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7 Affordable Brown Leather Duffle Bag (Under 200$)

Though traveling is quite complicated and stressful, carrying a perfect bag can give you a stress-free experience. A brown duffle bag can be one of the most comfortable and spacious bags to carry when you travel.

As a duffle bag is made of authentic leather or canvas, it stays for long, and thus, you don't need to replace them after one or two years. It looks stylish yet useful for both travel and everyday uses.

When it comes to buying a brown leather duffle bug, you will get numerous options. But do you have a budget of a maximum of 200$ or so?

Don't worry as here you will learn the best options in your budget. But before that, let's discuss how a full grain leather duffle bag is available at a reasonable price.

How Do We Provide Full Grain Leather Duffle Bags at Affordable Prices?

Our dedicated and skilled craftsmen manufacture 100% genuine leather bags in India. We use premium quality leather and pay attention to detail for the bags to look rustic and vintage. Our craftsmen perfectly cut every component from the hide's sturdiest part with the highest grades of leather, i.e., full grain leather.

We never compromise on the quality when manufacturing duffle bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, and other products. As we use strong nylon stitching and robust hardware, our bags stay long and are perfect for everyday use.

Our handmade bags can always be a great long-term reasonable investment.

What Makes Our Leather Duffle Different?

All our leather duffle bags are naturally tanned with only vegetable oil and without any chemicals, which makes them sturdy and durable. We kill no animals to make the leather, a by-product of the meat industry, that we use to manufacture bags.

Our full-grain leather bags are made of the hide's topmost layer, which is of the best quality. You can see the stretches and marks the animal had endured over its lifetime that makes our products unique. We check twice all products before dispatching them for basic quality and find any type of effects.

We hand-make our leather duffles perfectly with thick, durable, and high-grade threads that increase the products' longevity. We use leather that is thicker than average leather and tan in such a way that a duffle bag stays for ages.

6 Brown Leather Duffle Bags On A Budget

Here are the six best leather duffle bags you can buy for less than 200$:

1. Men's Tan Leather Holdall
Leather Duffle in Cheap Prices

Price: $175

Carry men's tan leather holdalls if you want to use a genuine bag. This extraordinary leather hall is perfect for traveling and many other activities. The leather is of high quality, breathable, and smells pleasant.

The bag's tanned look enhances your overall look. The zippers of this bag are sturdy enough not to break. The talented artisans from small villages stitched this brown leather bag.

2. Vintage Leather Holdall

Leather Duffle on a budget

Price: $190

The vintage leather hall has several features and looks awesome stitched together. Artisans from small villages have handmade and handcrafted all our bags. We use 100% full-grain leather to give a masculine and rugged look to this bag.

The bag's breathability and leather's pleasant odor keep your belongings in perfect condition. It has three compartments that help to carry many things when traveling. This bag's zippers are hand-stitched and made of the best material in the world.

3. Rugged Leather Duffle Bag

Leather Duffel Bag Under 200$

Price: $185

A rugged leather ruffle bag is a must-have in your collection as it makes you look no matter where you go. It is made of full-grain leather and has diverse features. The two mini compartments are to store cards and passports. The one large compartment helps to protect your belongings when you travel.

As the zippers on this bag are made of sturdy material, they won't break. The bag's rugged look will make you appear and feel like a gentleman.

4. High-Quality Duffle Bag

Affordable Leather Duffel Bag

Price: $180

This high-quality duffle bag suits your every need and makes you look attractive when moving. Pick this bag to carry your belongings on motorcycle rides and trips. This bag is also made of full-grain leather and offers numerous features. It comes with an adjustable strap and briefcase handle that helps to carry smoothly.

Use the single and bug compartment to store essentials. The zippers won't break as they are made of the finest metal. If you want to add the 007 touches to your look, buy this high-quality duffle bag.

5. Leather Motorcycle Duffle Bag

Cheap Leather Duffel

Price: $185

Are you a bike rider who wants to look stylish on trips and protect all essentials? Buy this leather motorcycle duffle bag. You would feel like buying this bag because of its brown color that looks excellent in the sunlight.

This duffle bag is made of premium quality handmade leather and has one big compartment that meets all your storage needs. The bag has two steps - one is for the shoulder and another one is a handle.

6. Leather Garment Duffle Bag

 Leather Garment Duffle Bag

Price: $165

A leather garment duffle bag can be the best bag for almost all reasons, including casual outings, formal meetings, and weekend trips. The new leather smells good and makes you look fashionable. The cotton canvas inside the bag adds durability and makes it the right holder for garments.

The bag is made of real and aromatic full-grain leather and can tolerate years of usage. The brown color looks elegant and goes well with almost any type of outfit. You can prevent the wrinkles of your dresses and suits by storing them inside your bag.

It comes with a bigger front pocket and a special compartment for shoes. You can adjust the bag's length with two adjustable straps and a top handle.

7. Leather Weekender Duffle BagLeather Weekender Duffle Bag

Bottom line

If you can't spend more than $200, you should consider one of the six options mentioned above. Leather duffle bags are the perfect alternative to traditional luggage and duffle bags made of other materials. You need to spend an affordable price to buy and use these durable, fashionable, and functional bags.

As picking the right bag before you travel or for everyday uses can be quite tricky, go for a brown leather duffle bag to fulfill your storage requirements when traveling.

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