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10 Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

Accessories are a vital part of any decorating project.

Setting up the house with elements of farmhouse chic gives visitors a great focal point.

Combining strong visual references like a vintage window frame, antique decorative moulding, mason jars and powder-coated lanterns with fresh foliage like handfuls of wildflowers and a wreath of simple greenery gives a rustic edge.

Decorating with wooden furniture is one way to bring rustic style into farmhouse decor. But for decor that pops, you must truly transform your space by accessorising it effectively.

If you just like, you can shiplap a wall and decorate it with the ideas given below.

Wall decor or art made by local artisans could be distinctive additions to a farmhouse-themed house.

Here’s how you can decorate the walls farmhouse-style:

1. Paintings.

Farmhouse paintings

Paintings became focal points throughout the home.

Paintings add the pop of colour that is lacking in farmhouse decor. Art helps you decorate sufficiently.

They also introduce texture in the room.

It brings the whole room together successfully.

It is important to include pieces that sing well with the theme of the house or it will throw off the vibe.

Checkout out our collection of paintings here.

2. Coffee mug holder.

Farmhouse Coffee Mug Holder

Coffee mug holders use a variety of woodworking techniques and are perfect as farmhouse decor in your kitchen.

Some of the mug holders are so easy that you can even make them yourself.

All you need to do is paint a pallet or use a distressed wooden plank, decorate it with stencilling, and screw in some hooks.

You can design it, keeping your interior in mind.

3. Coat hangers.

Wood coat hanger

Intense Art Classic style with a modern twist. That's just what a wall rack has to give.

Each hook allows you to store and organize your items.

Just add the wooden rack to any wall, and you'll have the perfect blend of style and storage for any space.

Want to display a new piece in your entryway? Depending on your style and the style of your home, you may want to install a wall coat rack.

You can have an eye-catching coat rack, just by screwing some rustic hooks onto a beautiful piece of scrap wood.

4. Vintage clock.

Farmhouse Clocks

Clocks go with any style of decorating. There are a variety of farmhouse, modern, coastal, traditional and bohemian clocks. Choosing the one right for you is important.

Farmhouse clocks are all about reclaimed or distressed wood.

An oversized clock serves as living room decor. The wooden tones of the clock complement the rustic open shelf.

Checkout our vintage station clock.

5. Bookshelf.

Farmhouse Bookshelf

Shelving with space for display is ideal for farmhouse-style wall decor. And the selected decorative pieces will bring personality to a room.

Wooden shelving is an easy way to give your space the rustic charms it demands in farmhouse decor.

It can be used for a lot of things but utilizing it for a bookshelf is more suitable. Just make sure you do not add too much and end up cluttering the wall.

Wooden planks are mounted on the wall and you have a bookshelf.

6. Signboards.

Farmhouse Sign Board

When you think of adding a sign for your farmhouse home, first reflect on what you would like it to say.

Are you looking for a sign for your kitchen or bathroom?

Want to welcome guests to your home? A huge sign on the entrance should do the trick!

Make sure to modify your sign with any sentiments you would most like to show to give a personal touch.

The nature of the sign can be quirky, funny, or sentimental. To make your design stand out, use a variety of typefaces and background colours.

Many of these farmhouse signs are made of weathered, reclaimed, or distressed wood either for the whole sign or for the frame.

Using distressed wood brings an old-fashioned charm to your farmhouse sign. Gray, white, and dark wood stains are the colours that match the farmhouse style best.

You can design signs in creative shapes. Like a house-shaped sign with “Love Grows Best in Little Houses Like This” written on it.

Whatever modern farmhouse sign ideas you choose, make certain to add your sense of style. Adding a sign to your farmhouse home and expressing yourself will charm your guests.

7. Wooden framed pics.

Wooden Frame

A wall of open shelves has endless decorating possibilities

Old frames are also a popular way to spruce up a wall in a farmhouse.

You can fill these frames with family photos, words, or just leave them blank!

Whatever design you are trying to achieve on your wall, adding a few old frames will bring out the farmhouse vibes.

8. Rustic mirrors

Rustic Mirror Farmhouse Decor

A mirror above the fireplace suits many different interior styles. Likewise, it has its place in farmhouse design as wall decor.

Select a mirror frame that complements the rest of the materials palette.

Hanging a wall mirror will multiply the light in a room. It can have an advantage in a living room with exposed beams, reflecting the attractive features and creating a new view.

Decorating an entryway with a mirror is popular but picking the right mirror is essential.

A round, wooden frame mirror always looks right on trend in a farmhouse-style home. Hanging on a shiplap-covered wall with a whitewash allows the deep hue of the clock o stands out.

It will make a considerable difference and add lots of life to the theme.

9. Hanging Lanterns

Farmhouse Hanging Lantern

Light fixtures are the easiest and the fastest way to change the feel of any space. It changes the vibe in any room without a lot of expense or time.

The most common farmhouse-style light fixtures would be candle chandeliers. As they mimic what was available back then.

Do not hesitate of using large-sized chandeliers as they might end up being your statement piece and draw attention to the space.

Farmhouse decor benefits from soft, warm lighting.

You can DIY a gorgeous light fixture from reclaimed wood, mason jars, etc.

Draping the top of the fixture with greenery will add a more magical natural element to your mason jar pendant lights.

10. Hanging Planters.

Hanging Planters Farmhouse

The origins of farmhouse style have a down-to-earth approach to decorating. A farmhouse style has vintage finishing touches and elements that bring nature indoors.

Plants are a must in your decor if you are decorating your house in farmhouse style.

Begin with incorporating simple accent pieces. You can use succulents or low-maintenance plants.

You can paint mason jars and make small planters that are light to hang.

Hanging planters is the modernized edge in farmhouse decor.

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