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1950's Decor Vs. 1970's Vintage Decor - The Difference

The vintage decor has been dominating the design world. From the 1940s to today, there have been consistent changes and improvements in the decor styles and trends. This blog focuses on the differences between the 1950s and 1970s vintage decor.

Want to know about it in detail? Keep reading.

What's the Difference Between the '50s and '70s?

Vintage got inspiration in the 1940s and 1950s, a time between war and post-war when wood was the most popular material. Vintage furniture during that phase still inspires many furniture designers. The 1950s interior decor was strongly influenced by World War 2 effects when there was a shortage of furniture.

In the 1970s, the Brutalist style became popular. The key features of this decorative style are open interior areas, plain exteriors without ornamentation, rectilinear forms, and the use of reinforced concrete, steel, and glass.

The Scandinavian style in the 1950s is famous for its simplicity and functionality. During this era, interior decor became bolder and more colorful. Plastic was preferred as a material for contemporary furniture.

The 1970s vintage decor was about bold colors, floral designs, curvy fonts, and thick lines. It showed flat and simple shapes usually arranged in recurring patterns and used as background art in home decoration.

Why the 70's Era Decor the Best?

1970's Vintage Decor

Here are the key reasons why 70's era decor is the best:

1. It Was More Colorful

70s vintage decor can fill a home with built colors and a lively vibe. You can add more life to the interior decor by combining it with animal prints and designs.

2. Gadgets That Added Functionalities

You can create the perfect '70s decor using a vintage telephone or gramophone as a decorative element in your living, bed, or dining room. As they are available in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, and colors, you can find the one suited to your interior decor.

To decorate your study/office room at home, you can keep a vintage typewriter on your desk or bookshelf. A vintage telescope with two world globes on both sides, if placed properly on a table or shelves, can look excellent in a geography-themed home. You can also keep a vintage camera in a display case or on a shelf or attach it to wall mounts.

If you love music, you should have a vintage radio in your bedroom, living room, or common area. It can be a finishing touch to your room's interior decor.

3. Beautifully Decorated Walls

Plain and dull walls are outdated. With colorful and beautiful walls, your home decor can stand out in a crowd. A vibrant wallpaper adds personality to your home. Make your floral wallpaper look unique mixing it with a high-contrast color palette.

Macrame is a design trend that takes you back to 70s decor. It is the perfect choice to add beauty and colors to your plain walls. You can also create a macrame gallery wall.

4. Open Yet Private Kitchens

An open kitchen was a common sight of 70's vintage home decor. It can transform the look of your home if you choose the right theme and colors suited to the interior decor. White or wooden color can always look good in an open kitchen.

Install a sliding door to enjoy privacy at times. Create a functional yet stylish island space to enhance your open kitchen. You can also add a dining table with a storage cabinet below the island space.

5. Retro Furniture With Chic Vibes

70s decor is kind of unimaginable without retro furniture. Add a hanging chair or rattan egg chair with a stand to your reading corner to read comfortably and unwind at night. Install the hanging chair correctly to avoid accidents.

Ratan is a famous 70s decor trend that is still trending. Add rattan furniture to give a chic retro feel to your home.

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What Home Decor Items You Need For The'70s Style?

Interior design trends tend to change but '70s decor is still trending. The loud and eclectic designs, shag rugs, and bold colors are gradually replacing the minimalist decor. You don't need to give a makeover to your home to create the 70s decor. Laying a vintage rug or hanging a rattan egg chair can make a significant improvement. By keeping an antique clock or gramophone on the desk, you can transform your room.

So what do you need to decorate your home in 1970s style? Invest in the decorative pieces below:

A Vintage Rug

Vintage Rugs

A beautiful vintage rug can make a stylish statement in your home. If you want to create the boho-chic style in your home, choose a traditional Moroccan rug. Fringe was a popular decorative item in 1970s boho-chic homes. A fringe area rug adds visual appeal and coziness to your home.

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An Antique Clock

Vintage 1970's Clock

An antique wall clock has been a favorite of many homeowners for decades. It can add a charm and historic touch to your empty wall in a living room. You can pair it with other decorative pieces, such as antique mirrors and frames, to create a themed look.

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A Gramophone

Vintage Gramophone 1970's decor

A vintage gramophone can be a great investment for music lovers. It can look awesome as a focal point of attraction in your sitting room. You can also place it in your bedroom near your bed or on a table to feel like you are living in the 1970s era.

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A Vintage Telephone

Vintage Black Telephone

A vintage telephone can be a good decorative and functional addition to any home. A black-colored telephone with a big rotary dial can always look good in 1970s decor. You can also find them in other colors and a variety of designs. Just make sure its color suits the color of your furniture and interior decor theme.

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A Vintage Telescope

Vintage Telescopes 1970's Decor

Enhance your living room corners with a vintage telescope on a tripod stand. The eye-catching and durable decorative piece creates an artistic display in your favorite room. This unique decorative item adds character and a nostalgic vibe to your interior decor.

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Vintage Lamps & Lightings

Vintage 1970's Lamps

Vintage lights create a delicate ambiance and take you back to the 1970s era once you switch them on. A table lamp near your bed looks wonderful and helps you to read a book at night and then sleep peacefully. You can also install a vintage ceiling lamp to create a retro ambiance. But make sure it suits the interior decor.

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The Bottom Line

So, now you know the differences between the 1950s and 1970s decor. If you are fond of 70s decor, you should go for it as they are still trending. You can transform your home by following the 70s decor trends in different areas of your home.

Arrange the decorative elements discussed above and follow the instructions. Just make sure you add the right decorative pieces to the right places, otherwise, your investment goes for a toss. You can also take the help of interior designers to get the desired results.

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