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Best 11 Rustic Decor Items For Living Room

Small congested spaces like pigeonholes end up suffocating you. If you stuffed everything in the name of interior decor, that might not create the vibe you want. Use antique pieces to make a statement.

If you want your living room to be one of the most calming spaces, welcome to the discussion!

Living well is influenced by visual appeal. We can sometimes fail to recognise how interior decor becomes the anchor of our lives. There is something calming about rustic decor. You can boost your living room creativity with the antique appeal.

As the living room is a great spot to hang out and chat with guests, we bring you a few amazing rustic decor items to accessorize your place!

1. Station Clock

Vintage Station Clock

Functionality is the key to appealing home decor. Stuffing your house with ornaments won't do. Instead, you should focus on things that can help you out.

Here is one of the most crucial decor items for your living room. An old-school station clock has a big impact on the overall appeal.

For a vintage effect in your living room, choose a clock with a metal finish.

Checkout our unique new york grand central inspired station clock.

2. Tripod Lamps

Rustic Tripod Lamp

Tripod lamps can be a stunning static item for a living room. They have a rustic appeal. Natural beauty is enhanced and the earth's texture is brought to life.

Grab a tripod lamp with a hint of industrial design. A lamp with a bulky metallic structure will add character to a living room.

In addition to lighting, tripod lamps add an air of rustic charm to your living room.

3. Vintage Iron Lantern

Wall Iron Lantern

As they say, old is gold, and lanterns certainly take you back in time. The countryside feeling of having lanterns at home is exciting. It is a pivotal part of the rustic interior decor.

You can always opt for a vintage iron lantern hanging in a beautiful corner of your living room.

Finding the right corners is the best way to use a vintage iron lantern. If you want, you can put an iron lantern near an old photograph or a pretty painting.

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4. Gramophone

Vintage Gramophone

Who does not love a royal feeling? Gramophone is a quick way to introduce a vintage feel to the space. If you want your living room to have a life and a rustic vibe, you can place a giant gramophone with an old rusted texture to evoke intense depth.

You can add a character to your living room and make it more interactive with the vintage gramophone or record player. Are you wondering how to go about it? You can pick up a corner that has no elements of focus.

Place your royal gramophone on a vintage wooden table. You can also use the wall behind the gramophone for old pictures or vintage paintings.

Checkout our one of its kind vintage gramophone.

5. Tripod Clock

Tripod Clock Vintage

Track time and keep the rustic decor on point with a tripod watch. This was a familiar item in the 90s homes. Living rooms with tripod watches are exciting spaces to curate creative energy.

If you want your living room to be a creative hub, you can use a rustic tripod watch to add to the beauty and enrich your living room with insightful vibes.

Checkout our grandfather tripod floor clock.

6. Vintage Telephone

Vintage Telephone

An old telephone on a wooden table is all about an authentic feeling. An old household always had that vintage telephone. We have stepped into the era where we have no use for the telephone, but you can install one to give your living room a rustic vibe.

As soon as you place a vintage telephone, the room becomes vibrant! Exactly how you like it to be!

7. Wooden Candle Stands

Wooden candlesticks

As stated above, functional items work the best for rustic interior decor. Wooden candle stands add more depth and mystery to your living room. You might have seen in the movies how wooden candle stands make the place beautiful.

You can install scented candles and light your living room. A comforting vintage space makes your room more conversational.

8. Wooden Wall Hangings

Wooden Hanging Decor

The walls of your living room also need a substantial element to beautify the living room. Wooden wall hangings can get your living room more rustic. Wood is one of the most instrumental parts of a rustic living room.

You can play with the wooden texture to make your living room more exciting.

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9. Wooden Photo Frames

Wooden Photo Frame

Photo frames continue to be the perfect interior design items for the living room. We love good memories and we should not miss out on them.

While you collect various items from the stores and place them in your living room, you can also prefer to give it a personalized effect by adding wooden photo frames and collaging a few happy memories with it.

It is preferable to use black and white photos to invite a vintage effect. Above all, wooden artistic photo frames mover fail to beautify the whole space!

10. Vintage Mirror

Rustic Mirror Wall Decor

Self-adoration is now an interior decor trend! It's not possible to find a mirror and not check out yourself. But you will barely think of installing a mirror in your living room!

The interesting fact is that you can install a vintage me that and add to the rustic appeal of your living room. Ensure that you pick up a mirror with a metallic rim along with artwork on it.

A round mirror is a preferable one! You can pick a statement mirror that gives you a glimpse of yourself and adds to the flavor of your living room.

11. Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger

Wooden First Coffee

Who does not love coffee? Your love for coffee can serve the interior decor of your living room. Is it not making sense to you? You can connect coffee mugs and cups and arrange them well in a wooden coffee cup hanger.

It can serve as a statement piece to your living room. Your fetish for coffee deserves a Wholesome space in your living room.

Above all, you can have a little coffee station in your living room with the wooden coffee cup hanger enhancing the appeal for you. Some greenery in the corner can be cherry on the top of the cake.

Parting Words

Here are a few ways to get rustic and treasure the feeling of having a creative living room. Interior decor amplifies the experience of being in a place. As the living room is one of the most pivotal places in your home, you can get a little creative while accessorizing it!

Here is hoping that these rustic decor rips bring a world of difference to your living room!

Checkout our collection of rustic home decor.

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