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8 Leather Men's Shoulder Bags For Travelling (2022 Review)

Why choose leather travel bags?

1. It’s Tougher Than It Looks

Leather was used as early as in ancient Egypt. People made everyday items out of it. A process known as tanning was invented by the ancient Greeks to preserve the material.

The right conditions are required for making leather last for thousands of years. A process that treats leather in organic materials, like tree bark and plant tissue is called vegetable tanning. It is one of the forms of tanning.

Leather is a durable material, but the process of tanning elevates its life. This process helps you use leather to last a lifetime and is strong enough to sustain weights and weather conditions with proper care.

2. It’s Light Enough to Carry

Generally, leather bags come as either hand-carry bags or small backpacks.

Having a carry-on comes with benefits, like the comforting feeling that your bag is nearby and you also save on luggage fees. Granted the bag itself is not packed beyond capacity; the bag’s handle can support a lot of weight. You can use it to carry light items like your clothes and toiletries, but not heavier items, like laptops and cameras.

There is a misconception about the leather bags that they are heavy. But the truth is just the opposite of it. The leather bags are lighter than suitcases.

In addition, buying premium quality leather bags, they are going to be lighter than canvas and nylon backpacks.

Leather material is passed before it is transformed into a backpack through a process of tanning and that is the reason behind lighter bags. Cheap and bad-quality leather items are heavy.

3. It’s Easy to Clean

Caring for leather is simple. You can just wipe it with a clean cloth. Especially if it gets drenched.

Leather is water-resistant even when treated. And not allowing it to dry might cause the material to crack.

It is also advised to store the bag away from the sunlight to prolong its pristine looks.

For more thorough cleaning, you can use a leather cleaner. You can also use warm soapy water and rub the surface with a clean cloth. Some solutions include olive oil, vaseline.

If you are cleaning it with a homemade solution, do proper research as to what kind of leather it is and what solution works. Make sure to dust it dry with a soft brush before.

You can also lean towards leather conditioners to keep the leather from drying out.

4. Its Style Will Last

Leather has been a symbol of class for centuries.

In the olden days, handmaking the material made it expensive that was only afforded by the rich and famous.

Development in modern equipment and techniques, today, has cut the time required to make leather to just weeks at most. It won’t take as much to own a leather bag today, but it is still quite an investment.

Leather’s texture and looks will stay for years—perhaps, even outlasting its user, only if cared for properly. From time-to-time cleaning and conditioning is necessary.

Leather travel bags can draw curious gazes thinking where they can get one.

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Benefits of carrying leather duffel aka shoulder travel bags.

Mens crossbody Leather Travel Bags

Leather duffels are the ultimate travel bags. It is convenient for travelling and there are reasons why. It offers a lot of benefits that make travelling easy. Here, I am going to tell you all about it.

  • Spacious and easy to pack

The most beneficial thing about duffel bags is how roomy they are. For travellers who need lots of room for bulky gear, the cylindrical and unstructured shape of the duffel is perfect.

For easy packing, man duffel bags can be opened from the side. If you need to stash items like diving gear or snow boots in your bag, this feature comes in handy.

  • Flexible

A duffel bag’s flexibility makes it easy to squish it into small spaces which is very unlikely with the rigid structure of a suitcase. The advantages of travelling with such a pliable piece of luggage are appreciated by those who have tried to wrestle their bag in the tightly packed overhead compartment.

Apart from being flexible, many duffels are also fabricated from water-resistant materials. Now keep in mind that water-resistant is different from waterproof. So do not test it by throwing it in the pool or anything. This water-resistant feature makes getting caught in bad weather a little less of a disaster.

Just because duffels can fit a lot does not mean that they take a lot of space. Take our duffels bags for instance. They are made of strong leather and canvas. This makes the bags flexible allowing them to fit in tighter spaces than normal travel luggage.

  • Fashionable

Like I said earlier, leather was always associated with class. Leather has been used for centuries and the style has only evolved. It is easy to say that leather is a timeless material.

Leather duffels might not be sophisticated but, fashionable duffels do exist.

Without giving up all the features and perks discussed above, our leather duffle bags prove that duffle bags can be fashionable.

While also enabling you to pack everything you might need on your travels, Duffle bags ensure that you can travel in style!

Compared to traditional luggage and even other duffle bags, leather duffel bags are a great alternative. These duffel bags are durable, flexible, functional, and very fashionable!

Choosing the right travel bag can be tremendously important and a leather duffle bag is a way to go!

  • Multi-Functionality

Taking another look at our duffel bags, you will see that the bags are both practical and fashionable!

Duffle bags can be just as stylish and conventional even if you used as a normal handbag.

Our bags, for instance, have a lot of room to fit all your everyday essentials. It comes with a lot of compartments and zippered pockets. These bags can also be used as flexible storage when you need to store something, in addition to everyday use.

These benefits make the bag practical not just for travel, but for everyday use as well!

7 leather over the shoulder travel bags for men!

1. Full-grain leather messenger bag

Leather shoulder travel messenger

The bag is made in high-quality full-grain leather to outlast every item on the planet. Our skillful artisans handcrafted this bag with sheer passion.

The quality of the leather makes the durability of the bag unbeatable. The bag is also water-resistant which makes it suitable for every season. It provides many features. You can store all your office essentials easily including a laptop.

The tanning processed used is vegetable tanning making it smell extremely pleasant. There is an exclusive feather of phone pockets, pen pockets and an interior zipper pocket. This bag just looks incredibly chic with its smooth finished curves.

This bag also comes with an adjustable strap. The bag comes in the most desired colour for a leather bag. We get to see an attractive saddle brown rugged finishes on this bag. The dimensions of this bag are 11.5(H) x 16(W) x 5(D). This messenger can be used as a duffel bag for travel as well as the gym. It can also be used as a larger weekender messenger.

2. Men’s Tan Leather Holdall

Mens Tan Leather Holdall

In case you are no expert and are looking for a holdall, we’ve got this amazing leather holdall made of genuine leather that is perfect for travelling and several other activities.

The bag has a pleasing smell that comes from the full-grain genuine leather. This is a premium quality bag and the leather used is breathable. The tan finish on the bag makes it extremely attractive allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

The bag is meticulously stitched by our skilled artisans from small local villages. The zippers on this bag are very solid and won’t break. They are made of superior quality for easy glides.

3. Vintage Leather Holdall

Vintage Leather Holdall

This bag is beautifully designed and stitched meticulously. All our bags are handcrafted by skilled artisans from small local villages. This vintage leather holdall offers a boatload of features.

Made from pure full-grain leather, it gives the bag a rugged and strong masculine look. The smell of the leather is very soothing, and the bag is breathable to keep your essentials alive.

What makes it a perfect pick for travelling, are the 3 compartments for storage. The zippers on these bags are handstitched and made of the highest quality metal.

4. Rugged Leather Duffel bag

Rugged Leather Duffle Bag

Handmade leather has its grace. Everyone should include this bag in their bag collection. Whenever you travel with this bag, it will make you look chic.

Made of full-grain leather, it has a boatload of features to offer. You get 2 small front compartments to store your passports, cards and one big compartment for your travelling essentials.

The zippers are made from the best quality metal. Hence, they would not break. The rugged look of this bag will give you the sense of being a fashion icon.

5. High-Quality Leather Duffel Bag

High-Quality Leather Duffel Bag

Stand out amongst everyone with this high-quality leather duffle bag. This leather duffle bag is suitable for all your needs. You can choose this bag to store your essentials for everything from travelling to motorcycle riders.

The bag offers a truckload of benefits and is made of full-grain leather. This bag comes with a briefcase handle as well as an adjustable strap to carry this bag comfortably.

This bag has a huge single compartment to store your things. The zippers are strong and made of high-quality hardware for smooth glides.

6. Leather Motorcycle Duffel Bag

Leather Motorcycle Duffle Bag

This bag is for all the bike lovers out there who want a classy-looking bag with ample space to offer. This handmade leather motorcycle duffel bag is for you. You’ll love this bag as the colour of the bag looks very elegant. It's love at first sight.

The bag looks amazing in the sunlight as it's brown. This bag is made of high-quality handmade leather.

This bag has one large compartment that fits all your necessities. There are two straps on this bag. One is the handle as well as a shoulder strap.

7. Leather Garment Duffel

Leather Garment Duffel

The smell of new leather is very pleasant on your senses. Our Leather duffle bag can be your go-to bag for every occasion, from meetings to a casual outings. They are convenient and fashionable.

The cotton canvas inside the bag makes it the perfect carry-on garment bag and increases its durability.

Authentic full-grain leather is used in this leather duffel bag. The colour of this bag is brown giving it a classy look. It can endure years of usage as it is a timeless piece of beauty.

You can keep your suits and dresses wrinkle-free in this bag as it has ample space. This bag has a large pocket in the front and a separate compartment for shoes. The bag has two adjustable straps along with one handle on top.

8. Leather Weekender Duffle BagLeather Weekender Duffle Bag

Take this leather weekender duffle bag to your weekend vacation, casual outings, or on any other occasion. The rustic brown shade looks sophisticated and gets better with aging and repeated usage.

The tanned rich full-grain cowhide leather can carry heavy weights and can stay a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. You only need to wipe your bag, if it gets drenched, with a clean cloth. The leather smells pleasant because of the vegetable tanning process.

The interior pocket lined with soft fabric can keep your delicate stuff safe from delicate items. Plus, this bag is made of cruelty-free leather that comes from meat industry by-products.

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