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Railway Station Clock As Home Decor

Why Does a Railway Station Clock Make Perfect Home Decor?

A railway station clock is one of the most popular vintage decorative pieces used in homes. It looks modern yet antique and stays long because of its real material. With a railway station clock, you can add the beauty of the English countryside even if you live in a busy Indian city. You can keep it in any room of your home, be it a living room, kitchen, and even office.

It can always be the perfect home decor piece. Want to know why? Here you will learn that. But, first, let's discuss why railway stations have double-sided clocks.

Why Do Train Stations Have Double-Sided Clocks?

Station Clock

You may have seen a double-sided clock waiting for a train at any railway station. They are usually placed in a station's waiting area as one side shows the current time and the other side displays the time of the next train's arrival. People visit a railway station for different purposes.

Some people rush to catch a train and don't even have time to look at clocks. Others may be on their way to a place without being aware of the time. While others may be waiting for their families and friends. Double-sided clocks can fulfill all such purposes.

Why Do Station Clocks Make Perfect Vintage Decor?

Station Clock Decor

Railway station clocks can be great decorative pieces to add aesthetics and functionality to your home. They can always add a vintage charm to your interior decor because of the reasons below:

Look Natural and Beautiful

As railway station clocks are handcrafted, made of pure wood, and perfectly assembled, they look natural and beautiful. The real wood always adds a vintage charm to your room.

The clock can also act as a focal point among all decorative pieces in a space.

Available in Diverse Styles and Designs

Railway station clocks are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Thus, you can find a clock suited to your style sense and preferences.

Be it an industrial style, Bauhaus, or Art Deco, you can find any type of railway clock that looks perfect in your home's interior decor.

Made of Different Materials

Wood veneer is one of the most common materials used to make railway station clocks. Metal and plastic are also popular options as clock materials.

You can paint metal and plastic to suit your home decor. Wooden clocks go well with wooden furniture, such as cabinets and desks.

Easy to Maintain

Besides looking awesome, railway station clocks are easy to maintain as they don't need electricity/batteries to operate. You only need to clean the clock every day by dusting it regularly with a duster spray cleaner solution or soft cloth.

You don't need to use any abrasive cleaner that may scratch off the shiny finish when wiped across surfaces too roughly. The hard wiping can cause premature wear and tear to your clock if it gets exposed too much when you clean that. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it stays a lifetime.

Unique Vintage Features

If you want to add a vintage touch to your home, a railway station clock can be a great investment. A clock's value depends on its age, history, and quality. You may find an old railway clock that is perfect but seems to be used for decades, then you should buy it.

A vintage railway station has unique characteristics that set them apart from other types of clocks. It usually has Roman numerals on its face and thinner hands than regular clocks. It may also have some kind of decorative embellishments, like gold leafing, on its face and body.

Never Goes Out of Fashion

Vintage decorative items have specific colors, styles, and patterns that were trending in the past. If you want to add a classic clock to your home interior, then you should go for a railway station clock. They have been around for centuries and will stay popular for years in the future.

If you buy a station clock today, your generation can use it as an heirloom or vintage decorative item. It is a timeless art piece that you can find in various styles and colors depending on your interests.

Where Can I Buy a Double-Sided Station Clock?

Hanging Clock

The Handmade Store sells high-quality and beautiful double-sided station clocks at great prices. Browse the latest collection of clocks to find the best product depending on your preferences and budget.

The Bottom Line

Railway station clocks are the perfect vintage decor for any home because of the reasons mentioned above. They are timeless pieces of furniture that you can add to any room of your house. As station clocks are easy to find and available at affordable prices, they are a great way to add a vintage look to your home without spending too much money.

You can use station clocks as decorative pieces or actual clocks, so they work well on your wall as they do sitting on your nightstand or mantelpiece.

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