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10 Old Vintage Home Decor Ideas (Easy to implement) - The Handmade Store

10 Old Vintage Home Decor Ideas (Easy to implement)

There is always a strong sense of nostalgia associated with vintage homes. Most of us relish the feeling of moving back into simpler times. The challenge often is to find the right décor ideas that don't burn a hole in your pocket.

It is easy to become obsessed with every detail you feel might bring out the old-world charm in your abode. You may even lose track of yourself while trying to find the ideal décor style that reflects your tastes.

But achieving that vintage look is often much easier than most people think. And much more affordable if you can understand the true definition of vintage.

Here are some easy-to-implement ideas that you could try out with your Vintage Decor.

1. Go Vintage with Your Door Knobs

Vintage doorknobs have a touch of class that modern-day door knobs fail to offer. The durability is also something that makes vintage doorknobs quite desirable. The elegance provided by bronze or glass doorknobs is a delight in itself.

Finding vintage doorknobs is not as easy though, but you can still look for new ones with an antique look.

2. Choose Colours that Complement Your Vintage Theme

Colour is a crucial element that is often overlooked. Picking the right color for each aspect of your house can help complete the vintage look. From walls to frames choose colours that give out a rustic vibe.

An intriguing colour palette will help you achieve that vintage look.

3. Bring Out the Magic Carpet

A vintage rug placed in the living area or under the dining table is bound to bring that retro look. The best part is that you don't actually have to find an antique rug. Rugs with vintage and retro designs can be found pretty much everywhere.

We have an extensive collection of antique-style rugs at The Handmade Store as well.

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4. Nothing Says Vintage Like Floral

Couches and curtains play a huge role in defining your décor theme. Floral patterns are the ideal choice of fabric pattern when it comes to decor. You can buy vintage curtains from a store or make one yourself using old clothing. Finding vintage floral couches can be a bit tricky and expensive.

But, why search for a vintage one when you can achieve the same effect with a few cushion covers and slipcovers?

Checkout our collection of cushion cover.

5. Add Some Sophistication with Literature

Coffee tables are a nice touch in a living room vintage or otherwise. But to bring out that rustic-sophisticated you need to use the table for its intended purpose. Placing a few old books with faded covers can make your coffee table look vintage.

You can try out many different décor ideas for your table setting with books. A good collection of literature could also be a great conversation starter.

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6. Redefine Your Décor with Old Wooden Ladders

Finding the right shelves for your vintage décor can be a hassle at times. Modern shelves hardly fit in no matter how hard you try. An easy idea to implement would be using old wooden ladders as shelves. You might have one lying around or buy a used one at the local store.

You can use your ladders pretty much anywhere whether it's indoors or outdoors. And ladders tend to add an element of intrigue to your décor.

7. Experiment with Wall Art

Wall art doesn't always have to be paintings or clocks. You can use other unexpected items as wall décor to complement your vintage decor. Old window shutters, wooden frames, and doors are among the many things that can complement your vintage decor.

A rustic paint job can further bring out the vintage element. You can also put these items to practical use and place or hang some other decorative artefacts on them.

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8. Your Furniture is Only as Unique as Your Imagination

When it comes to vintage décor the definition of furniture is pretty much any item you can turn into one. An old leather suitcase or a stack of a few can become your coffee table or a nightstand.

Old wooden or metallic trunks including the one your grandpa used in the army can become a great table. Any large enough vintage household item you feel can be put to practical use can become your furniture.

9. Go Overboard with Your Headboard

Vintage bedrooms need vintage headboards that stand out. You can use a wide range of used items to create a vintage headboard. Old wooden doors and rustic windows are often a great choice.

You can add vintage wall hangings and a painting as well to give your headboard a touch of class. Vintage lamps and chandeliers can also provide that vintage look of rustic class.

10. Create Chaos with Your Decor

Vintage décor doesn't always have to feature a collection of uniform items complementing each other. You can mix up your décor theme by matching unusual items together. You could have a tan brown study table with a few potted flowers and a bright chair.

A gramophone placed next to a vintage microscope is bound to add to the element of intrigue. A full wooden TV stand next to a floral patterned curtain is among the many ideas you could go for.

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Final Note

Your home is your castle and any décor idea you decide upon should reflect your taste. Going with a single theme may seem like a great idea but may not always produce the desired result. You also need to keep in mind that vintage doesn't always mean expensive.

Don't buy what you can make at home with some old-school elbow grease and genuine creativity. Ingenuity and imagination are essential when it comes to old-school vintage decor.

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