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How To Take Care Of Your Calfskin Leather Bag? - The Handmade Store

How To Take Care Of Your Calfskin Leather Bag?

Leather bags are classy, stylish, and durable. While they can be costly, purchasing a good leather bag can be a brilliant investment. Handmade leather bags can keep their shape for years. Though some people still find it challenging to maintain them.

Proper care prevents these bags from creasing, damaging, or the leather from drying out. When maintained properly, these bags can last for years or even decades. Today in this brief article, we will discuss how to preserve your costly handmade leather bag.

What is Calfskin Leather?

Calfskin leather is leather made from calf or young cow skin. It looks very unique, has a fine grain, and has so small pores that you may not be able to see at all. Moreover, it has a different feel than traditional leather.

As calfskin leather is lighter and more supple than leather made by older cows, it is much smoother and has more elasticity than traditional leather.

Cowhide VS Calfskin Leather

Before buying, using, and cleaning a calfskin leather bag, you should know how it differs from cowhide leather. Calf hide originates from a calf, while cowhide is a full-grown cow's hide. Due to this difference, the calf hide is thinner and smaller. The grain on the calf hide is usually finer.

Calf hide leather bags can be equally or more expensive than cowhide bags. Calfskin is usually softer to the touch and tougher to create and thus, is more unique. Calfskin is also used more to manufacture bags and purses. Cowhide products are larger as they are made from fully grown cowhide and are a little more durable and shed a bit more quickly than calf hide products.

Is Caviar Leather the Same as Calfskin?

No, caviar leather is not the same as calfskin. Caviar leather is one of the more durable leather made of calfskin. It is calfskin treated to create tougher leather. The treatment produces a pebbled texture, which makes it quite scratch-resistant. Caviar leather bags can hold their structure better, and soften over time with repeated use even after being highly durable. Still, you can carry them every day without worrying less about damages.

Calfskin leather is not treated to get a pebbled structure like caviar leather. Thus, calfskin leather has a smooth texture and is highly durable. It has a smooth texture, is quite scratch-resistant, and is a good intermediate between the pebbled caviar leather and the lambskin.

How to Condition a Calfskin Leather Purse?

Conditioning Calfskin Leather

When it comes to conditioning your calfskin leather purse, using a spray conditioner can always be the best solution. You can also use a leather conditioner with a lighter consistency as a spray conditioner wears off after a few months. Your calfskin leather purse needs to be reconditioned two to four times a year.

Before using a leather conditioner on your calfskin purse, make sure you test it on a discreet part as they tend to darken leather. Such darkening tends to fade with related use and over time. However, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions before using any conditioner for the safe conditioning of your calfskin leather purse.

You can apply a suitable shoe polish to your purse to bring out the leather's natural shine. But don't forget to test it in a discreet area. Regular cleaning is also crucial. Use a soft bristle brush or lint-free little damp cloth to remove extra debris below the leather's grains and prevent leather damage and stains.

Apply gentle strokes and don't put excess pressure on your calf skin leather purse. You need to do that depending on how frequently your bag is exposed to the harsh elements. Clean your bag whenever it looks dirty. Brush it off at least once a week or more if you carry it outdoors often.

Caring Tips For Calfskin Leather Bags

We have brought you the best tricks to keep your handmade leather bag away from getting spoilt. We have personally tested these below tips before putting them out on the internet.

How To Clean Calfskin Leather Bag?

Cleaning Calfskin Leather Bag

The following method will help you to keep your calfskin leather in the shape.

Things you’ll need

  1. Baby shampoo / Mild Soap
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Filtered water
  4. Towel
  5. Leather cream
  6. Cotton swabs

Getting towards your first step, empty your bag (obviously)

Get a soft brush and start cleaning the dirt and dust from the corners. Make sure you check every side of the bag properly.

Get your baby shampoo or mild soap and mix it with filtered water. Make a mild solution out of it.

Now, fill that solution in a spray bottle and start spraying over your bag. Don’t dampen your too much. Make sure every side of that bag gets soaped.

Take a dry towel and start wiping off the soap. Make sure you clean every side of the bag. Even the straps and handles should get dry.

After wiping the bag properly, take a few cotton swabs and clean every corner of the bag. Don’t let water sit inside the corners.

Then lastly apply leather cream to make your leather more durable than ever and to keep them in a good shape.

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