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Best Leather Messenger Bag And Who Makes Them

What Is The Best Leather Messenger Bag And Who Makes Them?

Leather messengers have been around for centuries. Over the past few years, these timeless classics have become a normal part of the modern ensemble. The modern messenger is both functional and stylish.

What is a Leather Messenger Bag?

What Is Leather Messenger Bag?

A leather messenger is a piece of luggage that is easy to carry around with many useful features. The versatility and ease of use make it quite appealing for daily travel.

Leather messengers are quite versatile. The modern-day messenger has many useful pockets and compartments. These bags are crafted to accommodate all necessary conveniences including phones and laptops.

The leather material improves the usefulness of the messenger. Leather is suited for all weather and is quite durable. So, travelling with a leather messenger is quite convenient.

How did Leather Messengers Become Famous?

Leather Messenger Bags Orgin

The history of the messenger dates back several centuries. It was quite popular among couriers and postmen who used it to carry mail and parcels. The original messenger was usually made from cloth and was much larger than the modern ones.

The story of the modern messenger begins in the 1950s with a company called De Martini Globe Canvas. This company started producing messenger bags for telephone linemen. These bags were used to hold tools and other items such as lunch.

The messenger was also quite popular among bike couriers. By the 1980s the messenger had become very compact much like the modern-day ones. More pockets and zippers became hallmarks of the messenger. Leather was adopted as the material of choice due to its durability.

Over the past few decades, leather messengers have become both fashionable and practical.

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Difference between a Messenger Bag and a Briefcase

On the surface, a messenger and a briefcase might look the same except for the material used. But a closer look can reveal that the two are quite different. The briefcase which was the symbol of the business world is fast being replaced by the messenger.

A messenger bag has several practical features. Dedicated space for laptops and accessories is quite popular in messengers. Several pockets and zippers are also available for various items. Straps and handles offer convenience in carrying. The different materials of choice also make the messenger quite appealing and stylish.

The briefcase is a study and rigid piece of luggage meant to be carried in hand. Its original intent was to carry documents in without causing any damage to the paper. A desirable feature of briefcases is the locking mechanism. Briefcases are known for having some of the most elaborate and secure locks of any piece of luggage.

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5 Things That Make Leather Messengers the Best in the World


Leather is one of the toughest materials for any sort of luggage. Leather messengers are quite rugged and have a certain amount of rigidity as well. If maintained well, leather messengers can last several lifetimes.


Leather messengers are known for being compact yet practical. 15 to 16-inch leather messengers are quite popular today. The dimensions of these bags are convenient enough to accommodate most laptops.

Pockets and internal compartments for accessories are also desirable features in messengers.


Leather messengers are known to come in several shades of brown. The subtle details within each shade are quite appealing. The distinct brown colors of the leather tend to stand out in any condition.


Leather messengers come in different textures. Depending on the type of leather you can find intricate patterns in the texture. Leather messengers are usually designed to look either distressed or vintage.

Both vintage and distressed-looking messengers are quite appealing today. Since leather develops a great patina with use, these textures are well-complemented.

Type of Leather

Several types of leather are used in making bags of all sorts. The most desired type of leather is full grain. This is the entire skin of the animal and is quite tough. Full-grain leather has a natural pattern that is quite exquisite.

Full-grain leather is quite durable and is usable in any weather. Once waxed, full-grain leather can resist water as well.

Who makes the Best Leather Messenger?

The Handmade Store is home to some of the finest leather messenger you can find. Our messengers are made from quality full-grain leather. Our artisans practice ancient tanning and stitching techniques passed on through generations.

You can find the best messengers crafted to suit your tastes and needs at our store. Modern waxing techniques and polishing ensure that the messengers get the best finish. We have an extensive collection of messengers with unique designs from across the world.

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