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What is Full Grain Leather

What is Full Grain Leather and Why is it Special?

Full grain is the sturdiest and most durable part of the animal hide, which is immediately below the hair. It has more natural features because of not being sanded and snuffed like corrected grain.

The leather has high durability and fiber strength and ages gracefully as its surface stays intact before the surface coating application. Full grain leather usually has an aniline finish that dyes/stains the leather still the natural grain shows through and keeps breathing. It is worldwide popular and used to manufacture numerous products because of its ethereal charm and extraordinary qualities.

Want to know what is full grain leather and why it's special? Keep reading this post to learn the most important things about this leather.

What Does Full Grain Leather Mean?

What is full grain leather?

Full grain leather means that the marital hide surface is without grain print. It should be from the hide's topmost layer, i.e., top grain, so the natural surface stays the same.

This leather is much more expensive as the natural imperfections and marks aren't covered up and thus, high-quality raw hides are necessary. So, all full grain leather is a top grain but not all top grain leather is full grain.

What Makes Full Grain Leather Special?

Full grain leather is valuable because of its excellent properties, like the animal hide's natural beauty, which shows all defects and scratches. As this leather is hard and durable, it is perfect to be used for bags and furniture as they stay for many years. It gets more beautiful with aging because of developing a rich patina.

Wrinkles are likely to disappear as the top color processes cover such properties. Full grain leather with aniline plus/semi-aniline has fewer breathability properties depending on the top coats and application of color agents.

How to Identify Full Grain Leather?

Full grain leather is the leather, which hasn't been sanded in the tanning process. Thus, you should look closely at the leather to see if you can find traces of sanding. Tanneries use drums to remove animal hairs and hide imperfections, such as holes, skin moles, hairs, and scars. So, look at the leather to find such defects.

Touch the leather to check if it's smooth and soft. Full grain leather is premium leather that is made of soft and nice skin parts with no defects. Full grain made leather products stay for years. If the leather starts looking poor after months of use, it is a correct grain leather.

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Is Full Grain Leather Waterproof?

Is Full Grain Leather Waterproof?

Full grain leather is the most water-resistant leather as it is made of the toughest exterior parts of the animal hide. Full-grain leather is not fully waterproof in its raw form. The application of wax and spray makes the leather water-resistant.

Does Full Grain Leather Peel?

Full grain leather is the first kind of leather, which doesn't peel. As full-grain leather is made of the hide's outermost layer, it is the best quality leather available in the marketplace. It is sturdy and durable leather that is naturally resistant to moisture.

When you care for and maintain full-grain leather perfectly, it stays for many years without peeling. If you clean the leather with a mild soap solution, it can stay long without peeling. You can also use a conditioner to keep your leather supple and soft.

Does Full Grain Leather Scratch Easily?

Full grain Leather Scratch

Yes, full-grain leather will always get scratches from the wear and tear of animals' activities, like insect bites. The leading manufacturers don't use hides with common defects. However, even the finest hides will have some imperfections, which adds uniqueness to all leather products.

Does Full Grain Leather Stretch?

Full-grain leather is quite flexible but doesn't stretch much after a period. It is made of the hide's outermost layer full of dense fibers, which are tightly bound and don't stretch much.

How Does Full Grain Leather Last?

Full-grain leather is the most durable and one of the best leather available in the marketplace. highest quality and the most durable. If you take the right care, it can stay over five times longer than other materials and can last even for decades and a century depending on how you use the product. Full-grain leather can stay the longest if you take its proper care.

How Thick is Full Grain Leather?

Full Grain Leather Thickness

Full grain leather's thickness depends on how it was made and for which purposes. As tanned hides are typically divided into two or more sheets, it is a factor that contributes to the leather's thickness. The tenacity of full-grain leather depends on the fiber structure's tightness. The lower leather cuts are less considerable because of the looser fiber layout.

How to Care for Full Grain Leather?

Taking care of full grain leather

Mild cleaning can always work when it comes to cleaning full-grain leather. Use warm water, mild soap, and a soft microfiber cloth. Rub the leather lightly with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water to remove dirt and oil stains. Let it dry naturally without using dryers and heaters as they can warp and fade the leather. Then, use a conditioner/leather cream to keep the leather waterproof and supple.

Wipe away immediately spills/smudges to keep your leather look pristine. You can also clean your product with a little damp cloth, water, and soap frequently to remove marks caused by natural oils. Apply a good leather cream to restore the material's original charm. Rub the cream with a soft cloth until all the marks get removed completely.

All full-grain leather gets marks and blemishes because of being a natural material. The little color change, which is the outcome of aging and repeated use, is called patina. The increasing beauty with aging is what makes this leather desirable. But you can retain its original beauty with the care and maintenance tips above.

Is Aniline Leather Full Grain?

Yes, aniline leather is full grain. It is dyed in the tannery drum rather than applying pigment after the tanning process. It is the most natural leather, which is made of the finest raw material and is often called “Full Grain” or “Top Grain” leather.

Is Full Grain Leather Genuine Leather?

Full Grain Leather Vs Genuine Leather

Full-grain leather is genuine leather. However, sellers won't claim to be selling genuine leather as they know the differences. Full grain leather is considered to be the best in the market as it is the full hide, and not sanded/corrected and compromised in any way. You can buy this highest quality grade of leather, which is made from the top layer of the hide and contains all natural grains.

Is Nappa Leather Full Grain?

Nappa leather, the real material, is full grain. As the surface has not been modified except for removing hair, it retains the original texture and blemishes.

Is Nubuck Full Grain Leather?

Nubuck is top-grain leather, which has been buffed on its exterior side, the hide's side on which the animal's hair grew. Nubuck can also be made of full-grain leather. As nubuck is made from the hide's strong outer layer, it is much more durable than suede.

The Bottomline

So, that's all you should know about full-grain leather. Hopefully, this post helped you in understanding why this leather is special because of its excellent property. Thus, full-grain leather can always be worth the investment.

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