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Leather Bag Giveaway - The Handmade Store - The Handmade Store

Leather Bag Giveaway - The Handmade Store

How you carry your laptop says a lot about you.

Brace yourself for our first ever giveaway - Get a chance to win our Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag.

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Terms And Conditions :

1. All Entries Will Be Checked Manually.
2. We Hope (Not Compulsory) that the winners will share a pic with their new bag with us.
3. Don't Get Dishearten if you don't win, we will be launching every month with different products. (Keep following our instagram for the same)

4. Our Giveaway Winners will be announced on Instagram Story and on this page on 15th April, 1st May and 15th May. Packages Will be sent to them but the Name on the address needs to be same as their Participant Name.

Leather Bags Giveaway

1st Winner - https://www.instagram.com/leoscatsss/

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