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9 Retro Decor Items To Give Your Home 70's Style

The retro home interior decor is growing popular as people love to live in spaces full of old-world charm, memories, and colors. Nowadays, home decor is not only about set patterns and much more about creativity and vibrancy. People are preferring innovative designs over simple and minimal decor due to which 1970s style could come back.

70's home decor enhances the environment and embraces nostalgia yet exudes modernity. You can fill your living space with bright colors, designs, elements, and different types of furniture.

To decorate your home interior perfectly, you need to plan and curate well. Keep in mind the textures and fabric used in the 1970s when decorating your home with retro decor items.

Here, you will learn the retro decor items that you can use to create a 70s-style home. But before that, let's discuss what retro-style decor is and how it differs from the vintage-style decor. Keep reading.

What is Retro-Style Decor?

The retro-style decor is adding a modern touch to the old design. It is an excellent combination of traditional and contemporary design that reflects the 50s, 60s, or 70s era. You can mix contrasting colors, designs, shapes, and features to create a unique decor.

The color palette can be a distinctive combination of subtle or bright neutrals or a monotone scheme. When it comes to retro-style decor, you don't need to follow rules and explore your creativity.

What is the Difference Between Retro and Vintage Style Decor?

Both retro and vintage style decor is trending in the interior design world. They are the same yet different design concepts. Retro decor is using modern stylish pieces with a classic look, while vintage decor uses very old original pieces. White/off-white can look the best as a base color for both these types of decor styles. Floral patterns in cushions, curtains, and carpets work well with both these decors.

Faux leather, metal, and vinyl materials are mainly used in the retro-style decor. The most common materials used in vintage decor are wrought iron, wood, and wicker.

9 Retro Decor Accessories To Give Your Home Vintage Look

If you want to give the best retro look to your home, you need to use the right retro decor accessories in the right place. Find such retro decor accessories below:

1. Antique and Vintage Gramophone

Antique And Vintage Gramophone

Do you love music and antique decorative pieces? Add an antique gramophone to your sitting room or in the study room to listen to music peacefully. You can place a gramophone in your entryway or bedroom if it suits the furniture and interior decor. A gold gramophone on a wooden table adds a vintage touch to your living room. You can also display it as a decorative centerpiece on a table in your office room.

2. Hollywood Director Spotlight Floor Lamp

Hollywood Director Spotlight Floor Lamp

If you want to decorate and brighten up the corner of your living room, keep a Hollywood director spotlight floor lamp. This exquisite lamp with exceptional features and ferrous protection lights is bright enough to illuminate a large room. The high-quality has its original charm and can add an awesome retro look to your room. You can adjust the lamp's height using the tripod stand.

3. Antique Double-Sided Hanging Clock

Antique Double Sided Hanging Clock

An antique double-sided hanging clock can be a great addition to your living room and porch. The polished golden brass metal and New York grand central station terminal wall clock design can suit almost all interior design styles. The large clock with big Roman numbers on the dial adds a retro look and feel to any room. If the brass is engraved with subtle floral designs, the hanging clock looks much better.

4. Vintage Working Telephone

Vintage Working Telephone

You can find a vintage working telephone in a variety of colors, sizes, and even shapes. As a vintage working telephone is useful, they are a must-have in study or office rooms. You can also place it on the nightstand in your bedroom, in your living room's corner, or on the table/wall in a hallway. The retro working telephone can be an excellent decorative piece for any room. Just make sure it suits the interior decor.

5. Vintage Black Rotary Telephone

Vintage Black Rotary Telephone

When it comes to decorating your home with a vintage black telephone, you don't need to think about the placement as it suits all types of decor. The black color has its undying charm and the big rotary dial takes you to the golden days. Place the telephone in the corner of a bedroom, study room, living room, or hallway. Just make sure you don't place it the way.

6. Old Fashioned Corded Phone

Old Fashioned Corded Phone

An old-fashioned phone can add a beautiful vintage touch and functionality to your home. You can enjoy communicating with loved ones sitting in your living room. If you add an old-fashioned corded phone to a deal or table, it adds a royal touch to the interior decor. You can add a phone to your powder room or guest bedroom to create an intimate environment and show your care for your family members' comfort.

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7. Vintage Brass Telescope With Tripod

Vintage Brass Telescope With Tripod

Does your home have a geography theme? A vintage brass telescope with a tripod can be a great addition as a decorative element. Place the telescope on your shelves and table with a beautiful sky-framed print. You can also keep it beside your bed or other furniture to explore the night sky and nature. Always pick a telescope, which suits your home decor color and design and adjusts its height with the help of a tripod stand as per your preferences.

8. Large Indoor Area Rugs

Large Indoor Area Rugs

A large indoor area rug adds warmth and definition to a space. Use one or more rugs of various sizes that complement each other to create a unique design. Choose a rug depending on your interior decor color scheme, wallpaper, and existing furniture. A rug can always act as a great focal point in a room and the best thing is that you can change them in different seasons.

9. Vintage Binoculars With Leather Case

Vintage Binoculars With Leather Case

Retro binoculars can be an excellent showpiece for your home. You can use them whenever you want to watch the stars and birds and then keep them in your favorite place.

Retro binoculars can look good in any room and in a variety of settings. Once you buy beautiful binoculars, you don't need to think about where to place them. You can also keep it inside or carry it in a leather case so it never breaks after falling.

The Takeaway

Making your home look like that of the 70s era is a smart decision. But, you need to make smarter decisions when choosing retro decor items, otherwise, the overall decor may not be satisfactory. So, pick the items mentioned above to give an excellent makeover to your home.

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