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15 Tricks To See If The Bag Is Made Of Real Leather Or Not? - The Handmade Store

15 Tricks To See If The Bag Is Made Of Real Leather Or Not?

Leather has this aura of carrying something prestigious. The luxe feels that these goods deliver is just amazing. Fake leather goods are pretty easy to spot. Fake leather goods have got 15 flaws that stand out from real leather.

These 15 flaws are present on every fake leather bag which claims to be real. Several people get scammed from buying fake leather bags.

Today we have got you 15 different tricks that will help you identify a fake leather bag.

1. Sight

Look of fake leather

The first trick had to be very obvious. You can easily spot a leather bag that is fake by just having a glance at it. If you are someone who does not have enough experience in leather goods don’t worry, we will be having several more tricks on here.

By looking at zippers and the shine of the surface you can spot a fake leather good. If the zippers are very rough or not functioning properly then there are chances that your leather bag might be fake.

The point is if a quality leather bag maker can make good bags why can’t he produce better zippers on the bags.

2. Touch and feel

Pressing leather Test

Still, touch the material before you make a purchase, If at all possible. Remember, real leather is a natural material, so when you run your fritters across the face, it won’t feel impeccably smooth. When you push your cutlet into the face, it'll stretch and wrinkle a little bit, just like your skin is on light-colored leather.

Generally fake leather consists of replicas, that make leather more supple and smooth. noway fall into the trap of fake leather just by the sense of it.

3. Smell

Smell of leather bags

Anyone who has sniffed real leather ahead will know that genuine leather has a distinctive smell. This natural scent can't be directly reproduced.

Use your sense of smell to test for the freshness of leather bags. Real leather always smells‘ tough’ indeed if it's treated while fake leather always smells plastic or synthetic.

4. Real leather is absorbent

Leather Water Test

Raw leather is passable, so it absorbs humidity. As a natural and passable material, leather can noway actually be made 100 leakproof. Generally speaking, age determines how effective a leather face will perform at repelling liquids.

Try sprinkling some water on the leather bag and see if it absorbs it. fake leather doesn't absorb any fluids.

5. Tan

Tanned Leather Bags

Fake leather bags have an inconsistent tan, that being said these bags are very varied in color. Leather bags that are real have an alluring tan color that is very distinct from others and looks very fantastic.

6. Price of the leather product

We aren't buffs and it takes practice to separate between real and fake. We suggest you spend your hard-earned cash and buy from a secure dealer and store. As we always appreciate the composition in a commodious and well lit so prefer buying it during the day.

7. Real leather looks exquisite and not too perfect

Spotting Real Leather By Scratches

Real leather comes from real creatures. The parcels of skin are irregular. Frequently, you may see natural defects similar to scars, stretch marks, veining, etc.

Still, or the appearance of real leather, you can frequently descry an unremarkable pattern much like wallpaper, If there's a texture stamped into the fake leather to give it grain.

The absence of wrinkles, no mars, or an appearance that's “ too perfect” are good suggestions the bag is made from fake leather.

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8. Will catch scratches easily

If your leather bag is fake it is bound to catch scratches. The fake material is more vulnerable to catching scratches because of the poor built quality. That is why people suggest animal hides that would work for a long time.

9. Fake leather is cheap

Compare the cost of a product you're certain is made from real leather to one that you suspect is made from fake leather. Fake leather is manufactured in bolts and purchase by the yard.

10. Durable

Leather is a strong, flexible and durable material attained from the tanning, or chemical treatment, of beast skins and hides to help decay. The most common leathers come from cattle, lamb, scapegoats, equine creatures, buffalo, gormandizers and swillers, and submarine creatures similar to seals and alligators.

11. Not very shiny

Check out the edges of the bag. Original leather bags will always have rough coarse edges while bags made of faux will have nearly perfect edges of plastic or commodity synthetic. Real leather has an inconsistent pattern with minor defects. Fake leather is invariant with unevenly spread pores which shouts fake.

12. Nudge to see wrinkles

Just like mortal skin, original leather is elastic and changes color while stretching. When you stretch real leather, you'll see wrinkly patterns fading and coming when you release. Scratch it with your fingernail, real leather regains to the original. Fake leather stays innocent and will save its shape and stiffness.

13. Fire test

Leather Bags Fire Test

Though we don’t recommend you to perform this, this is just a differentiator test. If you lit a matchstick under a leather bag it'll not catch fire but emits fleshy pong. Whereas, dummy leather burns with honey and produces the smell of burning plastic.

14. Structure of bag

Leather Bag Structure

The biggest telling sign between original and fake leather bags is the overall quality. When you placed both down, the authentic leather bag will be important sturdier, structured, and stand up straight. The fake leather won't stand straight; stay folded, and won't be structured

15. Real leather is costly

If you got a green signal from the primary examination check the price label. A real leather bag is always a precious game and you won’t find a commodity too reasonable. No store will vend their leather bags at half price and make a loss.

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Spot real leather from fake infographic

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