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10 Products To Give Your Home Interiors A Vintage Look

What is vintage style interior design?

Trying to define "Vintage Interior Design," it is a style of decorating the interiors of your home in the style of what the glamour was like in the 1940's era. Many of us make the mistake of associating the term "vintage" with something that is now obsolete and belongs to the past. The past, on the other hand, can be linked to a specific period, and that is the end of World War II. These designs are elegant, awfully antique, and reflect a graceful period in the history of influences.

The Vintage style originated in France and quickly spread to many artistic fields, including music, fashion, and interior design. The design movement is relatively new, but it has already established itself as a significant rival to another movement in design decisions.

Vintage has graceful characteristics such as femininity and elegance. It also has an indescribable antiquity charm, such as the patina on the vintage brass candlestick. This style necessitates not only antique furniture, fabrics, or dishes, but also a unique master's approach and skills. It should be a grandeur expert in this field.

Vintage has recently gained popularity. As a result, some manufacturers sell artificially aged furniture. In many stores, you can find little frayed metal household items, wooden surfaces with cracked paint, and slightly greenish copper.

Why use vintage pieces in interior design?

There are many reasons as to why people are obsessed with vintage pieces, but I am here to tell you why it is a good idea to gave a few vintages pieces in your décor. Apart from the feeling of nostalgia it offers a lot more.

Tells a unique story

Every piece of vintage piece, passed down or bought from antique shops, has unique story behind it. Many vintage enthusiasts buy vintage pieces in search of the story. The period it was made and where it has been adds to the character of the piece.

This story attracts many. Discovering the object's remarkable history adds to the thrill and makes us appreciate it even more.

Easy on your wallet

Vintage pieces can cost from a dime to a fortune, depending on what you are looking for. Owning famous vintage pieces is not necessary. You just need good taste and know where to look at.

At The Handmade Store, you will find rare vintage pieces at affordable prices. You might get end up buying exquisite vintage pieces for a reasonable price. The important thing is that they still old value and superiority in the way they were built.

Safe for the planet

We always try to do the right thing and use only safe materials and practises but no matter how hard, new products continue to feed the consumerist beast.

Choosing vintage, on the other hand, entails making use of what is already available. It entails paying homage to the craftsmen of yesteryear and embracing quality that has withstood the test of time.

We are not only recycling, but we are also getting our hands on furniture that will last for decades, putting less strain on landfills.


While mass-produced furniture shaped the industry landscape, our individual tastes began to fade. But we had no idea how uniform our homes had become until we opened our doors to social media.

Vintage furniture can be an effective ally in the fight against monotony. These pieces are not only rare and, in some cases, one-of-a-kind, but they also allow you to experiment and personalize. A drab thrift find can be transformed into a collectible with a fresh coat of paint or a simple upholstery job.

How do I upgrade my vintage home interior decorations?

There are numerous ways to incorporate vintage home decorations into your personal design style. Trends in interior design repeat themselves over time, making certain elements – such as vintage accents – timeless.

Do you want to add some vintage flair to your indoor space? Here are a few ideas for decorating with vintage items:

Keep it light with rattan

Rattan furniture and accessories are gaining popularity in interior design because of the versatile, laid-back aesthetic they create. Vintage rattan chairs, accent tables, light fixtures, and shelves are great ways to incorporate a natural element into a room.

Because rattan is so durable, it is ideal for adding vintage furniture to your space, regardless of its age or use.

Add luxury with velvet

    Vintage velvet furnishings add instant luxury to any room, and velvet is a surprisingly versatile material. A velvet chair, stool, or bench purchased at an estate sale is a great addition to any space, regardless of design style.

    If you can't find any vintage furniture, try incorporating velvet into your design with more modern furniture and accessories.

    Go for contrasting curves

      A lot of modern decor has clean lines and geometric shapes, so incorporating some vintage curves into a design can provide a nice contrast that pulls the room together. Much of the popular furniture from the 1960s and 1970s had softer edges and more rounded shapes that work well with modern pieces with hard angles. As a starting point, consider using curved-shaped accessories or wall art.

      10 Best Vintage Interior Home Products

      Here are a few one-of-the-kind pieces you can use to include that vintage touch in your interior design style.

      1. Vintage Gramophone

      • Antique And Vintage Gramophone

      Our artisans handcrafted this antique gramophone. It is brown in colour and measures 15 inches by 16 inches by 25 inches. The artisans handcrafted authentic antique carves into the solid season wood base. The horn is made of copper and bears a floral design.

      It is designed to look like a vintage HMV Gramophone Phonograph Record from around 1908. This would be a great addition to a farmhouse or vintage-style home. A conversation piece that attracts your guests because it is so unique and unusual to see gramophones as décor today. You can put it in your study or office as a decorative piece.

      2. Floor Standing Grandfather Clock

      • Floor Standing Grandfather Clock

      This grandfather clock on a stand is ideal for a vintage-inspired interior design. This clock has a rustic feel thanks to its wooden stands and brass finishes.

      It can liven up a drab corner of your home. You can surround it with small planters. The clock's rustic brown colour will go well with the greens. The clock is removable and can be hung on the wall.

      In addition, you can change the height of the clock to suit your needs. It has a large dial with roman numbers against a white background. The stand's wooden colour and the roman number on the dial make it an ideal decor piece for antique style decor.

      3. Antique Double Sided Hanging clock

      • Antique Double Sided Hanging Clock

      It's an antique double-sided hanging clock that was painstakingly handcrafted by our local artisans. The metal used is a long-lasting golden brass. It's a great addition to living rooms and porches.

      The design is based on the terminal wall clock at New York's Grand Central Terminal. It has a vintage finish, making it ideal for vintage interior design. It measures 10 inches in diameter.

      The dial is in large roman numbers, giving it a retro appearance. The brass is delicately engraved with floral designs. This would make an excellent focal point in your home.

      4. Hollywood Director Spotlight Floor Lamp

      • Hollywood Director Spotlight Floor Lamp

      This is a high-quality brass floor lamp with a teak wood spotlight. It's a lamp inspired by Hollywood directors. The spotlight has an 8-inch diameter. It is built with a sophisticated tripod base that can be adjusted in height.

      It has ferrous projection lamps that can light up a large room. The tripod base was inspired by the three-legged stand used by British surveyors.

      This lamp is an exceptional floor lamp with one-of-a-kind features making it an elegant vintage piece.

      5. Antique Landline Phone

      • Antique Landline Phone

      This vintage landline phone can be used as a statement piece in your home decor. It is crafted from rustic brown brass. It is simple to assemble because it is a showpiece. It weighs only 0.4kg and is therefore very portable.

      Our local artisans handcraft the dial of the landline. It brings back memories of when such phones dominated one corner of our living room. It's a great choice for vintage lovers, office decor, home decor, and gifting.

      6. Antique Pirate Ship Wheel

      • Antique Pirate Ship Wheel

      Premium Quality Wooden Ship Wheel That Is Very Simple And Beautifully Crafted. It's a lovely piece of Home Decor, and we'd all love to have it on our walls. Furthermore, it is an excellent gift for almost any occasion, including, of course, Christmas. This is a true work of art, built with premium quality, and we are proud to present it to you. It is meant to be hung on the wall.

      7. Vintage Working Telephone

      Vintage Working Telephone

      The Handmade Store's Vintage style phone is ideal for vintage enthusiasts, office decor, home decor, and gifting. It brings back memories of when such phones dominated one corner of our living room.

      The product is modelled after a vintage candle-style phone. This piece is handcrafted from solid brass and is highly polished to a stunning finish. A one-of-a-kind piece of décor adds a vintage touch to your space.

      This phone is still usable on slow-speed networks, making it the best feature of this product. It is meticulously handcrafted by our talented local artisans.

      8. 1960's Vintage Clock

      • 1960s Vintage Wall Clock

      Adorn your living room decor with the appealing designs of this artistic Hand-Crafted Chateau Joullian Wall Clock. This wall clock, with its one-of-a-kind design and material, is ideal as a gift for friends and family.

      This Vintage style clock with French pattern Dial adds grace to your home's walls with this classic designed clock.

      9. Large Antique Brass Telescope

      • Antique Brass Telescope

      This is a double barrel telescope made of brass that has been antique polished. A Wooden Tripod Stand with Extendable Legs Adds to the Beauty of the Telescope. This is merely a display piece that has not been calibrated for precise viewing. Hence, you can hang it on the wall, put it on a shelf, etc.

      This would make a unique statement piece in your vintage interior design style. Handcrafted exquisitely to give the feel of a real telescope.

      10. Vintage Pocket Telescope

      • Antique 18th Century Telescope

      This Telescope is entirely made of brass and has a carved leather cover. It also comes in a Sheesham wooden box with a brass anchor embedded in it. This is an excellent souvenir and memento to give as a gift. This piece can be the vintage touch missing in your home.

      You can light up a boring corner by adding this telescope as décor. Or anywhere close to a window.

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