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Leather Messenger vs. Leather Satchel vs. Leather Briefcase

The main difference between briefcase and messenger bag is that briefcase is gives a formal vibe with a briefcase handle whereas messenger bag can be only carried crossbody style.

Have you all ever witnessed a real briefcase comparison battle? Because today we will be comparing three hot leather goods that have been known to rule the leather industry since they were invented.

Every bag that is going to be in the comparison has its own pros and cons. Nothing in this world has to be just perfect. There is a real beauty when there are some flaws to it. Today we will be discussing three types of bags.

So let’s dive deep into the comparison that will cover every aspect of each of the bags mentioned.

Leather Messenger:

Leather messenger that is also known as a crossbody is a hot commodity in the market in the present. The messenger bag is something that you hang around your shoulder this makes you carry your essentials very easily. This also makes you keep your essentials very handy to you.

This makes runner bags ideal for wearing while walking through a field or cycling to work. These bags are very compliant with handling your laptop and other work-related stuff. For college use, this bag is just perfect.

Buckles, clasps, and zippers are generally used and add as important style to a runner poke as function.

A runner bag can alike, of course, be used casually, but if you plan to use the bag in a more formal setting like a business meeting, it'll get the job done. Also for council, this bag can make you’re every move swish.

The plan of crossbody sacks made them ideal to be employed in the transportation of parallel and distinct productions conveyed by various feathers of couriers.

Relative incapacity to rucksacks, courier sacks guarantee solace for individualities conveying weighty or potentially clumsy goods while permitting simple entrance to the material.

Pros and cons of leather messenger bag:

Pros :

  • Multifunctional

Messenger bags are pretty much multifunctional in each and every way. This bag can be used for varied reasons. From meetings to mini travelings you can have a messenger bag to keep your company keeps your essentials safe with you.

  • Keeps you organized

The runner bag allows you to have all the effects you need at an arm's reach. Pockets and commodious chambers allow you to keep the most important effects in order. Thus, you can snappily reach for anything you want at any time.

  • Keeps you in style

A leather bag can add a personality to someone. Leather is a sign of luxury. You can stay up to the minute with a leather messenger bag.

Cons :

  • Not for bikers:

Bike riders can fluently turn into agony if you aren't acceptably equipped. Of course, whether riding a bike turns out to be pleasurable largely depends on several factors. Those include the city you're in, the place you’re going to, and the rainfall conditions. Obviously, you do not demand a bag that's dangling out while you're cruising.

  • Sweaty shoulders

If you have ever owned a leather messenger in the past, the problem of the sweaty shoulder has always been there. Sweaty shoulders are not very presentable when you are going to a meeting or a gathering.

  • Not very stable

No matter if you’re biking or not, you might find that runner bags are a bit more clumsy than packs. The pack sits comfortably on your shoulders, assorting the weight unevenly. The runner bag, on the other hand, weighs on only one of your shoulders, which can be uncomfortable if the bag is loaded too heavily. They can also be a bit unstable, which makes them move around.

Leather Satchel:

Leather Satchel

Now, what is another way to stay unto the minute? A leather satchel with these features can do the magic for you. A satchel is a bag with a swatch, traditionally used for carrying books. The strap is frequently worn so that it transversely crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the contrary hipsterism, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder. Also, these bags are used to carry plutocrats, holdalls, phones, and other diurnal rudiments.

Pocketbooks frequently feature a long swatch or handle that you can rest on your shoulder or hold in your hand.

You can use handbags for the function of transporting particular rudiments or as a fashion statement. satchel is one of the genderless leather goods that go well on both men and women.

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Pros and cons of leather satchel bag:


  • Structure

The structure of satchels is pretty tough. They can stand without any support. Yet they are very flexible.

  • Can be used as a briefcase

The class of a briefcase can never be replaced. But with a briefcase strap, these satchels can be used as an alternative for satchels.

  • Tough built quality

Satchels usually have a tough built quality. The built quality is backed by skillful stitching on the bag. These bags do not wear out easily.


  • Can be bulkier

The design of the leather satchel is such that it can never be shoved into a locker. The built quality is very impressive hence we never suggest our customer do that.

  • Too much space

Satchel bags can also be hard to find effects in particularly if you're looking for an item while clutching it. That means everything in the bag moves to the middle bulb of the bag as you try to find effects.

Leather Briefcase:

Leather Briefcase

A briefcase is a narrow hard-sided box-shaped bag or case used substantially for carrying papers and equipped with a handle. Attorneys generally use briefcases to carry missions to present to a court, hence the name.

Business people and other white-collar professionals also use briefcases to pack documents, and laptop computers, and notepad computers.

Some briefcases have only a main internal space, while others may have subsections, accordion sections, small pockets, or separations. Briefcases may be made from leather, vinyl, durable fabric, thin essence ( similar to aluminum), or plastic.

Leather, vinyl, or fabric briefcases may have externally-accessible pockets or sleeves in addition to the main storehouse space. Some briefcases made of fabric may have a shoulder swatch.

Briefcases generally have a cinch to cover the contents. Currently, briefcases may have padded internal sacks to cover laptop computers.

Pros and cons of leather briefcase:


  • Timeless beauty

As we know, a well-made leather bag is sure to stand the test of time. Fortunately, time and time again, leather has proven to be swish and always on-trend, and the classic shapes are still going strong.

  • Style

A bag is the final piece that defines your look and brings it together eventually, it can make or break it. Leather is known to be protean, depending on the design it can portray complication or a more edgy or punk look. Whatever the style is that you're after, a bag will add a description to it.

  • Versatile

A simple leather bag goes with nearly every outfit and occasion. Go from work to the doggy, a club, or indeed a fancy blend party. Trip in style, no matter where in the world you go, a leather bag will noway do you wrong.


Our leather briefcases are so impeccable that finding cons on our bag is next to impossible. We are experts and we know aging and water resistance is something people can’t find, we have been delivering it since we have started this store.

  • Price

Now, this might get a little tricky, leather is one of the further precious accoutrements. Despite high prices, the price evens out with how long it lasts. Numerous fake leather products will break down frequently within a time's time, while a true leather item will last times and will bring lower than buying a new bag each time.


Every bag is made for its own real purpose, comparing these bags is not very valid as these bags serve different benefits. Like we said at the handmade store you can browse on our website and get something for yourself and your loved one.

All of these leather bags were made from real leather that is assembled by our skilled artisans that do their work with sheer hard work and compassion. These 3 masterpieces are pretty famous in our store for their exclusive features.

In conclusion, we will thank you all to keep up till here, just like our leather product line even this is like a journey. This is why we would love to invite you to be a part of our community by purchasing our products.

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