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Why should you choose Lead-Free Jewellery? - The Handmade Store

Why should you choose Lead-Free Jewellery?

Lead and nickel jewelry has become a very hot topic. People are choosing lead and nickel-free pieces of jewelry regardless of their prices.

Unknowingly we all must have used nickel or lead mixed jewelry at some point in time. People simply ignore the outcome after wearing those phony jewelry pieces which are not good for your skin and health.

Choosing lead and nickel-free jewelry might cost you a couple of bucks more but will save you from hidden dangers which come with using nickel and lead-mixed jewelry.

What if we told you that using lead jewelry can harm your brain, affect your learning abilities, and might steer you to unwanted and frightening conditions.

And at higher levels of lead exposure, lead could cause adverse problems like infections to the brain and nervous system leading to comas and even death.

Even simple jewelry which is meant to be worn every day consists of lead.

It is tough to determine if your jewelry has lead or not on your own. BUT LEAD JEWELRY CAN BE AVOIDED.

Follow us to know why you should choose lead-free jewellery.

Benefits of Using Lead-Free Jewellery

  • No more skin allergies. Yes, when you choose lead-free jewelry the risk of getting allergies is not possible.
  • Safe for you and your family. If the piece is lead-free there is almost no chance that the lead would absorb through your skin and harm you and your family.
  • Lead-free jewelry can be worn prolongedly. You can wear these pieces for a long time without thinking twice about it.
  • Leadfree jewelry is safe to wear while sleeping.
  • Lead-free jewelry cant cause skin poisoning from skin exposure. If the jewelry is tiny and something a child can easily put in their mouth, it won’t lead to diarrhea and fatigue.
  • By choosing lead-free jewelry you can tackle some very serious problems. Some serious conditions associated with lead jewelry are memory loss, premature birth, and miscarriage.

What Does Lead-free Mean?

Any jewelry which has almost no lead content is called lead-free jewelry. Mostly lead-free jewelry makes use of other metals that are safe instead of lead.

Making use of hypoallergenic is mostly in trend nowadays to avoid lead and nickel. Hypoallergenics do carry metals like lead and nickel in them. But on a comparatively lower lever.

Why Do Jewelers Put Lead In Jewelry?

It is cheap! For a jeweler who passes produce jewelry, options like lead and nickel can be ideal as they are cheap. And lead is almost available everywhere.

Customers always put price before their health. We as a company always challenge ourselves that we will deliver the best lead and nickel-free pieces.

The craze for jewelry among youngsters has also increased. Teenagers are not in a position to purchase a costly piece. That is why choosing a lead piece is the only choice for youngsters.

What Is Lead Poisoning?

Lead free jewellery

Simply handling lead wasn't considered a drag. But newer data are challenging that. Lead is often absorbed through the skin but, if I got it right, there must be sure conditions.

A bit of lead reacting with sweat and therefore the body salts causing minuscule corrosion while repeatedly held against the body for a protracted period of your time over a long period of your time could get some lead into the body. a really fine dust of lead and sweating In other words, small amounts of lead can make it through open pores.

But on jewelry, if you coat the lead with a sweat-resistant material or if the person only wears the jewelry when not active enough to sweat or in hot environments, albeit the lead isn't coated, there won’t be much problem.

Eating a healthy diet with adequate calcium and iron prevents plumbism because the lead will undergo without being haunted by the body. So albeit one is exposed to steer with the body’s needs for calcium and iron having been met in excess, no lead is going to be absorbed. But an individual whose body is in desperate need of calcium or iron might suck up lead sort of a sponge.

How To Tell If Jewelry Is Lead-Free?

Lead free jewellery

Toxic Metals in jewelry can't be detected by human observation and simple experiments. Generally, the contents of lead in the jewelry can only be detected by testing in the labs.

So if you don't want to buy toxic jewelry, you should find a reliable and trusted jewelry store and never buy very cheap jewelry it is very dangerous.

cheap base-metal is bad and harmful, jewelry available in the market today contains small amounts of lead even after naming lead-free. A basic rule of thumb, if the item isn't certified "lead-free," or if the price seems very cheap, it probably contains some lead and you should not buy it.

Is Brass Lead-Free?

Yes. Lead is popular in manufacturing because its softness makes it easy to cast in a molding.

Brass does contain lead. The proportion of lead in brass is very low but still harmful.

Even prolonged brass use turn your skin green and might cause a few rashes.

Although there are several reasons to avoid lead, most adults don't chew on or swallow their jewelry, and simply touching items with small amounts of lead does not cause the problems that eating a lead bead causes.

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