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Things To Look For When Buying a Leather Messenger

7 Things To Look For When Buying a Leather Messenger Bag!

People usually wear leather messenger bags across their bodies with a strap on one shoulder and the bags resting on the opposite hip. They have always been high in demand among people for carrying items and traveling purposes. Plus, they look stylish and are a great combination of a briefcase and backpack, which makes them an ideal choice for traveling.

As you can find leather messenger bags in a wide variety of options, you need to consider certain factors to make the right choice. Find below the things to look for when buying a leather messenger bag:

1. Craftsmanship

Leather Messenger Making

Before buying a messenger bag, you should check its layout and material quality. You should also check if the stitching is straight without loose threads.

Make sure the handles are attached to the bag's body through metal fixtures or reinforced stitching. If handles are glued to a bag, they can get loose and come off.

2. Type of Leather

Buy a bag made of full-grain leather as it's the best leather, which looks better with years of use. It develops an exquisite patina, i.e., a sheeny and weathered look which the leather gets with aging.

The better the leather quality, the more beautiful the patina. Avoid buying bags made of bonded leather as they don't age well or have that pleasant leather smell. Such inauthentic leather products aren't worth your money.

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3. Tanning

Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are the two main tanning processes. You should know the differences between them as they affect the price. The chrome tanning process, involving chromium and other harmful chemicals, takes a couple of days, and thus, the tanned products are cheap. Whereas, vegetable tanned leather is an eco-friendly process that involves the use of natural materials.

Most vegetable-tanned leather products are thicker and harder than chrome-tanned leather ones. However, vegetable-tanned leather products get softer as the leather breaks in.

Thus, vegetable tanning works best for lavish bags. Such leather is superior to chrome-tanned leather in durability and strength. It's known for its authentic leather smell and fabulous patina.

4. Durability

The best leather messenger bags are made of the most durable material. The perfect bag should be able to hold a specific weight and shouldn't weaken if you carry that for long. So, check if a bag has enough storage space to carry your essentials, otherwise, it may tear after the first use.

Check the leather's grain when buying a bag as full-grain leather can make the most durable bags. However, top-grain leather is a more affordable option that also stays long with repeated use.

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5. Hardware

Leather Bag Hardware

A leather messenger bag's accessories include hardware and lining. Brass is good hardware as it looks attractive and rugged. The bag's lining should be stain-resistant, strong yet easy to clean. Check if the strap is attached to the bag with hard buckles/fixtures.

The lining, hardware, and exterior material of the bag should coordinate with each other to look cohesive.

You should also check the smaller details as it helps to understand the details from every bag's side. The features you should check before buying a leather messenger bag are handles, buckles, locks, shoulder strap fittings, metallic rings, and zippers.

6. Color

Colour Of Leather Messenger

Leather messenger bags are available in various colors. Black and brown are two of the most common colors of a leather bag. Black and dark brown suit a professional environment as they reflect a sense of power and authority. Tan and light brown suit a casual or relaxed working ambiance. Black goes well with outfits of all colors. Dark brown looks elegant and suits almost all outfits.

Go with a leather messenger bag in a neutral color, like black or brown. Dark colors look professional, while light colors look casual. A neutral-colored bag can suit outfits of all colors.

Avoid buying bags with over two different colors of contrasting color stitching. As these bags seem quirky, a single color can be a great choice.

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7. Style

Leather Messenger Styles

When choosing the style of a leather messenger bag, consider how frequently you will use it. Messenger bags are usually available in two styles (hard-sided and soft-sided), which are versatile, easy to carry, and durable. You should pick a style that suits your personal preferences.

Think about the style statement you want to make with your bag as its design should suit your profession.

Your bag should do what it should do regardless of its looks. The right bag helps you to make a solid style statement and create a positive impression on others.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the key things you should look for when buying a leather messenger bag. It is more versatile and less formal than a briefcase that you can carry over your shoulder or across your body to your workplace. You can also carry this bag on a casual outing. Don't compromise on the price as you may not get all these qualities mentioned above at a cheap price.

So, set your budget and then go shopping to pick the right leather messenger bag suited to your needs, and preferences.

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