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How to Decorate With Vintage Books

5 Tips To Decorate With Vintage Books

Books can add charm and grace to any vintage décor. Great literature is always appreciated. And the older it is, the more value it brings to your collection. Still, people overlook the most obvious décor element that has so many facets to it.

Using décor out of vintage books is a concept as old as the oldest collection of books. A collection of hardbacks on a shelf is a simple yet elegant décor idea that you can create with ease.

Why do People Love Vintage Book Décor?

Books Decor

The rustic charm of a leather back book can outdo any furniture in your décor. Any décor can look vintage with a few books placed right. Books add personality to your décor and make it stand out.

Vintage books are the ultimate DIY décor project that you can undertake with ease. There are many different themes and styles you can try out with vintage book décor. And of course, there is also the fact that books can complement pretty much any part of your décor.

The most appealing factor that has made vintage book décor so popular in recent times is the cost. Books are quite inexpensive and you can find vintage pieces pretty much anywhere.

How to make a Book Look Vintage?

Vintage Book DIY

Vintage-looking books are easy enough to find and you may have some lying around at home as well. But, if you don't want to go through the trouble of hunting for vintage editions, there are many ways to create some.

Bear in mind though the processes used will involve causing some damage to your books. So ensure that you are not using any actual collectibles or books that are dear to you.

  • Use your Favourite Beverage

Tea or coffee goes great with books and on them if you are looking for a vintage recreation. Tear the covers of the book and either soak them in your beverage of choice or brush it on all sides. Either method will give your book that vintage look once you've dried it under the sun.

  • Use Wax

Wax is a great way to make books look antique. You can use this method with either the cover intact or with it torn off. Use a rough worn out brush and coat it with as little wax as possible.

Use gentle strokes to get the wax in as many pages as you feel necessary. Once the wax is dry you'll have a vintage book with no mess.

  • Use sandpaper

This method is applicable for both hardcover and soft covers. Try sanding out the edges of the book to give it that worn-out look. You can use the sandpaper in the middle section as well to give it a more used feel.

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5 Tips to Display Vintage Book Collection

1. Use a Basket

How to display Vintage Books?

You can use a basket to display books in a chic way. Baskets can both serve as bookends and create an interesting décor. With this décor idea, you also have the option of adding some more décor items. You can place a small indoor flower pot to complement with color and texture.

2. Try new Stacking Designs

Books Stacking Decor

A simple stack of books horizontal or vertical is often enough. But you can go for some different configurations. You can mix it up with both horizontal and vertical stacks with an antique gramophone as a bookend.

You can also go for a pyramid of sorts with stacking or create a sequence of horizontal and vertical stacks.

3. Wrap it Up

Antique Books

You can tie up books to create a vintage frozen-in-time look. Use ribbons or leather belts to combine three or so books. You can also experiment with the book combinations themselves. You can either try similar-looking books of the same dimensions or experiment with symmetry.

You can also try creating a statement piece by adding a vintage alarm clock or a magnifying glass to the display.

4. Create a Vignette

Vintage Book Decor

Vignettes are quite popular these days among vintage enthusiasts. Books create the ideal vintage décor for vignettes. They provide you with a wide range of options when it comes to height texture and color.

A few potted plants serving as bookends for a couple of hardbound copies can be a good vignette. You can also place a vintage coffee pot atop a pile of books and a vintage globe as a sidepiece.

5. Put it on a Pedestal

Pedestal Book Decor

You can place a book pretty much anywhere and it'll go well with your theme. A pedestal is a great place for a stack of books. You can also add some other décor items to complete the décor. A pair of vintage binoculars atop a few adventure books could be a great theme.

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