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14 French Vintage Country Decor Ideas Worth Looking At

The French have a refined taste in pretty much every aspect of life and the same is reflected in their home décor style. Vintage French homes are a treat to the discerning homeowner and feature a rustic aesthetic that embodies both elegance and comfort.

With traditional home décor, especially in the farmhouse style, being all the rage across the world, French interior designs especially from the early 20th century is much sought after.

What is French Vintage Home Décor?

The unique French home décor styles over 100 years ago have a certain charm that appeals through the ages. The minimalist design style blended with timeless elements is bound to captivate any who enters a vintage French home or one designed to look so.

Unpainted brick walls and old faded tiles are a huge part of the French décor style which most people easily associate with. The overall appearance of a home that is reminiscent of old-school French cinema adds to the vintage aesthetic.

What is French Country Décor?

Country French Decor

The French countryside is as picturesque as it is peaceful and the homes here tend to reflect that. A noticeable feature of this style of interior décor is the liberal use of richly coloured furnishings and trimmings set in a faded backdrop of a brick wall and ceilings with exposed wooden beams.

The overall distressed appearance complements the colour palette of all things around the home. Gold accents in mildly coloured pieces of wooden furniture and household items add to the sense of rustic sophistication.

14 French Vintage Home Décor Ideas to Work With

1. Go Antiquing

You cannot say vintage without a whole bunch of antique furniture and artefacts. A wide range of French antiques can be found scattered across the globe and possibly even right next door to you.

From vintage gramophones to retro floor lamps, the options are many and varied when it comes to antiques. You just need to be discerning enough to recognize what will help highlight your décor design.

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2. Pick the Right Colour Palette

Vintage French-inspired décor styles usually feature mild yet warm colours with low intensity. The colours are intended to complement the walls and ceilings of your home and therefore need to blend into the setting.

These dull colours will create a rustic countryside look.

Muted colours as they are referred to among designers are a safe choice when it comes to vintage French themes. Grey or white with a mild creamy texture is the commonly used colour tones.

Experimenting with texture is also a good idea for different parts of the home.

3. Try the Provincial Style of Décor

The French provincial style is a popular décor style that incorporates many design elements from the 18th century to create that understated look. Being a décor style indigenous to urban France of the Napoleonic Era, the provincial style tends to make interiors stand out while complementing the distressed aesthetic.

While exploring this style you may find yourself hunting for the hallmark of vintage- the French mirror.

The gold trims of the French mirror are perhaps best complemented by the unique Toile de Jouy embroidery linens used as curtains and even in bedspreads.

A colour palette comprising of the colours grey, blue and white is also a unique feature that symbolises the provincial style and gives that vintage look.

4. Choose only Engraved Wooden Furniture

Engraved wooden furniture, especially aged ones is a must-have in a French home. Whatever style or era of vintage décor you go with, carved furniture tends to elevate the appearance of a room and provide an air of intrigue.

Vintage French furniture usually bears a distressed look that makes it stand out, which of course can be achieved by being creative with paint on even new furniture.

It would be a good idea to shop for repurposed furniture as well at auctions and such.

5. Be Lavish with your Kitchen Design

Vintage French Kitchens as just as opulent and complex as French cuisine. Following a colour scheme of a bright top half of the kitchen contrasted by dark counter tables and other furnishing offers that touch of class that your cooking may fail to provide.

Furnish your kitchen with as much wood as possible, from tabletops to cabinets and counters. Having an island in the kitchen is a classic French décor theme and you could use a marble table top.

Placing a variety of indoor plants on the island will create a cosy ambience. Going for a shabby yet sophisticated look will complete the vintage look. Copper utensils and iron racks will offer that rustic look unique to country-style French homes.

Some toile curtains and placemats will add to the kitchen’s rich yet dreary look.

6. Don’t be Scared to Explore the Feminine Side

French décor is often characterized by its feminine features. Vintage or modern, your décor style needs to bring out the feminine element. Bright coloured floral wallpapers in bathrooms can be a chic touch.

Candlestick holders or wall sconces are a retro option to brighten up your bathroom. A Clawfoot tub is a great choice if you can find a vintage ceramic or copper one. Crystal chandeliers may be fancy, but finding a small and elegant-looking one preferably with candle holders for lighting will help enhance the feminine touch.

Engraved armoires are must-have pieces of furniture to stay with the vintage theme. A vessel sink is also a timeless addition to your bathroom or kitchen area that will add to the feminine flair of your abode.

7. Minimalism is the Key

People tend to go overboard when it comes to vintage décor and end up creating an exaggerated version of the desired aesthetic.

When it comes to vintage French décor it is best to stick to the basic elements of the design which is aimed at blending with nature and maintaining a subtle outlook.

Even a basic rack with some vintage or non-vintage porcelain plates and a few woven baskets on a simple coffee table will create the desired charm.

Weathered wood flooring and faded tiles can create that chic vintage look that symbolizes French interiors.

8. Don’t skimp out on the Linen

A salient characteristic of French interior design is the liberal use of linen. Soft linen on bedspreads couches and anywhere else suitable will add to the vintage and comfy look of the interior.

French linen is quite exquisite and you have many options to go for. While the Toile de Jouy is the more posh option when it comes to linen design, others such as the popular crochet add to the minimalistic design that you need.

Furthermore, French linen is quite durable, requires very little care, and is a year-round fabric which makes it the ideal choice for pretty much everything in your household.

Bear in mind though, that genuine French linen is quite hard to find.

9. Emphasise the Lighting

Vintage French interiors are known for their drama and this is achieved through ideal lighting. There are many vintage lighting options out there, but choosing the right one to suit your aesthetic is anything but easy.

Dim lighting is often a safer bet, but you need to keep practicality in mind as well. Wall scones and chandeliers aside there are several other options you could explore especially if you are going for a more rustic look.

Brass ceiling lights and porcelain lamps are a great way to bring out the simplicity of your design while creating a quaint ambience.

10. Don’t overdo the Wall Décor

It is easy to get lost in the nostalgia created by vintage wall décor and hanging many vintage artefacts across the living room and dining room can seem like an irresistible temptation.

But, this does not bode well with the minimalist design you are looking to achieve. A simple retro metal wall clock in the living area with a couple of antique collectables will do the job quite well.

You can also spruce up the dining area with a vintage hanging clock or a hanging flower pot.

11. Remembering Personal History

Assembling the pieces and elements from your family’s collection and transforming them into decor. This will help in creating a sense of history in your home. The old furniture is a perfect example of this.

12. Preserving the Old

It is simply being in the museum where you have the authority to buy everything. Old furniture with a perfect finish and modern polish can be a good fit for customizing your home decor with the trend.

13. Vintage Touch

For this category, starting from the vintage rug for your bedroom to an antique console for your entrance and walls with classic French posters are a good fit for the French style countryside home decor.

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14. Go with a ‘Distressed Look’

French style works opposite with the shining & branding culture trends. Antique, vintage even off-colour materials are a symbol of classical French home decor styles. Mixing the old ones with new ones can really create an ambient atmosphere in your home.

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