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5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Vintage Mirrors

Apart from being amazing mimics, mirrors serve as a focal point for the décor. Mirrors have the innate ability to highlight your décor. The illusions created by mirrors are a thing of wonder that has inspired photographers and artists for centuries.

There is much more to mirrors than the images they reflect. Vintage mirrors themselves are works of art. The framework in particular is a vintage enthusiast's delight. And you find uncountable designs with intricate detail and lustre.

Mirrors also make your room seem brighter and more spacious. Many vintage décor styles are themed around vintage mirrors.

How to Make a Mirror Frame Look Vintage?

Antique Carving Mirrors

There are many ways to go about turning a new mirror into a vintage one. Most of them are easy and can be done without burning a hole in your pocket. When turning mirrors into vintage pieces you need to focus on two aspects; the mirror itself and the frame.

Giving the mirror an antique look involves some intricate work but if done right the results can stun you. For the frames the choice is yours. You can choose from a wide range of colors, details, textures, and more. Here are some easy ways to create a vintage mirror.

  • Distress the Paint

The easiest way to turn a new wooden frame into a vintage one is by distressing the paint. It would be a good idea to remove the old paint and add a new coat. Then spray the frame with some vinegar and voila! Your brand new mirror is now a collectible.

  • Paint the Frame Gold

Gold gilding wax can do wonders for your frame. This has been in use since ancient times going back to ancient Egypt. You can apply some of the gilding wax and you've got a vintage classic. To further define the vintage aspect you can add a little dark wax polish.

  • Make the Mirror look Vintage

One of the easiest ways to do this without striping the mirror coating or using chemicals is by using paint. Acrylic paint can be used to give your mirror that vintage look. Choose the right colors and try to give the corners that worn-out texture.

5 Tips to Decorate with Vintage Mirrors

1. Reflect on the most Interesting Part of Your Décor

Vintage Wood Frame

Vintage mirrors are best used when they serve their purpose. Reflections can add drama and character to any décor item. Try focusing on the décor item you want to highlight the most.

From chandeliers to tables mirrors can add character and drama to any décor. This is best emphasized by focusing on the aesthetic. Bigger mirrors are a great choice and the reflected décor needs to be grand as well.

2. Experiment with Shapes

Antique Mirrors

One of the biggest advantages of vintage mirrors is the many shapes that you can find. Try shopping around for the many varied frame shapes that you can find. Pick the most intriguing one.

Eccentric shapes can complement other unique decor items in your collection.

3. Create Art with Mirrors

Vintage Mirror Decor

Mirrors can blend into almost any decor style or backdrop. But mirrors themselves can often be used as art pieces. Find a mirror with intricate detail and design. Full-size standing mirrors are the best options for this. Place the mirror in a spacious enough area where its design is highlighted.

You can also tell a story with mirrors by adding various pieces of art that go well with your theme. A mirror with ornate elements can complement great art with the right placement.

4. Adorn Existing Décor with Mirrors

Vintage Dressing Table

Vintage mirrors can be used to add class and character to other vintage decor pieces. A grand piano for example can look more exquisite with a mirror on top. Mirrors can be a great addition to fireplaces and have the ability to make the ambiance more rustic.

5. Window Mirrors

Window Mirrors

For those of you looking for eccentric vintage décor ideas, mirrors provide a great theme. Large mirrors when placed opposite windows can create a great effect. By placing it right vintage mirror can look like a vintage faux window.

The room will also seem much brighter and more elegant with this décor idea. Try looking for exotic frames with vintage colors to create a classic window effect.

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