implementation. Furniture like sofa and beds usually are no big issue. But if you are dealing with desks and tables you have to be creative.

Being creative is the whole idea of decorating. There are endless elements that you can think about while decorating. Stuff like tables, bookshelves, lamps, and plants. These are the tiny items that bring a little grace to the room.

Everything Doesn't Have To Match

Wooden Home Decor

Every element of your theme has to be eccentric. Dealing with two different types of themes may give you the freedom to add a lot of items but not everything would align. Folks end up buying unnecessary items.

The vintage theme is distinct. It will not match any other theme if you don’t place them impeccably. Everything you buy from these different themes will be distinct. Always remember, the modern theme should be subtle and be playing in the background. Let the vintage decor be loud up in the room.

Modern decor is mostly bright and sophisticated. While vintage consists of a lot of jazz in it. When choosing your modern decor items always go for soft and bright colors. That will make the vintage decor settle into the room easily.

Always remember everything should be distinct and elegant in its own space. Not everything is meant to be matched.

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Don't Buy Everything Brand New

While buying modern decorating items you can go for brand new items. But if you want to make your vintage style look more elegant you have to buy aged items. Aged items will give the word vintage its true definition.

Those subtle scratches or small dents give the vintage items their real look. The modern decor has to be new and be updated with the newest ideas. You can purchase vintage products or collectors or if you are lucky enough to get them at a scrap dealer.

You can always choose handmade products like rugs, curtains, tables, and sofas. Going hamade will give your room more personality. Handmade products can be purchased brand new and will still work.

Finishing Touch (Plants and Lamps)

Never overcrowd your space but also never leave a space that can be designed beautifully. Adding a finishing touch to the room will add additional grace to the room. Placing small decorative items in the corners or in the ceiling will give the room more character.

Stuff like small bonsai plants, small area rugs, or even tiny lamps will make the room chicer. These small little details will fill up the empty space of the room in a more creative way.

What Vintage Items Are In For Home Decor?

A true vintage piece is when the price of the item appreciates. There is an endless variety you can add to your room to give the room more grace. Vintage items that are contemporary are mainly used for the purpose of a showpiece. These pieces are meant to be sitting on your desk looking chic.

To bring the room more elegance you can add items like rugs, vintage metal home decor, cushion cover, bed sheets and curtains are a type of vintage home decor. Home decor has to have a different charisma, by employing handmade sheets, lamps, bowls, kitchenware and bowls will surely give your room a laid back feeling.

Where To Buy Vintage Home Decor?

Vintage And Modern Home decor

At thehadmade.store you can find endless vintage items. Another speciality about our store is, our every product is handmade and made from skilled local artisans from different villages of india.

Our every handmade product has never failed to deliver the best quality. Handmade products from us go through several quality checks before going live in our store. We have been giving an opportunity to local skilled artisans with their art.

Our every product is distinct, there is an abundance of flavor on our website. WHY US? We have been empowering local women from small villages who work with sheer compassion to make every product look fantastic.

From handmade rugs to handmade jewelry, we have the best quality products which are fully hypoallergenic and kids safe. From vintage Metal home decor, rugs, cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets, vintage kitchen accessories, bowls and audiograms is handmade and charismatic

Buying products like this isn't just another commodity but the emotions attached to it.

Checkout our collection of Vintage Home Decor.

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