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Why You Should Only Buy Cadmium-Free Jewelry? - The Handmade Store

Why You Should Only Buy Cadmium-Free Jewelry?

What is cadmium?

Cadmium is found in nature in its mineral form and used for commercial use. As cadmium is odorless, insoluble in liquids, and rust-resistant, cadmium is a smart pick for jewelers to use this mineral as an additive to make their jewelry look even better.

Despite being one of the most toxic metals on the planet, cadmium use in jewelry production is common. This heavy metal is known to cause damaging effects on the person who uses it.

Shockingly there are no restrictions on the use of this metal in jewelry production. There are no limitations on cadmium use in adult jewelry.

What is cadmium poisoning?

cadmium poisoning

At first, buying a set of jewelry was good news, now it is not, as jewelry consists of toxic materials which can result in frightening medical conditions.

Who would have ever thought wearing jewelry can be harmful to health. As manhood has progressed, we have found cheat alternatives for every item. This has to lead many jewelers to make their business profitable by using such cheap additives.

Cadmium poisoning is mainly caused by very high concentrations of cadmium accumulating in your body through the outer source. Wearing cadmium or children chewing on jewelry made out of cadmium can be poisonous.

It usually gets stored in the liver and bones. Causing serious problems like kidney dysfunction and bone cancer. Cadmium content in adults jewelry is almost 40%. In children’s jewelry, it has been brought down to 0.03%.

It is said prolonged use of cadmium jewelry can cause cancer. Therefore opting for a budget-friendly can lead you to unwanted medical conditions. The use of cadmium is energy efficient. Mass-producing jewelry manufacturers use this as a cheap additive to make the alloy more hard and to give it an extra shine.

For example, in sterling silver copper is used to give it a tough structure. As silver is soft in nature copper is an ideal and safe option for making it a better version. As 24k gold is also a softer alloy, other alloys are made use to make gold tougher. This is why ever precious metals are 99.9% pure.

Cadmium is employed in jewelry primarily because when it’s added to other metals utilized in jewelry, it increases both the strength and therefore the durability of the jewelry pieces, which suggests that the cadmium-based jewelry pieces won't break easily, even when exposed to harsh conditions and forces of damage and tear.

It won’t be a great day if you discover your jewelry also consists of cadmium. Parents have to be more careful being around their kids. While buying a piece of jewelry for kids, adults should not go for a cheap set as less money comes with more consequences.

Choosing jewelry that is made of pearls, plastic, stainless steel or acrylic paints is an ideal choice when you are shopping for jewelry for your kid.

Why do people add cadmium to jewelry?

Cadmium Free Jewellery

The primary reason cadmium is used in jewelry is because cadmium is a cheap and ideal alternative for lead. Earlier there were some restrictions on the use of lead. This resulted in many jewelry makers making use of cadmium.

Cadmium has been around in our jewelry for a decade now. The melting point of cadmium is comparatively lower than other metals used in jewelry making like zinc and copper. Which means cadmium is energy efficient. Mass-producing companies largely made use of metals like cadmium to cut down on cost.

Big jewelry manufacturers have hacked into consumers’ minds. The more shiny and classier the look of jewelry the more people desire it. Not every precious alloy is sold in its pure form. They are always mixed in with some additive to give it a strong structure.

As we are progressing giving strong structure to the jewelry has resulted in harming the human body.

What is cadmium-free jewelry?

Cadmium is just a substance that is used in the making process. Every jewelry almost looks the same but varies in the materials used. Just like that a cadmium-free jewelry also would look the same as a regular one.

A lot of small businesses who care about customer wellness, use safe materials like copper to harden the jewelry. Going for handmade jewelry can eliminate the whole debate on cadmium use. Handmade jewelry would not also make you feel one of one but will make feel safe.

Where can I buy lead, nickel, and cadmium-free jewelry?

Our handmade products are not mass-produced they take hours to forge, have a lot of hand picked materials by experts JUST FOR YOU to make that piece happen, and have years of experience as a maker.

We make the best handmade jewelry that has a certain kind of charisma to it as it has tons of details to it, our handmade jewelry is not mass produced it is rather made with keen perfection by our jeweler.

We use the top-notch material which is used in jewelry making. As we care about our customer base no harmful additive is used to make the jewelry shine. Every piece is made with perfection, our artisans spend hours of work just to place every aspect of the jewelry to fall into place.

Our designs are versatile. We let or artisans employ their creativity as a lot of our products have been getting a huge demand. We only produce a piece which makes us feel this is an ideal product for our customer.

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