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Why Should You Always Choose Nickel Free Jewellery? - The Handmade Store

Why Should You Always Choose Nickel Free Jewellery?

Nickel causes skin allergies with burning like sights on your skin. And also might cause serious medical conditions on prolonged use.

Some studies have also proven that metals like nickel are components of the silver alloy used for making silver jewelry and cause health conditions from wearing for a protracted duration.

As a matter of protecting our bodies, we must buy nickel and lead-free silver jewelry.

There is no reason to choose a jewelry item that consists of nickel. Therefore, so it is advisable to shop for nickel jewelry for you and you're loved ones.

Even WHO ( World Health Organisation ) has said that nickel has adverse effects on adults and children. High-level exposure to kids might lead them to coma or medical conditions. Which might result in kids having intellectual disorders.

What is Nickel?

Nickel is a silver-looking alluring metal with has some amount of goldish tint to it. Nickel is hard and ductile. within the past years, it's been used for plating iron jewelry, making plates, and producing some other alloys altogether.

Nickel is also employed in coins because its price rise has led to some substitutes with cheaper metals during a few years.

Nickel is also used in making transport, airspace, architectural types of equipment, especially, it's used for creating utensils, coins, magnets, and other metals.

What Does Nickel Free Jewelry Mean?

Nickel Free Jewellery

If you got sensitive skin, you have to avoid nickel at all costs. Nickel is probably the most known metal on this planet to cause skin allergies.


Nickel-free jewelry and hypoallergenic are two different things. A lot of people think hypoallergenic is nickel-free but it is not. Hypoallergenic does contain traces of nickel on it. But the risks of allergies are pretty low.

A lot of jewelry makers are selling hypoallergenic jewelry which has nickel in it. When you buy cheap pairs of earrings which is called nickel free is a hypoallergenic piece.

Facts About Nickel Free Jewelry

We as a company always think about our customers first, it is our duty to educate people why exactly nickel is overly used in the jewelry business.

We can debate all day long on this topic. But for the sake of this article. We have brought down a few facts about the usage of nickel in the jewelry business.

  • Abundance of nickel
  • You would be surprised that nickel exposure is more than the entire population on this planet. There is nickel everywhere. In water, food, and, whatnot.

    Even nickel is used in the production of cigarettes. Nickel is one of the nastiest metals found on this planet which is cheap and easily available for any bad use.

  • Hypoallergenic isn’t always nickel free
  • Hypoallergenic, as relieving the word might sound but this type of jewelry does contain nickel to an extent.

    The nickel amount in this jewelry is lesser than the ordinary one. Hypoallergenic is also known as nickel-free jewelry as it was for people that have sensitive skin.

    Using medical plastic became more famous as it diminishes the scope of allergies. Folks love to buy half plastic jewelry and half metal.

  • A few metals that may contain nickel
  • Metals like silver, sterling silver, gold, palladium, and chrome are well known to contain nickel.

    Nickel gives the metal a tough shape and structure when mixed. In sterling silver and gold, nickel is widely used as a hardening agent.

  • Nickel allergies are preventable
  • Nickel allergies are very much preventable if proper precautions are taken. Firstly never buy a piece of jewelry that has nickel.

    Secondly wearing jewelry while sleeping or performing any workout might lead to skin inflammation. Prolonged use can also be harmful.

  • Everyday exposure to nickel
  • We are surrounded by nickel ( sounds like a zombie apocalypse ). The utensils we use have nickel which gets into our food in the process of cooking.

    No matter how purified the water is, it is bound to contain some nickel in it.

    If you smoke regularly, it is pretty obvious that nickel has already been in your lungs.

  • Nickel can cause frightening medical conditions
  • If you have sensitive skin and you use nickel for a long time, you better stop using them a lot as nickel is known to cause serious medical conditions and frightening diseases like cancer.

    Why Do Manufacturers Put Nickel In Jewellery?

    The answer to this question is simple, big jewelers want to make more margins over their jewelry. This is why nickel is used to cut down on costs.

    The jewelry business is a booming business as adults and youngsters are trying to find the proper jewelry to wear for everyday activities, special occasions, and to possess as keepsakes.

    For jewelry makers, selecting the proper base metal is quite important as picking a component or alloy for beauty and durability.

    That’s why nickel-free jewelry is way costlier than jewelry containing nickel in it. But it's very worth it, so don't go cheap on your health.

    Why Is Nickel Free Jewellery Considered Hypoallergenic?

    Sometimes people confuse between nickel-free jewelry and hypoallergenic. Nickel-free is different from hypoallergenic, nickel-free jewelry contains metals like sterling silver and titanium.

    On the other hand, hypoallergenic jewelry is not nickel-free. Hypoallergenic jewelry contains a very low amount of nickel traces. These are specially made to be sold on the same as actual nickel free jewelry.

    Hypoallergenic is less harmful than normal nickel jewelry. Even stainless steel sometimes contains nickel. But if made properly it does not harm the person wearing it.

    Why Is Hypoallergenic Jewelry Is Safe?

    From adults to kids, everyone can benefit from wearing hypoallergenic. We have got top 3 reasons why hypoallergenic jewelry is safe:

  • Won’t cause you rashes
  • Hypoallergenics are made for people who have sensitive skin. This type of jewelry can be used for a prolonged period and it won’t let any rashes on you.

  • Can be worn all day long
  • Hypoallergenic jewelry makes you feel comfortable regardless of how long you wear it. It saves you from worrying about sneaking far away from the fun to get rid of or change your jewelry.

  • Hypoallergenic jewelry is long-lasting
  • Investing in high-quality jewelry will enhance your look and elegance. Medical-grade jewelry is bound lasts an extended time.

    Is Sterling Silver Nickel-Free?

    YES!, in most cases sterling silver is going to be nickel-free. Sterling silver makes use of copper to harden itself as pure silver is soft. Sterling silver consists of 92,5% of silver and 7.5% of copper and other metals.

    Sterling silver does not contain any nickel in most cases but makes sure to ask your jeweler before purchasing.

    Is Brass Nickel-Free?

    Do you know with copper and zinc, brass also has some amount of nickel in it. Even prolonged brass use turn your skin green and might cause a few rashes.

    Your body will feel that the brass, and the metals it contains, might harm you, so your immune system turns into overdrive.

    Where Can I Buy Nickel Free Jewellery?

    Pretty much anywhere. if you choose us, we assure you that our jewelry is nickel free. We always put our customers first. As a business, we know how to maintain an image in this booming industry.

    We source the best material available in the market. A lot of our pieces are handmade, we just do not create artwork for selling but we make them for our love and passion for handmade products,

    Checkout our collection of Nickel Free jewellery.

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