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Best Leather Bags for MacBook Pro 15 inch

9 Best Leather Bags for MacBook Pro (15 inches)

A MacBook Pro is as sleek as it is efficient. Apple's flagship computer though deserves a little TLC when it comes to transportation. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right bag for your MacBook Pro 15.

Leather bags are the choice to go with when it comes to laptops. With leather, you get many choices and designs along with features unique to the material.

Why Choose a Leather Bag for a MacBook Pro?

MacBooks irrespective of their size are known for being compact. Macs are easy to carry around. And a bag that you'll be using to carry such a device around must be compact as well.

The weight of the bag is a factor you'll need to consider too. Durability and design are also aspects that make up the ideal bag for your MacBook. Leather to this end offers all the desired traits.

Leather bags come in different shapes and sizes allowing you the freedom of choice. The many varied designs and patterns of leather will make hunting for a bag a delight as well.

Leather's durability and water-resistant nature make it the safest choice for any laptop. When it comes to leather though toughness is a major factor. Full-grain leather is the best choice for a reliable and durable laptop bag.

9 Leather MacBook Pro Bags (for 15 inches and 13 inches)

1. Full-Grain Leather Mac Book Pro Bag

Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag

Messengers are always in style and are quite handy to carry around. This leather messenger is filled to the brim with handy pockets and compartments. This full-grain messenger is veg-tanned with a smooth finish on all edges.

This leather messenger is compact with dimensions of 11.5 (H) x 16 (W) x 5 (D). The internal padded compartment is spacious enough to house a 15-inch MacBook with ease. A handy shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around.

2. Cowhide Leather Briefcase for Men

 Cowhide Leather Briefcase for Men

This leather briefcase is ideal for office trips. The distressed brown color complements the full-grain cowhide texture well. This briefcase is well-crafted with enrichment techniques to improve durability.

The interior of this leather briefcase is quite cozy with polyester fabric. The briefcase features two internal padded compartments. Ideal for carrying MacBooks, this briefcase also has zippered external compartments for accessories.

3. Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

This rustic-looking laptop bag is bound to class up your travel ensemble. This leather bag is made from full-grain leather with a distressed finish. The brass metal hardware complements the dark brown color quite well.

This Laptop bag is crafted for both style and convenience. This is ideal for those of you that carry your Mac everywhere you go. The interior cushioning ensures safety while the external zippers improve practicality.

4. Rugged Leather Briefcase

Rugged Leather Briefcase

Ideal for corporate life, this leather briefcase is a cut above the rest. Practical yet chic, this briefcase is reminiscent of the business world of yesteryear. The coffee-brown shade is the right color to bring out the intricate detail of the grain leather.

Space is something you'll never run out of with this rugged briefcase. There are five compartments each serving its own purpose. You can house a Mac of any dimension in this briefcase.

5. Vintage Tan Leather Briefcase

Vintage Tan Leather Briefcase

For those looking for a chic alternative to office bags, this briefcase is ideal. The full-grain tan leather is breathable making it useful for all items. The vintage buckle straps add to this briefcase's retro look.

The 12 (H)x16(W)x4(D) dimensions make this bag spacious enough to carry a Mac of any dimension. The shoulder strap on this hand-stitched briefcase is a nice addition.

6. Distressed Leather Macbook Backpack

Distressed Leather Laptop Backpack

You can now enjoy the convenience of a backpack with a vintage feel. The full-grain cowhide looks exquisite with the distressed brown color. A vintage-style thread that serves as the zipper completes the rustic look.

This backpack is quite durable with industrial-strength thread work. The interior compartment is quite spacious and large enough to house a15-inch Mac. Many side pockets improve the usefulness of this backpack.

7. Antique Leather Briefcase For Macbook

Antique Brown Leather Briefcase

This antique brown briefcase is ideal for all sorts of travel. From the office to the countryside, this briefcase is built for any situation. The unique brown color is quite intriguing.

The handle on this briefcase is well-positioned on hooks for convenience. The two internal compartments are padded quite well to secure your Mac. There are two spacious front pockets for any accessories and essentials.

8. Vintage Men's Leather Messenger Bag

Vintage Men's Leather Messenger Bag

This compact leather messenger is ideal for carrying your Mac around with ease. The full-grain leather is quite exquisite. The rich brown color is bound to make you stand out wherever you go.

The features of this bag are designed for ease of use. Instead of buckles and zippers, you get convenient magnetic buttons. This messenger is ideal for compact Macs which you can access with ease. Built for life on the go, this bag has a handy shoulder strap as well.

9. Rustic Leather Satchel

 Rustic Leather Satchel

This leather satchel is built to suit the tastes of the discriminating professional. This satchel is both rustic and sturdy and made from heavy-duty leather. The material can withstand any weather as well.

Despite being quite compact, this satchel is capable of housing a MacBook with ease. There are a couple of external front pockets for chargers and accessories. The shoulder strap is quite durable and a briefcase handle makes this satchel easy to carry.

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