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Where Can I Buy A Genuine Leather Messenger Bag? - The Handmade Store

Where Can I Buy A Genuine Leather Messenger Bag?

At the handmade store, we have a barrage of options to choose from. We are in the handmade business for a while and we know the real worth of leather. We have a wide range of greatly diverse leather products and each product has its distinct feature.

What is a messenger bag?

If you’ve been following your favourite artist for a while, you don’t need the definition for the drip. Any leather bag like messenger bag has become the new style. These bags go around your shoulder and sit right next to your waist to make your essentials even handier for you.

Now imagine having the same level of comfort of keeping your stuff handy and safe with a little bit more class. When you add leather to this product it just gives it a while another look.

A leather messenger bag is more exquisite than any other messenger bag out there.

Why choose genuine leather for your messenger bag?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a messenger bag that is made from leather. Genuine leather bags stand out from the masses. These leather bags are very soft and supple when felt.

Genuine leather aligns with the style of a messenger bag as it’s very convenient to use on daily basis. The genuine leather can absorb moisture and yet more breathable material.

Genuine leather does not smell when they collect moisture. These bags are mostly naturally tanned that’s the reason why they are very brilliant with every condition. The most distinct feature of genuine leather is that it is very strong and highly resilient.

Goat Leather Vs. Cowhide for messenger bags

Cowhide vs. Goat Leather

Before we start the comparison. Every leather material has its flaws, it’s just that built in a certain way. Starting with goat, goat hide is a type of leather made from the hide of goats. It's strong, durable, flexible, and can last for times with proper conservation and care. Indeed cowhide is enough strong, durable, and flexible.

Goat Leather is constantly used in particular accessories and lower leather goods, primarily due to the lower side of the goat beast, compared to larger bovine hides. Cowhide is the type of leather as it can be imaged in a multitude of colours and have multitudinous finishes applied so that it resembles other further fantastic types of leather.

Cowhide leather is the swish quality of leather available and multitudinous environmental delegates regard the grade of leather produced also to climate and conditions. whereas, Goatskin leather is loved for its soft texture and strictness.

Unlike commodities manufactured out of other beast skin, analogous as cow skin, those made of goatskin are not stiff. Despite being soft, goat leather is known for its strength. This gives it excellent quality to be used to make bags, shoes, belts, and other small leather goods.

To which we conclude that cowhide is more durable and classy for messenger bags.

5 things to look for while choosing a leather messenger bag

Leather Messenger Bags

1. Space

Every bag should have an ample amount of space. We know leather messenger bags are made for stuff like books and laptops. There should be an ample amount of space to at least fit your essentials.

2. Design

The design of the bag should be very distinct and out of the box. At the handmade store, we make sure we change and experiment with our bags.

3. Construction

Your runner should be erected faultlessly with high-quality leather. The leather used to draft this bag is of superior quality that gets better over time. Also, the stitching on this bag has been done veritably perfectly. You get a good quality leather bag by its high-quality. That means if you look nearly you might discover minor natural blights.

4. Color

Black and dark brown are best suited for professional surroundings. They pout a sense of rule and power. Tan and lighter brown go well with a more casual or relaxed working air. This makes this bag a perfect pick for meetings and small passages for forums.

5. Style

Always go for a bag that makes you look up to the minute. In the end, every bag served the purpose of looking good and chic.

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Who makes the best leather messenger bags?

We have an answer to this question. There are plenty of leather bag makers over the world. We at the handmade store have looked upon every little detail that a customer looks into.

Our leather experts and makers have more than a decade full of experience that has let us deliver stacks of love to our customers. Our customers truly cherish the leather experience that we deliver.

You can discover a range of amazing leather goods in our store. From messenger bags to duffle bags we have it all. In conclusion, these bags are to be tried and experienced.

Checkout our collection of best leather messenger bags

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