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10 Best Modern Vintage Office Decor Items You Must Have

Do you like vintage office design? Do you feel that a contemporary vintage decor item can enhance your office space? Then, you are fond of antique art and charm.

Vintage offices are trending because of their visual appeal. Almost everyone wants to create an office that looks subtle yet attractive.

However, you need to know how to create a vintage office with your knowledge of designs and decorative items. Designing your workplace is a tricky part as you need to decorate your space in such a way that it doesn't hamper productivity.

So, we have shared here the best modern vintage decor items you should have to enhance your office. But before buying them you should know why you should decorate your office with such antique pieces.

Why Consider Decorating an Office With Vintage and Antique Items?

Vintage Office Decor Items

Here are the key reasons to decorate your office with vintage and antique pieces:


Vintage items are the most eco-friendly option to decorate your office as they are pure post-consumer elements. If you want to go green, you should buy antique decorative pieces for your workspace.

Affordable Yet Long-Lasting

As The Handmade Store offers a wide variety of vintage items at an affordable price, you can save money and support small businesses buying such products. Moreover, vintage pieces are the outcome of excellent craftsmanship and are made of high-quality materials that last a lifetime.

You can also sell them quickly (if you want to) at a great price because of their high demand.


Antique decorative pieces add texture and style to your workplace. If you choose pieces with classic shapes, fine lines, and a strong framework, you get a timeless office space that's always trendy.


Vintage Office Accessories

With vintage furniture and decorative items, you can create a unique office that reflects your personality. No matter what, your office should never look like others.

Don't get inspired by the decorative items used in other workplaces, as your office should look and feel original. Antique items add that uniqueness to your office space.

So what are the best modern vintage decor items you should add to your office? Let's take a look.

10 Vintage Office Decor Accessories

Check the list of vintage office decorative items below:

  1. Large Antique Brass Telescope

    Large Antique Brass Telescope

A large antique brass telescope adds an antique look and functionality to your office. You can adjust the tripod stand to divert/hold a specific direction and the tube's ring to get the desired focus.

Placing the brass telescope in your workspace is quite easy as it rests on a tripod with a firm fitting. You can enjoy proper magnification because of the fine lens.

  1. Vintage Working Telephone

    Vintage Working Telephone

If you are an antique decoration lover, you should buy and place this vintage working telephone in one corner of your office. The candle-style telephone is made of brass and with a polished finish adds elegance to any space.

As this telephone functions on slow-speed networks, you can use it also for calling purposes.

  1. Vintage Reproduction Telephone

    Vintage Reproduction Telephone

Want an antique decorative telephone for your workplace that is lightweight and portable? Buy this vintage reproduction telephone.

The dial is beautiful and articulate. As this telephone is handcrafted by our skilled artisans, you can always use them as vintage decorative pieces.

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  1. Vintage Desk Spotlight Lamp

    Vintage Desk Spotlight Lamp

Want to add that Hollywood touch to your office? This Hollywood-inspired vintage desk spotlight lamp can be a great choice. It is made of high-quality brass and teak wood.

The heavy projection lamp can beautifully brighten up any space. You can throw light on your favorite art if you have any inside your cabin.

  1. Hollywood Director Spotlight Floor Lamp

    Hollywood Director Spotlight Floor Lamp

The Hollywood director spotlight floor lamp is made of excellent brass with real wood. This Hollywood director-inspired lamp is perfect to illuminate a large room.

It comes with a tripod base, which is inspired by the British surveyor's 3-legs stand. If you want a vintage floor lamp with unique features, shop it from our store now.

  1. Floor Standing Grandfather Clock

    Floor Standing Grandfather Clock

This floor-standing grandfather clock can be a great purchase for your vintage-style decorated office. The wood stands with brass finishes add a rustic touch to the clock.

You can position tiny plants around the grandfather clock as the clock's brown color complements the greens. As the clock is detachable, you can use it on your office wall.

Moreover, you can adjust the clock's height the way you want. The stand's wooden color and dial's roman number make it a perfect antique decorative piece.

  1. Antique and Vintage Gramophone

    Antique And Vintage Gramophone

We have handcrafted this antique and vintage gramophone to replicate the HMV Gramophone Phonograph Record of 1908. The wooden base with antique carves and copper horn with an imprinted floral design adds elegance to your office.

Gramophones as decorative items are rarely seen nowadays. So, you should use this statement piece to add uniqueness to office decor and impress the visitors.

  1. Antique 18th Century Telescope

    Antique 18th Century Telescope

This antique 18th-century telescope adds both beauty and functionality to your office. It comes with a tripod for stability. The excellent brass and leather-look good even in the most sophisticated decor.

You can easily set up the telescope and adjust its height as you want.

  1. Mid Century Modern Area Rug

    Mid Century Modern Area Rugs

Add this mid-century modern rug to your office to set the mood. This vintage rug can take anyone back to the 16th century when Akbar used rugs in his best interest.

As the colors of this rug are subtle, your visitors would like to look at them repeatedly. The 100% premium quality cotton material adds the desired softness, comfort, and durability to the rug. We have used non-toxic materials to create this rug so the users stay safe. To maintain the rug's quality, wash and dry clean it frequently.

  1. Hipster Area Rugs

    Hipster Area Rugs

If you want something different rather than the soft and subtle rugs, buy this hipster area rug because of its stylish and vibrant look. The electrifying blue symmetric design can turn heads.

As the rug's color is elegant, use it in a space with low lightings, like your cabin. The best thing is that you can use this rug for multiple purposes.

The Bottom Line

If you want to add a vintage yet modern touch to your office, buying these ten items can always be a smart investment. With a well-decorated vintage office, you can stand out in a crowd.

The office setup matters these days a lot to attract more clients, employees, and better people who can contribute to your business growth. So, buy the best antique decorative items to design a one-of-a-kind office and make a mark in your industry.

Vintage Office Decor Items

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