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Vintage Leather Duffle Bag for Sale

7 Vintage Leather Duffle Bag for Sale

When you've outgrown backpacks and briefcases, duffle bags are the way to go. Duffle bags have a timeless charm about them. The practicality is quite desirable as well.

Leather duffles are much sought after. Such duffle bags are durable and weather resistant. Each leather duffle bag is unique due to the difference in markings and creases. This provides a bag that you can cherish for years.

What is Vintage Leather?

Vintage leather can be defined either based on its age or character. When it comes to age, you should look for anything between 20 and 100 years old. Leather is known for developing an exquisite patina as it ages. This is a desirable quality that makes leather look rustic.

The patina is the defining element of vintage leather. Anything crafted from either full-grain or top-grain leather is capable of developing this. The weathered, worn-out look can be seen in new leather wares as well which emulate the vintage look.

How to Make Your Leather Products Look Vintage?

How to make leather look vintage

As with everything vintage, the easiest way to make leather look vintage is with regular use. Wearing out the leather is the best way to make it vintage. This is a time-consuming process though, so here are a few tips for faster results.

  • Rub it with Alcohol

Alcohol makes everything seem better no matter how you use it. This applies well to creating vintage leather. A dab of alcohol can produce that vintage look. Don't overdo it though.

  • Sanding

When creating a distressed leather product sandpaper works wonders. For tougher products like bags, you can sand the edges to create a vintage look.

  • Go for a Dirt Bath

A dirt massage is often enough to give your leather product a vintage look. You can use a brush to produce the vintage effect.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Vintage Leather?

Vintage leather tends to smell funky. While this is part of the vintage element, getting rid of most of the smell makes it more usable. Cleaners can get it done in a jiffy but burn a hole in your pocket. Here are a few DIY tips to make your vintage leather product odor-free.

  • Air-it-out

Sometimes good exposure to good old sunlight and air is more than enough. On a sunny day, you can place your leather ware outside for a few hours.

  • Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a universal cleaning agent. Its cleaning properties and mildness are ideal to clean any leather-based product. You can place the product in a box and place an open cup of baking soda alongside. 24 hours of this treatment can produce great results.

  • Oil-based Cleaners

There are many oil-based cleaning solutions out there including soaps and detergents. You can use a mild cleaning agent to clean the exteriors and interiors of your leather bag or jacket. Try to be careful as too much solution can damage the leather.

7 Best Vintage Duffle Bags for Sale

1. Men's Tan Leather Holdall

Men's Tan Leather Holdall

This holdall is ideal for long trips. The full-grain leather features some intricate stitchwork. The tan-brown color complements the texture well. You can find some subtle patina around the holdall which adds to the vintage element.

This holdall has enough external pockets for easy access. The carry handles on this bag are quite convenient. It also comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap.

2. Vintage Leather Holdall

 Vintage Leather Holdall

If you are looking for a compact holdall with a deceiving amount of interior space this is the choice to go for. This hand stitched bag is loaded with features to suit all your needs.

The dark brown color of this holdall highlights the leather's grain pattern. The brass hardware is well crafted to complement the leather. This holdall also comes with a leather luggage tag.

3. Rugged Leather Duffle Bag

Rugged Leather Duffle Bag

For a rough and tough outing, this duffle bag is the ideal companion. This rugged leather bag features an impressive patina that screams vintage.

The sturdy brass hardware complements the rugged look. Dedicated external pockets are available for all items including key documents.

4. High-Quality Leather Duffle Bag

High-Quality Leather Duffle Bag

This leather duffle bag is crafted for use in all situations. The sleek design creates an element of intrigue. The bright brown color is quite elegant. The duffle comes with a convenient strap and leather handles.

The duffle features a single large front pocket with buckle straps. Two zippers placed in strategic positions add to the element of intrigue.

5. Leather Motorcycle Duffle Bag

Leather Motorcycle Duffle Bag

For those that enjoy adventure, this duffle is the ideal companion. This bag is convenient to carry and load onto your bike. The shoulder strap is quite convenient. Two sturdy leather straps ensure your bag is secured onto your bike at any speed.

A single drawstring allows easy access to your belongings and ensures safety. You can also carry this duffle like a briefcase using a convenient bag handle.

6. Leather Garment Duffle Bag

Leather Garment Duffle Bag

This is an all-purpose duffle for all occasions. The full-grain leather is quite elegant with a great patina. The rustic brown color goes well with the vintage texture. The buckles and straps create a rustic look as well.

The interior of this duffle is made from canvas and has a dedicated compartment for shoes. There is a large front compartment with easy access.

7. Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

This duffle is ideal for weekend getaways. This is a very practical duffle with many features to suit all your needs. The rich full-grain cowhide is quite exquisite with a rustic brown shade.

Zippered external pockets on all four sides ensure ease of access to essentials. You can carry this duffle with ease using a detachable shoulder strap.

How to Clean a Vintage Leather Duffle Bag?

Cleaning Vintage Leather

Leather is one of the most durable materials used for bags. You need to take good care of your leather bag to ensure it stays durable. Proper maintenance can save you the trouble of having to repair your prized luggage. Here are a few tips you can follow.

  • Having a habit of wiping your leather duffle can help a lot. Try wiping the duffle at regular intervals at least once every few days. Even if you haven't used the duffle in a while wiping it will avoid any dust or moisture build-up.
  • For a regular wash, you can use mild soap. Dampen your cloth in the solution and apply it to the leather. Be careful when going for the nooks and corners as soap could build up in these places and cause damage in the long run.
  • To remove grime and stains you can use some chalk powder. Using powdered chalk on stains and letting it sit overnight can help remove stains. This method also helps avoid the use of any liquids.

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