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9 Affordable Leather Messenger Bags for 15 Inch Laptop

Do you have a 15-inch laptop and want a good bag to carry it safely? A leather messenger bag can be a great purchase because of its durability and design. When buying a messenger bag, you may feel confused when choosing the type of leather. You need to decide if you want your laptop messenger bag to be made of pure leather, top-grain, or full-grain leather.

If you buy original leather messenger bags, you get what you pay for. A full-grain laptop bag usually costs from $300 to $500. The maximum price can be approximately $1000.

The price of full-grain designer leather bags ranges from 120$ to $250$, depending on their type. But, they stay for at least 30 years! We offer full grain leather bags at a very affordable price range of $140 to $180.

When it comes to buying your laptop bag, the fabric's durability matters a lot, which makes leather better than any other material. You carry your laptop bag almost every day and the durable yet light material is always capable of protecting your device from any sort of external attack

Besides protecting your laptop, a leather messenger bag also reflects your personality. It can be a great accessory to show off your style.

What Type of Leather Makes Leather Messenger Bags Durable?

Leather Messenger At Affordable Price

You can find attractive leather messenger bags made of different types of leather. Thus, you tend to find it tough to choose the right leather.

Our full-grain cowhide bags are pricey and last very long as we use vegetable-tanned full-grain leather. They look rugged, have an interior leather lining, emit no leather smell, prevent scratches and stay for 10 to 15 years depending on your usage.

Premium full-grain leather bags are much more expensive than regular laptop bags. This type of leather is famous worldwide because of its endurance and longevity. Such leather bags age beautifully and look amazing when you carry them. They also look rugged, are water-resistant, have an interior lining, and last for a lifetime.

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Many brands use goat leather to manufacture and sell bags at a cheap price. But, don't buy goat leather bags as they don't last long. Some manufacturers use poorly tanned leather, which emits an unpleasant acrid odor.

All our leather messenger bags smell pleasant and come with durable straps and interior canvas lining.

How Thick Should a Leather Messenger Bag Be?

The ounces of a leather messenger bag's weight refers to thickness. 1 ounce is equal to 1/64th of an inch. Thus, 3oz. the leather patch is 3/64th of an inch. An 8oz. leather is 1/8th of an inch thick of veg-tanned full-grain leather. A leather messenger bag with such a thickness is beefy in more ways rather than being excessively heavy.

Cowhide is tough leather and can carry heavyweight. Thus, it is the perfect leather for your messenger bag to carry your 15" laptop for a long distance.

9 best leather messenger bags for 15 inch laptop

1. Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag

Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag

As this bag is made of full-grain leather, it is the strongest and the most durable bag available in the marketplace. A full-grain leather messenger bag comes with multiple compartments, such as an interior walled zipper pocket, an outside rear zipper pocket, and a laptop sleeve.

This leather messenger bag is comfortable, fashionable, and opulent. They look better as they grow older. If you are on the go almost throughout the year and find it tough to carry heavy suitcases for a single-day conference, get this bag to carry your laptop.

2. Cowhide Leather Briefcase for Men

Cowhide Leather Briefcase For Men

Cowhide leather is distressed with amazing enhancement techniques for long-term usage. If you want to enhance your official look, you should buy a cowhide leather briefcase for men. As professionals handcraft this bag, this exceptional patio bag is worth every penny you invest.

Since this briefcase for men is made of high-quality cowhide leather, it can be your go-to for a meeting or any formal occasion. As this bag is paddy from the inside, it can always protect your 15" laptop on the go.

3. Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

This dark brown leather laptop bag, which looks antique and classy, is made of 100% genuine full-grain leather and looks antique and classy. Carry this laptop bag to add a sophisticated touch to your look.

The bag looks distressed, which many men and women love. As the bag has a sufficient amount of space, you can keep your laptop organized and carry it safely anywhere.

4. Rugged Leather Briefcase

Rugged Leather Briefcase

When you carry a rugged leather briefcase, you stand out in the corporate sector. This bag is made of full-grain leather and is spacious enough to keep your 15" laptop bag and important files. Its adjustable leather strap and handle help to carry your belongings easily.

As the zippers are made of top-notch metal, they won't break. You get the feel of being a gentleman because of the bag's rugged look.

5. Light Brown Leather Satchel

Chestnut Brown Leather Satchel

The chestnut brown color of a leather satchel looks good with almost all types of outfits. This tan leather satchel bag can be your workspace in a compact form. It is made of full-grain leather and offers a lot of features.

You can safely store your essentials in different compartments. As the zippers are as sturdy, you can carry your 15" laptop in this light brown leather satchel even on your trips.

6. Vintage Tan Leather Briefcase

Vintage Tan Leather Briefcase

If you like the tan look, you should buy this vintage leather briefcase. With numerous compartments, it is perfect for traveling purposes. The zippers are made of a premium quality material.

The vintage tan briefcase is made of full-grain leather which stays for years. You can reflect your unique sense of style by carrying this laptop bag.

7. Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Vintage Mens Leather Messenger Bag

A vintage black leather messenger bag is perfect for both men and women. It is made of full-grown leather and has different compartments to store papers, notes, and files separately.

This leather crossbody bag is quite flexible and comfortable because of the strap that is adjustable for approximately 55 inches. The leather of your laptop messenger bag ages beautifully and looks good even after years of wear and tear. This bag is the perfect pick for frequent commuters or travelers or any person who is always on the go or heading towards work.

8. Distressed Leather Briefcase

Distressed Brown Leather Briefcase

If you want to capture maximum attention, carry this leather briefcase for your 15" laptop. The distressed leather adds a touch of elegance to your look. It is made of pure full-grown leather which lasts a lifetime and gets better with aging.

You can use this leather briefcase for years because of the heavy-duty leather. The compartments, including front and internal pockets, are spacious enough to carry your 15" laptop. The adjustable strap and the top handle make this bag extremely comfortable to carry. The graded material increases the longevity of your laptop bag.

The pure and smooth leather adds an authentic touch and increases the lifespan of your distressed leather briefcase. It never deteriorates in quality, rather gets better with aging. Thus, it can be a lifetime investment.

9. Antique Brown Leather Briefcase

Antique Brown Leather Briefcase

Carry this antique brown leather briefcase to your office and business meetings to make a great impression on others. The rugged look and texture stay for years because of the leather's durability and longevity. As cowhide is a sturdy leather, this briefcase can carry heavy objects easily.

So, you can use the leather briefcase to carry a 15-inch laptop for a long distance. The brown leather briefcase looks antique but fulfills all modern requirements. The padded internal compartments keep your laptop safe from external attacks when you travel. The rich grain leather's texture, distressed brown color, and polished brass hardware make a great combination.

Besides looking good, the leather ages gracefully and is resistant to water because of which it stays lifelong.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the best leather messenger bags you can buy to carry your 15" laptop. The Handmade Store sells these leather bags at an affordable price. Browse our collection, check the features and pick the bag you like the most.

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