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5 Tips To Make The Modern Kitchen Look Vintage

The kitchen is not only a place to cook but an integral part of your home. Thus, your kitchen should be functional and visually pleasing. When it comes to decorating your kitchen, you can do it in a variety of styles.

Vintage decor is trending! Many homeowners are designing a vintage-style kitchen with nostalgic elements, including rustic furniture, floral designs, and retro appliances. Vintage decor means different things to different people and has no fixed design formula.

The common feature in all vintage-style kitchens is that all of them exude a nostalgic look and feel. It takes you back to your sweet childhood memories and enjoyable days. Thus, you need to know how to perfectly display utensils, crates, copper pots, chintzy mismatched china, rustic beaten-up tins, and other vintage kitchen items.

You can place them on open shelves or in glass-fronted cabinets, which need not be hanging on hooks or lined wall-to-wall.

Want to transform your modern kitchen into a vintage one? Giving a retro look and playful touch to your contemporary kitchen can do wonders. But how to do so?

Find below the tips to make your modern kitchen look vintage:

1. Select and Mix New Cabinets with Old Ones

    Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

    A kitchen with the right accessories looks the best. So, choose simple units and cover them with timber surfaces. Solid wood cabinets in painted pastel/left bare/muted shades with rounded timber door knobs add an exceptional charm to your kitchen. Nowadays, you can find a lot of cabinet ideas and options that will work for your vintage-style kitchen. You just need to make the right choice suited to your kitchen decor and budget.

    A vintage-style kitchen should never look flawless as a little bit of wear and tear enhances the decor. Avoid brand-new furniture and pick old ones instead. You can pick Windsor chairs, farmhouse tables, or an old dresser to display Chinese decorative elements from antique fairs or flea markets. Just check if they are in the perfect form before buying them.

    You can create a unique kitchen interior decor by mismatching the chairs. You can paint the chairs in different colors. To create an enticing worn-out effect, rub the chairs' edges with sandpaper.

    2. Add Retro Kitchen Appliances

      Vintage Kitchen Equipments

      Most vintage-style kitchens tend to have 1950s-inspired appliances in pastel or bold colors with curvy and soft edges. If you already have excellent modern appliances in your kitchen, that's great! Otherwise, you can find them in a wide variety of colors, ranging from solid white to matte pink, that can look awesome in your vintage kitchen.

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      You can refurbish original vintage fridges so they look like they belong to the 21st century. A white fridge can look fabulous with a patterned splashback, salmon walls, and green cabinetry.

      3. Find the Right Fabric for Your Kitchen

      Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

      Fabrics can add texture and warmth to your kitchen decor. So, go for colorful curtains, shutters, blinds, tea towels, and tablecloths in floral prints. Some of the best color options for such fabrics are pinks, bright reds, and aqua.

      If you want your kitchen to look like the 1950s era, choose pastel shades such as green, blue and yellow. Complete the look of your vintage kitchen with mismatched chair cushions and retro oilcloth.

      4. Hang a Vintage-Inspired Painting

      Vintage Paintings

      Wallpaper or a painting can be a great decorative addition to your vintage kitchen. A subtle print wallpaper, like floral, goes well with almost any color scheme. Choose wallpaper in a neutral tone so other decorative elements and kitchen appliances don't overshadow it. But that doesn't mean you need to choose a solid tone. An intricate design will also look great on your kitchen wall.

      A vintage painting as well in subtle colors won't cause too much distraction to the eyes.

      5. Select the Perfect Kitchen Accessories

      Vintage Kitchen Crockery

      Accessories are a crucial part of a vintage kitchen design. Choose kitchen appliances in retro design, which suits the aesthetics and can act as an elegant focal point. Showcase your vintage crockery selection on a dresser or open shelving to create a functional display.

      You can decant dry products inside quirky jars and vintage bottles, which helps to create a lived-in and cozy environment. Complete your kitchen's vintage decor with chalkboard labels to create a rustic look.

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      The Bottom Line

      You can easily make your modern kitchen look vintage by following the tips above. As nowadays many people are transforming their modern kitchens into vintage, you can take inspiration from what the homeowners did for the transformation.

      Once you decide in your mind the kind of decor you want for your kitchen, you can choose a wide variety of desired decorative items from an online lt physical store.

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