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10 Ways To Decorate Modern Bedroom Rustic Style

What does a modern rustic bedroom feel like? The natural texture of rugs married with a home accent! The chic but earthy place can amplify the vibe like never before! The bedroom is a personal space.

Needless to say, personal time has an enormous influence on all the other aspects of your life. They say interior decor is a way of life. It is all about leveling up the aesthetics of a place and making it more vibrant to let the creative energy flow in!

No more living in the pigeonholes and feeling cluttered. Find a few ways of creating a modern rustic bedroom with subtle elements.

Easy Ways to Make Your Modern Bedroom Stand Out Using Rustic Style

1. The door statement!

The very gateway of your house can be an inspiration to the interior decor of your place. The urge to leave a strong statement in the decor can be successful with barn doors. It is not less than a post-breakup hairdo, completely transformative!

Your door can be a dramatic white panel modern Glassdoor. Horizontal metal strips complement the look. The overall effect of your Bond depends on the style of hardware for the sliding track. You can keep the rusting effect of metal hardware, or you can even choose to paint it to give a modern tinge.

You can play up with the stain and paint in a starburst design to make the combination your focal point.

2. Country-style room

Rustic Bedroom Style Decor

The floral curtains, gingham upholstery, and Patchwork quilts add a lot to the room. The country-style approach of planning the bedroom interior has not been out of the trend yet. The texture has been more subtle than ever now.

A modern country bedroom is all about playing with the layers of natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool. A comfy couching space and the bed are the fabricated areas to play tricks to achieve a country bedroom.

Cut flowers, natural rugs, pendant lights speak much about elegance. A country-style bedroom focuses on a formal yet relaxed interior.

The color palette should be simple yet dramatic. You can always play with the floral patterns in the fabric, but it should not be loud.

3. A twist to the rustic decor

Have you always thought of holding onto modernity and not letting go of the rustic? Well, it is a fair deal.

The color pallet of modern rustic decor falls under neutral tones. With the heavy dependence on the warm tones of natural wood with light colors on the wall, this decor enhances the functionality of a space.

Your twist to the rustic decor can build up space that boosts conversation, creativity, and happiness!

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4. Wooden walls revival

Wooden Walls Decor

Gone are the days when wood used to be the epitome of interior decor, but nature is never out of the trend. The texture of the wood will always have a soothing visual effect. Undoubtedly, the secret to a stealing appeal is the wooden feature on the wall!

You can go for a wooden bed background and add the gazing effect. After all, the rustic vibe is all about being calm and relaxed.

5. Embracing an industrial aesthetic

Industrial lighting brings a rugged effect to a place. You can use them to bring a flavor of rawness and spice up the rustic aspect of your bedroom. A modern rustic bedroom should have subtle and functional industrial lighting to complement the earthy vibe.

6. Playing with the pattern

Hand block print gives a rustic appeal to the space. You can always follow the pattern. Fabricated surfaces like curtains, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. can always be nice to try out some creative patterns.

You can choose a wall facing your bed to play patterns in your room.

7. Implementing handmade pieces:

Handmade Rustic Decor Items

Handmade pieces are a celebration of authenticity. You can go for the pottery pieces and handmade paintings to add a rustic flavor to your place. Flaws can be the strongest element of interior decor. Try to include it.

Above all, you can go for hand-woven rugs and stuffed toys to add authenticity to the interior appeal of your place.

8. Adding organic texture

You can have multiple textures in your modern rustic room. Start with the fabrics. You can play your trick with the curtains, bedsheets, and carpet rugs of the room. Consider three things while adding texture to your room: comfort, practicality, and balance.

Everything about rustic decor is practicality and authenticity!

Playing with the texture of the wall, paintings, wall decor and the finishing of the furniture can add a natural texture.

9. Going Vintage

Wooden Decor Bedroom

Are you wondering how to go vintage? Well, pick up vintage pieces! You must see the beauty in imperfection to pick up an authentic artwork. Never cease to prefer real Over ideal. It is advisable to take over the perfectionist within you and think about your space logically.

Add value to your shopping experience with extensive research about antique shops. Keep it eccentric and be comfortable to include the basics.

10. Keeping it cozy

Are you still entertaining the notion that a cozy place is not a creative place? It will not be wrong to assert that a cozy feeling is the most comforting thing in the world referring to our past experiences. You can use this to enhance the interior of your room.

Play with a lot of fabrics and add a bit of greenery to your place. Remember making a place cozy does not imply stuffing a place completely. Have ample space as well as ample areas to couch.


Well, these are a few expert tips on achieving a modern rustic bedroom. But the thumb rule for interior designing is there is none. It is the only area where you can be unruly and unconventional to go the right way about it!

So, if your inner creative self channelizes something different from the suggestions above, go for it! Because it’s your space, and you can personalize it as per your choice!

Here is hoping you could satiate your classic rustic-lover and modern fan of subtlety altogether with a modern rustic bedroom!

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