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Things To Look for When Buying a Leather Duffle Bag

7 Things To Look for When Buying a Leather Duffle Bag

As traveling is quite a stressful experience, you need to carry the right bag to enjoy the trip. A leather duffle bag can be one of the best things to carry when traveling. Thus, you should buy a duffle bag if you haven't one yet.

But how to buy the perfect leather duffle bag with the availability of so many options in the marketplace? You only need to look for certain things below:

1. Weight

A leather duffle bag's weight matters when you carry it when traveling. If you travel by car/airplane, heavier bags aren't allowed on board as they can hurt people if they fall when getting loaded onto an airplane as checked luggage. If you travel by public transportation, like a train or bus, then you should buy a light and easy-to-carry leather duffle bag as that won't strain your back like heavy bags.

Look for a smaller and lightweight bag if you want to carry it always. To pack heavy stuff in your leather duffle bag and take it on long trips, get a larger bag with extra support for additional weight.

2. Size

The size of a bag also matters when you carry it for work purposes. Check if a leather duffle bag is big enough to help you carry all your clothes and stuff. Ensure the bag isn't so large to occupy massive space in your office.

Plus, it shouldn't create difficulties when carrying from one place to another on your shoulder.

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3. Type of Leather

Full-grain Leather Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is made of different types of leather. You should choose leather depending on your budget and frequency of usage. Touch the leather to feel its texture. If you want a durable and long-lasting bag at an affordable price, choose full-grain leather as it develops a patina and gets better with repeated use and aging.

4. Tanning

Learn the leather tanning process implemented to make the duffle bag. Chrome-tanned leather products are easily available. But, vegetable-tanned products are natural and manufactured in an eco-friendly manner.

Vegetable tanning always adds durability to your leather duffle bag. If you find a vegetable-tanned leather bag that smells pleasant, go for it.

5. Stitching

Leather Duffle Stitching

Check the stitching on a leather duffle bag to ensure the leather has been stitched tightly and sewn using thick thread. Look for a strong stitch as that extends your bag's longevity since it won't break/rip.

If you see any loose stitches or parts with no stitching, the bag is a poor-quality product. So, you should not buy it.

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6. Straps and Handles

A shoulder strap helps you to carry your leather duffle bag on one shoulder/across your body depending on the type of straps. A leather duffle bag with handles is easier to carry than a bag without straps. If you want to carry a bag that is versatile enough to cover your shoulder and keep both hands free, buy a leather duffle bag with handles and a detachable shoulder strap.

7. Hardware

Leather Duffle Hardware

Your leather duffle bag should have high-quality hardware, otherwise, you will have issues with it breaking and making your bag non-functional. Ensure the bag's hardware is easy to use and clean.

It shouldn't get stuck easily on any fabric/clothing when you are traveling in a crowded area like an airplane.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some things to look out for while buying a leather duffle bag. Go for leather that suits your style, think about the stitching of your bag, and consider the size and weight of your leather duffle bag and hardware (i.e., zippers, straps, and buckles). Look inside the bag to see which compartments you can use.

You can find diverse leather duffle bags on the market, but they won’t all be perfect for your needs. You should always try to get your hands on the product before buying it so that you can check out its quality in person.

This way you’ll be able to make sure that the leather is soft enough or thick enough for your purposes, and also make sure there aren’t any flaws in construction or design that could cause problems down the road. Keep the points mentioned above in your mind to make the right choice.

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