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Faux Leather Vs Real Leather Bag

Will saving a couple of bucks give you more quality? Probably not.

If you are someone who has purchased faux leather bags in the past, you must have encountered these questions when you were trying hard to sleep.

Is it worth buying a faux leather bag?

Will, that bag last long?

How will that bag look in the next 5 years?

Aanndd… you know the answer to that already.

But today, we will give a fair chance to both materials to feature their distinct qualities to us.

Before wasting any more time let’s just get right into it.

7 Things to keep in mind while choosing between leather bag and faux leather bag

1. Looks

In terms of looks, real leather would always win us over. Real leather has got a natural feel to it. The non-uniform texture and the minor defects make the real leather look more real. While on the other hand Faux hide is obviously designed to look like real hide, but the face of synthetic leather is invariant.

Faux hide also feels cold and constitutionally indeed likened to real hide. When you press your finger into the face of faux leather, rather than stretching or creasing like authentic leather, the artificial material just depresses under your finger while still holding its shape.

2. Durability

The faux leather isn't as durable as real leather, but it can frequently last four 4 to 6 times. It can withstand grinds and scrapes that would beat genuine leather. On the other hand real leather can go for more than decades.

Real leather if maintained properly, can live for more than 10 years easily.

3. Environmental factors

Faux leather doesn't produce a demand for beast hide, it creates a demand for synthetic polymers. The product of these accoutrements emits dangerous indeed poisonous feasts. Similar faux leather isn't biodegradable and is basically plastic. on the other hand. the real leather is fully biodegradable. the process substantially involves the collection of hides and nothing further than that.

But since there are many points where mama nature gets disturbed. Both of these two have their own excrescences. so it's safe to say that it's 1:1 then.

4. Long-Lasting

Long-lasting does not always mean that your bag has to be durable. It also means if you are investing something which you will be using for the next decade should be quality.

People get mistaken for durability for longevity. When we use these terms it’s always about the bag can resist more heavy usage and also be intact. If your faux leather is more vulnerable to scratches and bumps then probably that is not a good investment. When dealing with real leather it is more robust.

You can be more free while lacing your bag on any surface without worrying, now that’s quality.

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5. Cleaning

Cleaning faux leather is alright? Sometimes when you clean faux leather the leather gets duller over time. Also when the faux leather is cleaned it starts losing its synthetic coating of it.

On the other hand real leather can be cleaned very easily. We have already made a couple of blogs on how to clean your authentic leather bag. You can check that out. Also real leather does not turn bad you can entirely trust yourself while cleaning your leather bag.

6. Weight of the leather

This entirely depends on thickness. Faux leather can be a little thin. That is why faux leather is not durable either. But the real leather is thicker and more durable hence, the real leather is heavier.

7. Price

Here comes the turning point where a lot of people would turn to faux leather. But we would like to take a precious minute of your day to ask this. Is it worth buying cheap leather?

No way! We never encourage our customer base to choose faux over real leather. Faux leather is slightly cheaper than the real one. The real one is expensive but worth it.

Opinion time

Just like you, we have got an opinion too!

We would like to condense the gist of the article into one. We all know real leather is better than faux ones. We voluntarily made this blog to tell our customer base for trusting with the leather bags. Faux hides do not even come near-real leather.

Buying real leather is like driving a Ferrari and you know you are not ordinary when you have real leather. At our store, you can find a range of real leather bags that will fit your needs. In the end, we will always suggest that go real and be the best.

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