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Take care of calfskin leather bag

How To Take Care Of Your Calfskin Leather Bag?

Leather bags are classy, stylish, and durable. While they can be costly, purchasing a good leather bag can be a brilliant investment. Handmade leather bags can keep their shape for years. Though some people still find it challenging to maintain them.

Proper care prevents these bags from creasing, damaging, or the leather from drying out. When maintained properly, these bags can last for years or even decades. Today in this brief article, we will discuss how to preserve your costly handmade leather bag.

Caring Tips For Calfskin Leather Bags

We have brought you the best tricks to keep your handmade leather bag away from getting spoilt. We have personally tested these below tips before putting them out on the internet.

How To Clean Calfskin Leather Bag?

Cleaning Calfskin Leather Bag

The following method will help you to keep your calfskin leather in the shape.

Things you’ll need

  1. Baby shampoo / Mild Soap
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Filtered water
  4. Towel
  5. Leather cream
  6. Cotton swabs

Getting towards your first step, empty your bag (obviously)

Get a soft brush and start cleaning the dirt and dust from the corners. Make sure you check every side of the bag properly.

Get your baby shampoo or mild soap and mix it with filtered water. Make a mild solution out of it.

Now, fill that solution in a spray bottle and start spraying over your bag. Don’t dampen your too much. Make sure every side of that bag gets soaped.

Take a dry towel and start wiping off the soap. Make sure you clean every side of the bag. Even the straps and handles should get dry.

After wiping the bag properly, take a few cotton swabs and clean every corner of the bag. Don’t let water sit inside the corners.

Then lastly apply leather cream to make your leather more durable than ever and to keep them in a good shape.

How To Protect Your Calfskin Leather Bag

This question may seem a little childish, but it holds a lot of weight. The way you protect your bag results in the longevity of your bag. Leather bags tend to be more delicate sometimes.

Small things like where you place your bag or where to keep your bag mean a lot. Placing your bag on a scratchy surface might end up scratching your bag from below.

Another precaution, guys wildly shove their leather duffle bag into the locker very violently. Forcing the bag to change its shape and be flexible is not a great idea as such.

Once the leather loses its form it may need to go through another process to get back to its original shape.

Even though there are leather bags that are made for heavy usage, people use these bags as a reason to fit unnecessary items. Never fill your bag to the point where it’s harder to close the zippers. This may damage the zippers and stretch the leather apart.

How To Remove Scratches From Calfskin Leather Bag?

For scratches that aren't too profound, you can simply use vaseline. Just rub it in with a paper hankie or a rag and buff for stylish results. Vaseline is an all-around result that has an extremely wide range of use. Thus, it’s not ambushed it can fill up the chinks in your leather product.

How To Maintain Calfskin Leather Bag?

Calfskin Leather Bags Maintenance

So you have purchased a leather bag and know how to take care of it. Follow the below steps to know more.

Utmost bags bear some occasional care similar to occasional exertion but other more sensitive leathers do need attention before you go on to use them.

For utmost leather bags, applying a leather cream or wax is a good idea, as it adds a subcaste of protection to the bag’s finish.

Choose a cream containing natural waxes they give a rich look and act as a hedge against dirt and humidity.

Minding for a leather bag is relatively analogous to mind for your own skin as both benefit greatly from a good moisturizer, especially as we progress. After you've worn your bag for a month or so, it's going to lose some of its original lusters.

A good rule of thumb when minding for any of your leather goods; reapply for leather cream or canvas every many months, or as demanded.


Bonus Tips

These tips will help you maintain your calfskin leather bag easily.

  1. Never use a hard soap to clean your leather bag
  2. If your leather bag gets stained, clean it within an hour
  3. Make sure you don’t place your bag on a scratchy surface
  4. Use leather conditioner when cleaning your bag
  5. Never overload your bag with your stuff
  6. The clear scratches and creases apply vaseline to eliminate them under budget.
  7. Waterproof your bag by adding beeswax to your leather

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