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Lined Bags Vs Unlined Leather Bags | The Handmade Store

Lined Bags Vs Unlined Leather Bags

The main difference between lined leather and unlined leather is that lined leather is something where your leather is stitched along with a fabic to protect the leather from unwanted marks and stains whereas in unlined leather bags there isn't any fabric.

Leather is a strong and durable material that is obtained from chemical treatments of animal skins.

Over the years, the usage of leather has evolved into several products. It is a material that not only lasts a lifetime but is also style.

Leather products are designed using a process depending on the product.

There is lined and unlined leather. The difference is easy to spot.

You can see lined and unlined leather in a variety of products like shoes, bags, etc. You are probably using a few every day.

I am here to answer all your questions about lined and unlined leather bags.

What are lined leather bags?

What if we told you we can elongate the life span of your leather bag!

Is your leather-lined? Plenty of folks ask the same old question. But, a lot of them do not know what lined leather is.

Lined leather bags are those having a fabric lining on the inside. It makes the bag more comfortable.

The sole purpose of this thing is to make the edges more durable and keep them from wearing out.

The extra piece of fabric does the magic by making the bag less vulnerable to defects. Also, the lining provides the bag with a kind of insulation to it.

What is an unlined leather bag

Unlined leather is the opposite.

Unlined leather does not have a lining. The leather is visible from the inside of the bag. Unlined leather is more commonly used in shoes.

From jackets to leather bags, a lining is preferable to make it more durable.

Unlined leather is lighter and breathable. It also keeps your essentials from the smell.


Common complaints with unlined leather bags

Unlined leather has its pros and cons. Like any other leather, unlined leather also gets complaints.

Let’s check them out.

1. Ink mark

Ink marks sometimes can be a little annoying, as they do not come off easily. With unlined leather, it’s very usual to deal with these ink marks.

2. Hard to clean

The leather is vulnerable on the inside. Thus, maintenance of such bags is a tedious process.

People avoid buying unlined leather bags as it is difficult to keep them clean.


3. No stain proof

Leather is vulnerable to stains.

When the leather is not lined it gets exposed to stain when you start using it. Then, the stains and grits stick inside and ruin the entire look.

Putting a lining inside the leather makes the bag comfier and immune to stains and dirt.


4. Makeup marks

Ladies love to keep their expensive makeup safe in their purses.

Makeup marks on the inside of the bags seem a little shabby. And on top of it, if the leather is exposed on the inside it's a drawback.

5. Shedding

The real hide is carnal skin and so it needs to be conserved and moisturized.

When it starts to dry out, it eventually cracks and peels.

Using the wrong products to clean the leather can cause the carnal skin to peel out. It also happens to products that bear detergents and chemicals.

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5 Reasons why always choose lined leather bags?

1. Becomes more long-lasting

This has to be one of the very first pros to invest in a lined leather bag.

With that extra piece of canvas on your leather, it is going to make it more long-lasting.

Be it a jacket, a backpack, or a leather shoe.

The constant friction many times allows the edges of the leather commodity to wear out.

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2. Built Quality

With the extra piece of canvas, you get the built quality right.

The structure and the design also get a fresh look with lining.

For instance, when a leather jacket is lined, the jacket carries a personality. It does not make the leather look very scrawny or cheap.

3. Feels good on direct skin contact

The lining always gives you a better feeling when you have it on.

The direct leather contact can lead to sweaty armpits.

As leather traps mixture inside it’s always good to have your leather lined.

4. Comfortable fit

The leather material will fester to the shape of your bottom if you are wearing leather shoes.

When trying on plastic or other synthetic shoes, you find the base of the shoes hard on your heels. And it does not change its shape to accommodate your feet.

You might think that is a good thing, but it's not.

As not everyone's bases are the same, leather can acclimatize to your bottom shape, giving your bases redundant comfort and support.

5. Smells Good

We all know how our feet smell there is no breathability on the leather good, sometimes when the sweat is trapped it may lead to a smelly leather thingy for you.



At our store, we always make sure our customers get the best.

We have experimented with our line of leather bags to make them better than ever. Ever since we started lining the leather with canvas, we have seen a growth in our consumer base.

We have figured out that people do not want to change their bags for years. Durability is what they need. Lining our backpacks, we have made this achievement.

Our leather bags are now more durable than ever

The bags are designed keeping in mind the quality expected by our customers.

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