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Why Choose Handmade Jewellery Over Machine Made?

Popularity and consciousness towards handmade jewellery is increasing steadily, folks are moving towards handmade jewellery over machine-made jewellery, it's like choosing a Bentley over a Toyota.

Let me explain, won't you prefer a piece of jewellery that is handmade, not mass-produced, has taken hours to forge, has a lot of hand-picked materials by experts just for you to make that piece happen, and years of experience of the maker.

As handmade jewellery gives you the pleasure of being special, making yourself feel you stand out.

Handmade jewellery has a certain kind of personality to it as it has loads of details to it, handmade jewellery is not mass produced it is rather made with perfection by the jeweller. It takes them hours of work to design, mold and polish that one of one piece with finesse.

So why just choose handmade ornaments over machine-made?

The chances of meeting somebody with the same piece of jewellery is extremely rare. As every other handmade jewellery maker has their own way to design and finish the product. There are only a finite number of pieces that are made together, which means you are wearing something that was produced limited.

Using machine-made jewellery is densely mass-produced, those ornaments don't make you feel different. Even though machine-made ornaments look classy they don't seem personalized or out of the box. Handmade jewellery has some kind of charm to it as makers put in their hours of skill in the process.

You are also supporting real craft when you choose handmade jewellery, these ornaments are so bold, they always attract attention.

Materials are hand-picked by experts to put it in a single piece of jewellery. The best feeling is when YOU ARE AWARE THAT ELEMENTS used are very rare and are even found underwater or in the middle of the desert to complete the piece.

Which shows these ornaments are completely made with love and grace.

We've seen our ancestors having their own special handmade jewellery, consisting of ropes, beads, and whatnot around their neck. India has its roots really deeeeeeep! when it comes to handmade jewellery. In India there are several types of handmade jewelry like Kundan, Ivory and Beads, these have been into the Indian culture since the beginning.

In the west, rap culture has revolutionized the whole jewelry game. In the west jewelry is the symbol of capitalism, the bigger your chains are the more capitalist you are.

Famous artists like The Migos, Travis Scott, J Balvin, etc are seen with custom pieces. These artists spend crazy money just to stand out from other rappers wearing loads of jewelry.

Here we can see famous rapper Lil Yachty with his custom teeth grill fitted with vvs2 diamonds and sapphires all over it.

We can see some persona in their taste in jewelry, these custom pieces are made by professionals, those diamonds fitted on these chains are hand-fitted to make their customers feel it's exclusively made for them.

Features of handmade jewellery

Handmade Jewellery India

  • Craftsmanship

Every single piece is handmade and made on order, the maker has put in his hours of skill into that piece to make it happen.

You can feel the energy when you are wearing a piece that carries that amount of charisma to it, in our opinion handmade jewelry is the Louis Vuitton of the entire jewelry market because of its limited production and appeal.

Jewelers are always dedicated to their work and peculiar about their sourced material. Even though these ornaments are handmade, makers make sure these pieces are made carefully to not break apart.

  • Made Locally with Love

Whilst this pandemic many people have supported local products because these products have a lot of personas and are personalized just for customers. Jewelers don't get their credit for their hard work and talent, these ornaments are of such stellar quality that people can't even guess these ornaments are handmade. That makes these ornaments sensuous.

  • High-Quality Materials

Makers make sure they source the best quality material available in the market. Only better quality materials can be fitted over such ornaments because of their fragile nature low quality materials can’t be robust and long-lasting.

  • Details

Handmade ornaments are exceptional in terms of details, these pieces are made with artsy hands who are made with the intent of creating beautiful jewelry. Artists devote most of their time detailing, carving and shaping. Their smooth flow of moments lets the artwork reflect their experience.

  • Value of Investment

As we mentioned earlier, there is no mechanical equipment involved in this process of jewelry making. Handmade ornaments are a type of investment in itself, artisans invest plenty of time in the process in itself. That explains the rarity of the commodity.

What’s so Special About Indian HandMade Jewellery?

In India, makeup is considered INCOMPLETE without jewelry which gives an alluring appeal to the finished look.

Be it a wedding season or a festive occasion women are always seen sparkling their jewelry sets.

Women themselves care more about the personality of the set, they care more about the details and love it when their set is not owned by somebody else.

However we have grown with modern time, but our Indian culture has not left the true art of jewelry making, the traditional way of making it.

Indian handmade ornaments always attract a boatload of people because of their distinct nature.

It is sheer beauty and a value of an investment when buying Indian handmade ornaments. The real attraction lies when people look for details which Indian jewelry deliver, handmade ornaments are known for their complex details, one of the reasons west getting influenced by Indian art form of jewelry

How do Jewelers Price Handmade Jewelry?

Handmade jewellery pricing


As said earlier these ornaments involve a lot of passion and skill to make it. A minor defect may lead the ornament to lose all its grace, craftsmen need to make sure that all elements align in their respective positions before they go for sale.

People hesitate when the making cost is too high which is an important aspect of handmade ornaments. Possessing handmade jewelry is like pulling up in a Ferrari wherever you go, it tells a lot about you when you support real art rather than buying the same mass-produced jewelry.

The whole cost entirely depends on the craftsman, besides the materials used in that piece of jewelry. Handmade jewellery comes in the range of affordable to premium quality. If the sourced materials are rare you can expect the price to go up over time.

When brought you can see through the efforts of the maker made just for you to make you look elegant.

Handmade jewellery is an artifice in itself, people have started adopting this style of flexing, there's an entire another vibe when you are wearing these pieces on you. Using such a form of art will not only make you stand out from the crowd but also deliver a feeling of being a special one because these ornaments are made with love only for you, so next time when you are buying these artworks remember you aren't just buying a commodity but hours of sheer hard work of the maker and a feeling of being 1 of 1.

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