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5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Vintage Suitcase

Vintage suitcases have a lot of history associated with them. Any suitcase that you might find in a thrift store or a garage sale has a story to tell. The unique details found on each suitcase describe its journey before becoming part of your decor.

Vintage suitcases bring a sense of intrigue and old-world charm with them. There are many different kinds of vintage suitcases and many ways to add them to your decor. Let's go through some popular applications of vintage suitcases.

Why use Vintage Suitcases as a Part of Decor?

Vintage Suitcase Decor

Vintage suitcases are remnants of various eras and bear the memories of their owners. These suitcases were also made for the long run and to survive the harshest of conditions. The designs of vintage suitcases also varied from region to region and through the ages.

The craftsmen of yesteryear designed suitcases to reflect the lives of the people. Among the many unique attributes of vintage suitcases are their material and design. Details such as stitches and engraving along with brass hardware also stand out.

How to Paint Vintage Suitcases?

Repurposing Vintage Suitcase

Restoring vintage suitcases is a great way to learn the art of restoration. Sometimes a simple coat of paint is enough to bring a suitcase back to life. You have to consider the condition of the suitcase before painting. If you find any damage repairing it first would be a good idea.

  • You can start by sanding the surface of the suitcase. Use medium grit sandpaper while sanding and take off only what is required.
  • Once you have wiped off the dust and debris you can apply the primer.
  • After the primer sets in begin with the paint color of your choice. Chalk paint is often preferred for its grainy rustic finish. You can add a second coat if you need a thick finish.
  • For a more personal touch, you could add a design of your choice on the topside. You can use a stencil for a cleaner design.
  • Once you are done with the paint it's time to apply a coat of adhesive spray as protection.

For fabric and other materials, a little caution can serve you well. Spray paint is often the best mode of application.

5 Tips to Decorate with Vintage Suitcases

1. Stack till you get the Desired Furniture

Vintage Suitcase Decor

Suitcases due to their shape are easy to stack and can serve as any furniture you desire. You can stack suitcases of similar sizes to create a small table that can adorn your bedside.

Choosing the same color or a color scheme that complements your room can make the decor stand out. You can also stand them upright and stack them side by side for a step drawer-like theme.

2. Mobilize the Décor

Decor With Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases can be turned into chic trolleys for serving various goodies. This can be a great kitchen decor as well. You can stack a couple of suitcases and add a wooden tray or basket on top.

3. Coffee Table

Suitcase Coffee Table

Vintage suitcases and trunks make the most charming coffee tables. The rustic charm of such improvised coffee tables can make your decor stand out. This decor was popular in the 1920s and 30s as well. So, you'll be recreating classic decor.

A suitcase coffee table creates an air of minimalism. This can serve as the foundation for your decor theme. You can create space between various decor items for a classic vintage look.

4. Create a Suitcase Vignette

Vintage Suitcase Vignette

For an artistic touch, you can try creating a seasonal vignette using vintage suitcases. Vignettes add charm and character to your decor. You have several options and themes to choose from when it comes to vignettes.

Picking a color scheme is a great start to deciding your theme. Seasonal color is a nice way to tell a story with your vignette. This can serve as your mantelpiece, centerpiece, or subtle dresser decor.

5. Go Organic

Vintage Suitcase DIY

Sometimes decor looks great when used for practical purposes that support life. A simple indoor plant placed on a small vintage suitcase can give your decor purpose. You could even create a mini indoor garden if you have a large enough suitcase.

Another idea is creating a home for your beloved four-legged friend. Cats and dogs love curling in small places they find cozy. An open vintage suitcase can serve as the ideal home for your pets with enough comforts.

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