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Best Real Leather Messenger Bags for Men

9 Best Real Leather Messenger Bags for Men

Leather messenger bags are a great option to carry around your stuff in style. The Messenger is a great alternative to the old reliable backpack. These bags offer a wide range of options compared to their dual-strap counterparts. 

Leather messengers, in particular, come with tones of features and styles. From color to convenience, there are many options to choose from. The customization options among leather messenger bags make them quite appealing.

From vintage to modern chic, there are many styles to explore.

How to check if a Messenger Bag is made of Real Leather?

Things to look before buying real leather messeneger

Leather is a material like no other, with unique traits that stand out. That being said, there are many different types of leather that are hard to distinguish. Authentic leather is hard to spot, even for aficionados.

In a perfect world, a tag denoting its authenticity would do. As a matter of fact, many leather products do come with a "genuine leather" tag denoting the same. But things are not that simple. A tag saying "genuine" doesn't mean it is actual leather. 

The best quality of leather, known as full-grain leather, is even harder to spot. 

There is no need to fret, though. There are many ways in which even novices can identify real leather. Your senses are your best companions when it comes to recognising real leather. Here are some time-tested methods to check the authenticity of your leather messenger.

1. Eyeball the Surface

A naked eye view of the leather is often more than enough to check the leather if you know what to look for. The first thing you should look for is the grain and pores in the leather. 

Real leather comes from animal skin. So, you are bound to spot many pores and grain patterns on a real leather messenger. The pores, in particular, are a mark of full-grain leather.

2. Put Your Nose to the Test!

The smell of genuine full-grain leather is an exquisite one that many will remember for years. The sense of nostalgia associated with leather is only as strong as the smell. So, a full-grain leather messenger bag will have a strong lingering smell.

The smell of real leather is something that remains for weeks, often months. Even after that, there will still be hints of that smell when you hold it close to your nose.

It would be a great idea to familiarize yourself with the smell of something you know to be real leather.

3. Feel the leather

Even if your other senses fail you, the sense of touch is always reliable. Real leather has a grainy texture which you can feel with a simple touch.

Real full-grain leather also feels soft and tends to wrinkle to the touch. Once you lift your finger, the leather retains its original surface texture and shape. Faux leather feels tougher to the touch and creates an impression when pressed hard.

4. Check the Edges

Real leather messengers, irrespective of the stitching quality, have rough edges. You can find frayed and small strands of leather at the edges. You can also feel the edges to get a better impression.

Faux leather has smooth edges. Authentic full-grain messenger bags also have a tough feel at the edges, which.

5. Try the Fold Test

Leather, despite looking rigid, is quite flexible and foldable. You can try stretching the flap of your messenger for this. Real leather changes color to a lighter shade at the fold. It also wrinkles with ease.

How much does a Real Leather Messenger Laptop Bag Cost?

Real Leather Messenger Bags

An established fact about real leather is that it is quite expensive. Another mark of authentic full-grain leather is the steep price. So, you can expect the prices to be around $350 to $1000 and above depending on the size and features.

We at The Handmade Store though have taken it upon ourselves to challenge the market. We take pride in producing quality leather products at a fraction of the market cost.

Our master-craftsmen produce full-grain cowhide leather products adhering to the highest quality standards. From the tanning process to waxing, our artisans are meticulous with their craft. 

We also make it a point to have as little of an impact as possible on the environment while producing leather products. Our leather products are made from the by-products of the meat industry.

We also offer free shipping worldwide.

9 Real Leather Messenger Laptop Bags

1. Full Grain Leather Messenger BagFull Grain Leather Messenger Bag

This saddle brown leather messenger bag features a minimalist design. From office use to a casual trip out of town, this messenger can add a simplistic style to your ensemble. 

This bag is loaded with pockets and compartments for all your belongings. That includes a compartment for a 15" laptop. This messenger bag is tanned with vegetable tannin, which makes it more durable.

2. Small Leather Messenger BagSmall Leather Messenger Bag

If you are looking for a compact messenger for daily use, then this is a great choice. The 8.2 L x 3.93 W x 10.26 H dimensions make this an easy-to-carry messenger.

The bright brass hardware complements the full-grain distressed cowhide well. You get several zippered pockets and compartments for various essentials. The interior of this leather messenger is lined with durable polyester fabric.

3. Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Designed especially for professionals on the go, this laptop bag is feature-loaded. The spacious interiors provide ample space for all your essentials.

Whether it is the office or a weekend fishing trip, this messenger has you covered. You also get a well-designed compartment with cushioning for your laptop. The dark brown leather has an exquisite texture as well.

4. Vintage Tan Leather BriefcaseVintage Tan Leather Briefcase

Crafted especially for the modern-day professional, this vintage briefcase is quite elegant. The tan brown color is well complemented by the brass hardware to complete the aesthetic.

You get several interior compartments and pockets. This hand stitched leather briefcase has a zippered compartment in the back as well.

5. Leather iPad Messenger Bag Leather iPad Messenger Bag

This messenger could very well be the reason to carry your iPad everywhere you go. Despite the 9L x 11H x 2.5D dimensions, this messenger bag is quite spacious. 

You get a convenient front pocket for accessories and essentials. The interior features a padded interior compartment to keep Apple's flagship tablet safe. This messenger also comes with a briefcase handle.

6. Vintage Men's Leather Messenger Bag

Vintage Men's Leather Messenger Bag

This messenger is bound to add character to your ensemble. The coffee brown color can stand out wherever you go. This full-grain leather messenger bag is crafted to provide a vintage look. 

Apart from the style, this leather messenger is quite practical. The 16(L) x 12(H) x 4(D) dimensions provide enough space for all your essentials. This messenger also comes with a vintage full front flap for convenience. 

7. Rugged Leather BriefcaseRugged Leather Briefcase

Choose this leather briefcase to add some rustic sophistication to your professional life. The rustic brown leather features a great patina. This leather briefcase comes with leather and canvas briefcase handles as well.

Along with the rugged look, this briefcase is quite practical as well. You get five spacious compartments to place your various belongings. There is also a well-padded compartment for your laptop.

8. Antique Brown Leather BriefcaseAntique Brown Leather Briefcase

The unique distressed brown color alone is sure to make this a highlight of your ensemble. Designed with a theme of rustic sophistication, this briefcase is quite a charming.

This antique leather briefcase comes with two large front pockets and a zipper on the back. The interior is quite spacious as well with a padded compartment for your laptop.

9. Rustic Leather Satchel 

 Rustic Leather Satchel

This leather satchel is rustic elegance defined. The dark brown color goes well with the rich grain of the cowhide leather. Similar colored straps and buckles complete the rustic look of this satchel. 

This leather satchel features two convenient front pockets and a zippered rear compartment. You also get two internal compartments. One of these is padded to place a laptop.

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