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14 Reasons Why Handmade Soap are Better Than Commercial Soaps - The Handmade Store

14 Reasons Why Handmade Soap are Better Than Commercial Soaps

How often this happens where you purchased a new beauty product from your favorite local shop then planned to use it. As soon as you employ and watch yourself within the mirror, you have already started looking sort of a beast.

Why did this instance take place?

Handmade Soaps chemical free

Commercial soaps and other beauty products have made the cosmetic and skincare industry a more glamorous sector. People buy commodities that are backed by their favorite tv personalities blindly, people don’t bother about taking a glance at the actual ingredients.

You don’t have to deal with such issues when you are using handmade soaps. Handmade soaps have been with us for centuries, our ancestors have been passing us the authentic way to make soaps. Before synthetic materials were used, soaps were made with natural materials.

That tells us why queens which ever lived on this planet had glowing skin. Just because commercial soaps are economical, that does not mean they cause any harm to our skin. Many chemicals are used to make soaps, this enables the soap to create a bubbly texture and fake essence.

Choosing handmade soaps is the new trend today, these soaps can guarantee you the well-being of your skin and your family members’ skin. Today we’ve got you 14 reasons for choosing handmade soaps over commercially made soaps.

1. Natural Fragrance and Perfume

Handmade soaps are entirely made from natural ingredients, every material used to make soap is natural. Handmade soaps deliver the most delightful essence when you use them for bathing. The essence delivered by such handmade items is never overpowering, they fit into the room very easily.

Soaps which consists of chemicals are very overpowering in smell because manufactures have hacked into consumers brain that they smell the outer shell of the soap before purchasing it.

2. Sodium Laureth Sulfate

The use of chemicals in soaps is increasing day by day, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is one of them. If your soap contains this chemical, then we wouldn’t recommend you using that product from now.

Prolonged use of soaps and shampoos made from this compound can cause skin irritation, infection to the eyes and also lungs. Well, handmade soaps are entirely made of natural materials. Handmade soaps never make use of this chemical compound just to make their customer base-wide.

3. Retain Natural Oils

Handmade soaps contain natural oils, these oils make your skin hydrated. Handmade soaps deliver a slimy texture when used because oils that are used are soft, they don’t damage your skin. The curing time for handmade soap is very lengthy for the same reason, commercial soaps are made with hard oils.

Oils such as tallow, avocado oil, coconut oil, lard, etc are used to make handmade soaps

4. Delivers Better Moisturization

Right after you use a bar of handmade soap you can instantly feel a better quality skin right after. Handmade soaps provide better moisturization to our skin. Every natural oil and other substance used in handmade soaps leads your skin to be better moisturized.

5. Made With Natural Ingredients

Handmade soaps are entirely made with natural ingredients. Traditionally soaps were made with animal fat, handmade soaps are truly made from natural oils like coconut, tallow, avocado, and many more.

The scents used in these soaps are also natural and are extracted from flowers and other natural resources. Which results in your skin is better moisturized.

6. Are of Better Quality

Handmade products are of better quality, be it carpets, clothes, toys. Handmade products have been delivering the sense of using one of one throughout these years. Handmade soaps are made with quality material, as the small business which made that bar doesn’t want to lose its customer base, makers make sure they always use high-quality material resulting in a better quality product.

7. Can Be Used Multiple Purposes

Some handmade soaps are multi-serving. Unlike commercially made soaps which are made specifically made for a certain use. Handmade are very much multi-purpose, they can be easily used as your evening face wash or even for a hot shower after a long football game.

8. Contains Glycerin

Nott a lot of soaps in the market contain much glycerin. Lack of glycerin might result in moisturized or rough skin. Handmade soaps are known for their glycerin content, after using these soaps you can feel your skin becoming more moisturized. As glycerin can be an expensive raw material commercial soap-making brands add chemical additives to replace glycerin.

9. Healthy and Safe

Methylisothiazolinone ( it may be a little bit hard to pronounce ) can also be hard on your body and skin. If any product contains this compound it is better to shift to a different alternative. This chemical can cause you medical conditions like lung irritation, neurotoxicity, and possibly stillbirth condition.

10. No Artificial Colors

Handmade products are known to use optimum natural resources, be it a handmade rug or a scarf every product has its way to dye and color. Soaps are dyed with natural color powder. And are made sure the colors used won’t cause any harm to the end customer.

11. Quality Lather

If your soap makes a lot of bubbly texture when just rubbed upon only a few times, it might consist of additives to create lather. Handmade soaps don’t make unnecessary lather. Not every quality product is expected to be overdeliver. Just because your soap is making more lather that doesn’t mean it is a good product.

12. Smaller Environmental Impact

When you choose handmade products you choose nature. Handmade products make use of natural resources, every aspect of a handmade product is a part of nature. When you choose a soap that happens to be a handmade product, you are indirectly not polluting lakes and rivers.

Soaps that are made from chemicals, flow through your bathroom sink and are directly flown at a water body. As these chemical compounds are not easy to break down start polluting the lake. Handmade soaps are easy to dissolve and have no harm to nature.

13. You Are Supporting A Small Business

Times have changed, people have started showing love at local products. This has given a lot of small soap makers hope to start their business. By purchasing handmade products you are also supporting a small business and also using something one of a kind.

14. Beautiful and Artistic

Like any other handmade product, beauty and artistry also have their place in soaps. Such soaps are made with the purpose of artistry itself. There are tons of flowers from which fragrance and colors are picked, every fat/oil used is natural.

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