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6 Affordable Leather Bags For Men Under 200$

6 Affordable Leather Bags For Men Under 200$

Leather brings a whole new definition to the word “class”. From employing it on those V12 Italian beauties of Italy as an exclusive feature and to your favorite leather jacket for a party. Leather has been around for a while. 

Due to its durability, leather has been ruling the leather bag industry already. Searching for a leather bag made from quality leather can be challenging if you are running on a budget. 

Leather has always been a symbol of class. Leather bags can add class to almost anything. The fact that leather looks so chic, nowadays almost every other commodity is remade with leather, like gloves, satchel, duffle bags, etc.

Though finding a durable genuine leather bag can be challenging. When big manufacturers use modern technology to make them. At the present, manufacturers use a lot of chemicals and several other additives in their leather bag production.

That usually results in the bag losing its original color and starts getting creased over a small period. 

As per us looking out for a cheap leather bag is the worst thing that a customer can do. It's like bargaining at a Ferrari dealership. 

Why Are Leather Bags So Expensive?

Expensive Leather Bags

We believe in “Quality over Quantity. Big brands like Gucci and LV struggle in finding genuine leather. Most of their leather sheets are imported from other countries. 

At times even animals are sacrificed just to complete the shortage of leather sheets. These big brands which make huge profits out of leather products have more than 70% of the margin on it. 

These major brands are also known for using harmful chemicals for the tanning of leather. As these brands purchase the leather from very volatile markets they can not afford to tan the leather naturally. 


How Do We Provide Quality Leather Bags at Such Affordable Prices?

Providing quality products is what we believe in. Our customers around the globe have always given positive feedback on our handmade products. We always take the negative reviews as an opportunity to improve our product line and bring more features to the products. 

As our product line also benefits women who have their own small businesses and for the people who need a platform to spread their art all around the world. 

  • At first, we get these leather bags made in bulk 

We always make sure the bag must be of the best quality leather in the market. Our bags are made from small villages that handcraft these bags with love. 

  • We ensure the same product quality

We only do business with a single vendor which makes us these leather bags in bulk. After the buying process, these bags go through a quality check test. If a bag has got defects on it, we kick that bag out of the batch.

  • Our leather is also a byproduct of the meat industry. 

We ensure that no animal is killed just to for the production of our leather bags. Our leather bags are a byproduct of the meat industry. The leather used on our bags is mostly ordered from meat plants that do not use animal skin.

  • Our tanning process

Every leather bag goes through a natural tanning process. We do not make use of harmful chemicals to tan our leather bags. We only make use of vegetables in our tanning process. At our store, we believe that in innovation we do lose the original heritage of the process. Our every product carries its history with it

  • We support local artisans

We believe that supporting real artisans can be beneficial for society as a whole. We love supporting these small artisans who do their work with sheer love and compassion. That also gives them a platform to present themselves. When we do this, it also opens doors for people to earn money as art is the only source of income for them.

  • We deliver the thickest leather from the best tanneries. 

When the leather is thicc you need to think about the bag for even a bit. As thick leather can be used for heavy usage. Our leather bag can undergo every condition and still look new. 

6 Leather Bags For Men Under 200$

1. Leather Motorcycle Duffle Bag

Leather Motorcycle Duffle Bag

Stay in the trend with our leather motorcycle duffle bag. Duffle bags are in their prime at present. The duo of a duffle bag and leather is just impeccable. This duffle bag features a vintage look that looks up to the minute. 

This duffle bag is made from full-grain leather and can be used for heavy tasks. At a price point of $185, this bag is an absolute win-win. As this bag gives a ton load of space. You get a big compartment to keep your essentials safe in this bag. 


2. Rustic Leather Satchel

Rustic Leather Satchel

Stay up to the minute with this rustic leather satchel. This leather satchel has got a boatload of features to offer. The rustic looks on a leather bag look very elegant in a normal daylight setting. 

This bag is made from full-grain leather which can be used for a prolonged period. This bag has several compartments. 2 large front pockets, 1 hidden compartment on the back, and 2 internal compartments. The internal compartments are cushioned to keep your laptops safe.

The quality of the zippers is also amazing they won’t break even if you use them harshly. At a price point of $155, this is a head-turner. 

Vintage Mens Leather Messenger Bag

Vintage Mens Leather Messenger Bag


Third, on our list is this leather messenger bag. This leather messenger bag is a masterpiece. This bag showcases the epic twosome of sold stitching and genuine leather. 

This bag is handmade and made from full-grain leather. This bag provides several compartments. You get two hidden compartments and two front zippers with this bag. This bag also consists of an adjustable strap. This bag is very useful for office work. 

Distressed Brown Leather Briefcase

Distressed Brown Leather Briefcase

Allow us to take you back to Hogwarts. This bag lookalike the same bag used in harry potter. This bag features a distressed look that looks very alluring. This bag also has a lot to offer. 

The bag is made from genuine handmade full-grain leather. This bag has a total of 4 compartments. There are two internal and two front pockets. The internal compartments are very spacious to keep your laptop easily. This bag also has an adjustable strap and a top handle.

Leather Garment Duffle Bag

Leather Garment Duffle Bag


We all like to spend when we travel. This duffle bag is the perfect bag for small trips. The sense of looking fashionable is an art and this bag will add more colors to your personality. 

This bag is made from full-grain leather and is a perfect bag for traveling. This bag also gives you to store your shoes. This bag also gives you a big compartment to store your essentials while traveling. 

Rustic Leather Backpack

Rustic Leather Backpack

As modern is becoming the new old fashion. This rustic leather bag will add charm to your bag collection. This bag is one of a kind and most of our customers love this bag. 

This bag is made from genuine leather that smells very pleasing. The leather is made for heavy usage. The overall built quality is superb. This men’s rustic leather backpack has a total of three compartments. One large compartment that has plenty of room inside. And other two small front pockets in the front to take care of your wallet and phone.

You also get adjustable straps on the bag with a briefcase handle to give your shoulders a bit of rest.

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