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5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Vintage Furniture

Cherished by collectors and antique aficionados alike, vintage furniture is always fashionable. When it comes to vintage decor furniture is the center of attention. The intricate detail engraved in vintage furniture is an inspiring factor.

Vintage furniture is also a way to express yourself. Genuine vintage furniture has a lot of character and its presence can liven up any room. The distressed look of most vintage furniture is yet another factor that brings the decor together.

What is defined as Vintage Furniture?

Vintage Wood Furniture

The definition of vintage varies from person to person. You can find many different explanations as well on what makes something vintage. A definition that most people agree with is that anything over 20 years old is vintage.

When it comes to furniture anything 20 to 100 years old is vintage. Vintage furniture can either be a well-preserved specimen or a restored one. The latter is more common among surviving vintage furniture due to the nature of the materials used.

Wooden vintage furniture is more commonplace. Wood furniture is quite charming and often features intricate work symbolic of its period of creation. Designer furniture especially of European origin is often sought by collectors. The detail and superior craftsmanship add to the aesthetic of any house.

How to Clean Vintage Wood Furniture?

  • Dust it off

When it comes to wood prevention is better than the cure. Wood is a magnet for dust and that usually comes with other particles including moisture. You can try using a soft cloth or a vacuum with a mild brush attachment to keep your furniture dust free. You need to focus on hard-to-reach places as well.

  • Wax off

Vintage furniture usually has a wax coating that has usually built up some grime. You can remove the wax using a cleaner or a mild paint thinner. You need to be careful not to go too deep into the wood. You can also use (0000) steel wool for this process.

  • Soap and Water-Wash

Wood tends to absorb water that stays on for too long. So, you need to be quick with your work.

Use a mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth. Use as little of the liquid as possible and wipe down the furniture. Go for a circular motion when applying the soap.

After the soap wash, soak your cloth in some warm water and wipe off the soap. Ensure that you have removed water from any place where it could accumulate.

  • Spirit Wipe Down

After the wood has dried you can use mineral spirits to restore the shine and finish. Mineral spirits can also treat hard-to-remove stains. Try the steel wool to scrub out the stains if needed. Sandpaper of 220 grit can also be used.

  • Wax on

Once you are done with the cleaning it's time to add a coat of wax. The wax protects the wood and gives it a shine. Ensure that all the solvents have evaporated completely before the wax. Use a soft cotton cloth to apply the wax. Once the wax has set, use a clean soft cloth to buff it to a shine.

How to Paint Furniture to Look Vintage?

How to Paint Vintage Furniture?

There are many ways to turn modern furniture into vintage ones. One of the easiest ways to do this is by painting it vintage. This is also a popular DIY project that many vintage enthusiasts undertake. There are many ways to go about painting your furniture vintage. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Choosing the Paint

When it comes to choosing vintage furniture paint it's easy to get confused. Texture, finish, and ease of cleaning are among the many aspects to consider with paint. When it comes to vintage the preferred choice is Chalky Paint.

Chalky Paint is synonymous with vintage furniture. Its rich buildable texture and smooth finish are ideal to give any furniture that rustic look. It's easy to apply layers with chalky paint. Chalky paint is water-based. Remember though that you'll need some practice before getting the desired finish.

  • Readying the Furniture

Before painting, you'll need to clean the furniture. You'll need to ensure that no dust is left on the furniture for a smooth finish. Sanding away any previous paint or wax coating is also a step you cannot skip.

For any parts that you don't want to paint, you can try masking with tape. You'll also want to cover any knots on the wood to avoid seepage. You can use a knotting solution to do this.

  • Apply the Layers

You'll need to apply two coats of paint to get that vintage look. The first coat needs to be even and smooth. Try using long strokes with enough paint to cover the wood surface. Once the first coat has dried you can apply the second one.

The second coat is where you'll be bringing out the vintage in your furniture. It would be a good idea to apply a different shade of paint for the second coat. That way when you begin sanding for a more weathered look the undercoat will be revealed.

The second coat's thickness depends on your desired finish.

  • Sand Away Till it Becomes Vintage

Sanding is an important step both during the start and finish of your vintage project. You'll need many different sanding materials to create a proper vintage finish. A sanding block, steel wool, and medium grit sandpaper are what you'll need.

You'll want to focus first on any drips or brush strokes that stand out. You aim to distress the paint. So try sanding down the layers till you get to that desired layer and finish. After sanding, you can smooth out the wood with steel wool.

  • Wax

Once you've removed all the debris and dust you can begin applying wax. Wax can bring out the paint and ensure that your furniture is protected.

5 Vintage Furniture Decor Tips

1. Follow a Theme

Distressed Furniture

Ensure that your furniture suits the decor style you are going for. Use same-era furniture decor to highlight your theme. Your furniture needs to be part of the decor style. Distressed furniture is often a safe bet for any decor. The rustic elements of wooden furniture can add charm to your theme.

2. Emphasise the Furniture with Color

Vintage Color Theme

Color is an essential part of any decor. Vintage furniture wood or otherwise is highlighted when placed in contrasting color schemes. Wooden furniture is best placed in warm shaded backdrops. For a more modern vintage look, you can also go for lighter shades of blue.

3. Find Contrast with Textures

Vintage Textures and Patterns

Vintage furniture comes in all textures. Finding the right combination of textures is essential in getting the right decor. You can place contrasting colored cushions on a vintage couch. A vintage or modern rug could go well with a vintage credenza.

Curtains made from comfortable materials can go well with a dark hardwood table set.

4. Repurpose Furniture

Repurposed Furniture

You can use vintage furniture for modern practicality rather than its original purpose. Repurposing furniture is a great way to make your decor practical and display rare and exclusive furniture. Larger pieces of furniture such as armoires can be used as closets for clothes and such.

You can also try using regular vintage artefacts as furniture. A wooden trunk could be used as a table or a bench. Vintage credenzas are also repurposed in different parts of your home.

5. Highlight Your Decor With a Statement Piece

Vintage Floral Chair

A statement piece can make your vintage furniture seem lively. A vintage grandfather clock for example could go well with a cushioned sofa. You can also add chandeliers and vintage rugs that go with the statement piece. Placing decorative rugs can highlight the features of your furniture.

Vintage statement piece furniture with practicality is also great for decor. You could use a vintage French mirrored bar as a statement piece and stock it up so guests can use it.

Vintage furniture such as marble-top writing desks can also highlight your decor.

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