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All About Vintage Leather Bags

Everyone today is obsessed with vintage items- whether it is clothes, décor items or leather bags.


Using vintage items is and always was a matter of good taste. I am personally a fan of vintage items. The story behind them fascinates me. Pieces passed down for generations always hold a special place in your heart.


I bet that your Pop’s leather suitcase is close to your heart.


Having vintage leather being passed down is great and has a unique character to it. But now you can buy a new bag with vintage finishes.

Leather is a durable and dynamic material that will never go out of style. Hence, can be made to look old or new the way you want.


You can tell a new story, the way you want, by buying a vintage leather bag from The Handmade Store.


I will tell you everything there is to know about vintage leather bags.


What is a vintage leather bag?

Vintage Leather Duffel Bags

Now, when you are shopping for an antique bag, it may seem like an intimidating experience. You may feel like you are in an alien land because there are so many unfamiliar terms, and the lack of space can mean you cannot take your time and look at something. Let us introduce you to the vintage leather bag world.


When it comes to old leather, the words patina or antique leather may spring to your mind. However, they are two different things. Antique leather is called so because of its age, and objects are classed as antiques only when they are at least 100 years old.


In terms of clothing or bags, vintage refers to 20 to 100 years old.

New leather can also be called vintage when it looks like old leather, or the surface exhibits traces of ageing.


Regarding leather specifically, vintage tends to refer to items that pre-date the early 1980’s.

How to identify vintage leather?

Vintage Leather Mens Bags

Following are some of the characteristics that can help you identify vintage leather bags

  • Changing Colours: The colour of leather bags will come down to personal taste. There is no denying that light brown leather will look very different from deep black. The fact that it ages and changes over time is one of the things that makes leather so popular. It is particularly true of vintage or distressed leather, usually made from old leather that is then distressed to add exceptional character to the bags.
  • Glossy Patina: Always keep in mind that a leather bag that has a glossy finish is a piece of art. So, if the bag is distressed, the cracks and scratches will give an overall distressed look to the bag. Distressing leather is a very popular way to increase the value of a leather bag. The leather used in crafting a bag must be different from the ones used in creating a shoe.
  • Magic Repairs: High-quality leather ages, burnishes and beautifies instead of wearing out. It develops a much sought-after patina and a unique character that cannot be duplicated easily. The quality of the leather is the biggest key. So, the higher the quality, the more character the leather will naturally render.

Why do people love the distressed look of leather bags?

Distressed Leather Vintage Bags

Leather is a natural material, and nothing quite ages like natural materials. Hence, what is now known as distressed leather has become quite a phenomenon in recent years. It has certainly become the subject of many discussions.



Distressed leather can repair scratch marks. So, if you have a scrape on your distressed leather items, you can rub the region with the scratch of your fingertips or apply some leather care wax on the scratch and wipe it away. It is that simple to maintain.



Further, distressed leather needs less upkeep and does not need to be maintained regularly. It requires less than most leather since the natural oil in the hide can keep it working and clean without any additional moisturizing over time.

The Aging process of leather bags

Aging Leather Bags

Just like fine wine, leather also gets better with age. Antique and aged leather is a stunning look for leather bags. It can be achieved by slowly ageing the leather over time. The process will take a lot of patience, but the results are worth the wait.


  • Some Things Get Better with Age: Leather lasts and lasts, and the older it gets, the better it will look. It is because good leather develops a richer patina over time. It means that a good leather bag will only get better with age.
  • Worn Leather: Worn leather means leather that has been used for an extended period. It gives the leather a distinct feel and looks. The leather bag becomes softer and more pliable when it becomes worn, like original leather. The softness and durability are what make used leather bags so popular. Thanks to the softness, they are so comfortable to carry, and they will also last for years longer.

How to make a leather bag look vintage?

When you buy a leather bag, you want it to stand out. Distressed leather is a technique that gives the leather a worn-in, rugged, and worn-in with dark and deep creases. There are many ways to distress leather, but we know the easiest one: All you need is a stiff brush and some sandpaper.



Other than that, patination is the process of making leather look like vintage or old leather. Patina appears when the leather changes thanks to ageing, and it looks very attractive. Leather with patina does not have to be 100 years old. It only requires having the look of antique leather.


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How to clean/ take care of a vintage leather bag?

Leather is a highly durable material and can easily last a lifetime with proper care. However, it will require some special attention to keep it in the best condition. Here is a brief introduction to caring for vintage leather bags:

  • Clean them up: The cleaner you keep your vintage leather bags, the longer they will last. The bags should be cleaned regularly with water and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as acetone, rubbing alcohol, bleach, ammonia-based products since they can damage or discolour the leather. When cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge, and be gentle when wiping. After you are finished, condition the leather with a moisturizer or a leather conditioner to help restore the moisture to the leather.

  • Always moisturize: Very few among us realize that leather needs moisturizing too. There are leather care kits available today that come with a pre-conditioner, conditioner, leather protectant, etc.

How much does vintage leather bags cost?

Without any doubt, distressed leather material is all the rage right now. And whether you are into vintage or not, you will be hard-pressed to find a high-end bag brand that does not employ some form of distressed leather regularly. But unfortunately, buying vintage or distressed leather can usually burn a hole in your pocket as most brands charges around 800$.


At the Handmade Store, you can get a vintage leather bag for under 200$. We work with local artisans to go the extra mile to help them create timeless creations to curate a market as easily accessible to the artisans and the consumers.


Where can I buy vintage leather bags?

Inspired by the past and imbued with modern sensibilities, our vintage leather bags exude a certain rugged look that is tough to find anywhere else.


Each leather bag is designed with the spirit of adventure in mind. Our wide selection of leather bags is modern and stylish to suit both men and women. They are inspired by time-honoured traditions, cherishing the old charm yet sparking imagination for the possibilities ahead of us.


Our signature leather bags are available in different styles, colours, and storage specialties to suit your needs.

In addition, we offer 100% genuine leather bags manufactured in India by dedicated local artisans.

Check out our collection of Vintage Leather Bags.

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