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How Long Does A Leather Bag Last?

Leather is a durable material. Leather is built in such a way that this material is employed on several luxe products. From decorating the interiors of a Ferrari 488 pista to a motorcycle duffle bag. These timeless beauties add more charm to any product they are added.

Durability is the best part about owning these beauties. Investing in them can be very fruitful. When we talk about longevity. Every type of leather has its own lifespan. That lifespan determines the period that how long these hides will last.

Today we have got an article for you that will explain the longevity of every leather type which is sold in the market.

Types of leather and their longevity

Leather Bags That Last

Goat Leather

Goatskin is a type of leather that numerous may be familiar with by name but not so important in detail. Known to be one of the most flexible leathers, grounded on wimpiness, strength, and featherlight rates, goatskin is used in making gloves, shoes, bags, vesture, and outerwear as well holdalls, accessories, and hairpieces to name many.

In this post, we’ll go through not only what goatskin is but also its highs and lows and how it's different from other types of leather. The longevity of the goatskin goes as long as 4 to 5 years. The tanning of goat leather is usually done naturally. The natural tan makes the leather last more.


While cowhide may be really stout which makes it rugged than other leather hides, it doesn't have the inflexibility or stretch as much as other hides do. The cowhide has the tendency to weigh further indeed as a finished product whereas others are comparatively lighter.

The cowhide is pretty much stunning when it comes to longevity. The longevity of this particular leather goes up to 10-15 years. Cowhide is mostly one of the most durable leathers also.

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Buffalo leather / Bison

Buffalo leather, also appertained to as bison leather, is a veritably strong, durable leather with a nice grain pattern. It's a great choice for numerous types of leather goods. It's a strong, durable leather with a visually charming grain pattern.

Buffalo leather is about 2 times 3 times thicker than cowhide and is frequently used to make belts, bags, sacks, cases, and accessories. These leather materials usually go around for more than 10-15 years of span.

Saddle Leather

If you are looking for something very durable then saddle leather might work. Saddle Leather is a unique product that you may use for a variety of upholstery operations. It's heavier and thicker compared to utmost upholstery leathers.

Some people may be bullied by its consistency, still, its consistency doesn't limit its use. On the negative, it's veritably protean. So, put away your fears. This leather might outlast your own time. These bags can go for more than 70 years.

Type of tanning and leather also matters

Different Types of leather

Genuine leather

Genuine leather generally does not last as long or look as nice as advanced-quality leather. You will generally find it in belts from boardwalk stores, shoes from lower-priced department stores, and bags or other goods in the lower price range.

Goods marked as genuine leather will be several layers of low-quality leather clicked together with cement and also painted to look invariant. It's made from what's leftover when the other, advanced grades are stripped down for dear systems.

This type of leather usually lasts for more than 3 to 5 years. This is an average number for these bags as their tanning process may vary.

Full-grain leather

It is the natural, top subcaste of a cowhide that's unchanged except for the junking shop full-grain leather of hair. The illustration below illustrates how a cowhide, which originally is veritably thick, is sliced into at least two layers-the top cut and the nethermost cut.

The top cut which includes the full and top grain is the strongest and most valued part of the hide. This type of leather usually goes around for 10-13 years which is still durable as such leather won’t be used in small categories.

Top-Grain Leather

Top grain leather is the top cut of cowhide with the remotest subcaste of the skin removed or corrected" for mars. While top grain leather is the same cut from the hide as full-grain, it requires differences beyond the junking of hair. Due to the inordinate natural markings, or mars, the leather's face is mechanically filed.

Once the leather face is invariant, it's scourged, finished, and embossed generally into a natural grain skin texture or a pebble grain texture. The durability of these bags ranges from 2-3 years and these leather materials are perfect for making purses and cases.

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