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8 Things To Pack For A Short Motorcycle Journey (3 to 5 hours) - The Handmade Store

8 Things To Pack For A Short Motorcycle Journey (3 to 5 hours)

Are you ready for your next short motorcycle journey? Hope you are done with all the preparations to have a safe and smooth bike ride for 3 to 5 hours. If not, you should do that.

Don't think like many riders that a debit/credit card and smartphone can save you from all the unforeseen troubles. As anything can go wrong during your journey, you shouldn't step out of your home without certain things.

So what are the things you should pack for your short motorcycle trip of a few hours? Find the list below:

1. Helmet


    A bike rider is incomplete with a sturdy helmet. It protects you during accidents and makes you look stylish. Always carry a full-coverage helmet as they fully protect your face and head. You tend to stop repeatedly during your journey to click photos, drink and eat quickly or refuel your bike. In such situations, a modular or flip-up helmet can be a perfect choice.

    When you raise your chin bar, it exposes your face because of which you can easily talk to your trip mates or passerby. You don't need to take off your helmet to drink water, eat food, blow your nose or apply sunblock on your face during the journey.

    Most flip-up helmets don't allow you to raise your chin bar when riding. Try to carry a light and comfortable helmet with a drop-down sun shield so it doesn't feel the weight on your head.

    2. Bike/Helmet-Mounted Video Camera

      Bike Helmet With Camera

      Clicking photos and making videos of your bike journey are the best ways to share your experience on social media and cherish the moments after a few months or years.

      Nowadays, you can find compact and lightweight bike/helmet-mounted video action cameras that can help you click high-resolution pictures and record high-definition videos.

      You can pair some of those action cameras with a Bluetooth communicator and built-in mic to record live intercom audio and video. Such cameras have several mounting options and a handlebar remote and a jog wheel, which controls camera functionality.

      3. Duffel Bag

        Leather Motorcycle Duffel

        When it comes to carrying a bag on your motorcycle journey, you can choose various types. A duffle bag can be a great choice as they are cheap, waterproof, need low maintenance, has a slim profile, and don't burden the bike. You can find them in a wide variety of colors and designs suited to your style sense.

        Large touring bikes come with saddlebags, a top trunk, and sometimes fairing compartments to store gear. However, other bikes need a sturdy accessory or strap-on soft luggage.

        Checkout motorcycle leather duffel bag.

        4. Waterproof Gloves

          Motorcycle Gloves

          Wear and pack an extra pair of waterproof gloves on your motorcycle journey. You may lose your gloves on a windy day or they can also get stolen along your journey. Carry a perforated and thinner pair of gloves for hot weather or a waterproof and insulated pair of gloves to wear when the weather worsens.

          The two gloves-in-one design, where the upper part is slightly insulated and the lower part is like a typical summer glove, can be a smart investment as they serve two purposes. Take a pair of waterproof gloves on your bike trip to protect yourself from injuries.

          5. Motorcycle Toolkit

            Motorcycle Toolkit

            You can find many motorcycles with non-existent/meager toolkits. On your short trip, you may not be able to do big repairs but should be capable of tightening a loose mirror and adjusting controls/suspension.

            Browse the motorcycle toolkit collections at your nearby or online store for off-road riders, sport routers, and metric cruisers. The necessary tools required can help you to fix any minor issues immediately and enjoy a smooth bike ride.

            6. Flat Repair Kit

              Flattyre Kit

              Motorcycle tires give a strong grip in wet and dry weather and usually stay for a thousand miles. However, all tires are prone to punctures and cuts, which can bring an end to your exciting journey. A high-quality flat repair kit can get you back on track if your bike runs on tubeless tires.

              The tubeless tire repair kit helps you to repair on the spot. The lightweight and compact kit may include the pro tool, insertion tubes, tire repair plugs, a pipe cleaner, a cleaning attachment, and a stopper.

              7. Rainsuit

                Motorbike Rainsuit

                You can't predict the weather and can get stuck in the rain on your motorcycle journey even during the summer. If you catch a cold, it may cause hypothermia. So, pack a rain suit whenever you go for a bike trip to protect yourself from sudden storms or heavy rain.

                A two-piece rain suit in a bright color can make you look good and fulfill your purpose. To protect your feet from rain, you can see slip-on rain or waterproof boots.

                8. GPS Navigation Unit

                  Motorcycle GPS

                  It's tough to look at a map when riding your bike and can't program it to a route. Though smartphones are rapidly replacing navigation units and point-and-shoot cameras, nothing can replace a dedicated motorcycle-centric GPS.

                  The GPS navigation unit has a rugged and waterproof form factor with glove-friendly buttons. They can also give voice-guided navigation through Bluetooth. You also get map updates and journey planning software. When you need to find the nearest hotel, restaurant, or gas station, you can search for them even if you are out of the network coverage area.

                  The Bottom Line

                  A motorcycle journey, even if it is for 3 to 5 hours, can be a lifetime experience. You are not going for a motorcycle trip every day and thus, you should make sure it's always the best one without any hassles.

                  To enjoy a safe, hassle-free, and smooth journey, you need to carry the essentials. Don't forget to carry these 8 things mentioned above to have a memorable short motorcycle journey. Have a great trip!

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