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Why choose handmade quilt over machine-made?

A quilt is a blanket. The quilt can be ideal when you want to make yourself feel cozy and comfortable. Choosing a handmade over a machine-made can be a great idea. A handmade quilt will deliver an antique look and comfort same time.

A lot of people nowadays look forward to adding something fresh to their house aesthetic-wise.

A handmade quilt can be the best option if you want to add some personality to the room.

A quilt has three layers, the uppermost and the bottom layer mostly consists of wool. The middle layer consists of wadding which is cotton wool transformed into a soft sheet.

A quilt is a perfect pick when you want to enjoy NETFLIX or read books by the windows as quilts are multi-purpose.

So why choose a handmade quilt over a machine made?

Handmade quilt

Every handmade product has style. Handmade quilts are made from the hands of skilled artisans. The whole process of sewing and putting all the layers together is completely done with the artisan’s hands. There is no machine involved in making these pieces. Handmade quilts take a much longer time to make.

Like any other handmade item, these handmade quilts are also made with natural materials. Materials like cotton, wadding, and stitching threads are naturally made.


  • Handmade quilts have a different kind of rhythm and feel to them.
  • Your quilt will be one of one. There will be almost no probability that your quilt will be the same as somebody you know.
  • You can have your personalized quilts. Artisans who make handmade quilts are so skilled. That they even customize the quilt as per the customer’s need.
  • You are supporting a small business that is highly skilled in its art of patchwork.
  • Handmade quilts have aesthetic appeal.
  • Handmade quilts are not mass-produced.
  • Unlike machine-made quilts, handmade quilts have uniformity in their patterns.


  • Production of handmade quilts is time-consuming. Artisans spend hours of work in the process of making the quilts.
  • The fact that the quilt is handmade, it has to be expensive
  • Irregular stitching is commonly seen as the product is made by hands so there is a scope of finding irregularities.

The Look And The Feel

We tend to have a different emotional attachment to a quilt which is made by an heirloom that took hundreds of hours to complete. Computer generated machines cant give you the feel of a handmade quilt.

A handmade quilt will impart warmth. The way these quilts are made is another piece of art. Materials used in these quilts are so high quality that they can be used for prolonged use. A quilt mainly consists of three layers in which the upper and the bottom-most layer is just a woolen sheet. And the middle is filled with high-quality cotton wadding to keep you warm and comfy.

The look and feel of a handmade quilt are different from a machine made quilt. Handmade quilts are wavy when touched, on the other hand, machine made quilts are very uniform and neat. You can never sense being home with a machine made quilt.

When looking at the feel and looks always search for faults in stitching. This is a good sign of your quilt has faults in the stitching as it is made manually. A handmade quilt will not look perfect. There will be long stitches and some uneven corners that will guarantee that the item is original.

The Different Patterns of Handmade Quilts

Handmade quilt patterns

In quilts, there are endless types and designs you can shop for. The topmost layer of the quilt is counted as more important in design and pattern. The second and the bottom layer don’t carry much design on them. Every second and third layer of a quilt available in the market is almost the same. We have listed a few famous types of quilt patterns for your reference when buying.

  • Charm Quilt
  • Charm Quilts are also known as Patch Quilts. A Charm Quilt is a sort of scrap quilt where no piece of cloth is used over twice for any a part of the quilt. These are made from one shape repeated across the entire quilt.

    This was accomplished by posing for scraps from friends or exchanging sheets of fabrics to urge a good amount of variety. Charm Quilts got popular from the 1870s for 25 years, then their popularity was revived within the 1930s.

  • Jeans Quilt
  • Jean quilts are quite self-explanatory, these quilts are made with a jeans denim material. These quilts gained a lot of fame when people chose to sew a quilt out of their old jeans other than just throwing it away.

  • Lap Quilt
  • As the name says it all, Lap quilts are tiny versions of ordinary quilts. A lap quilt is large enough to comfortably cover an adult during a seated position. Quilters make lap quilts in sort of shapes and sizes, and that they are often customized to suit different purposes.

    These can be an ideal pick for making yourself comfortable while working at home or reading books.

  • Lattice Quilts
  • Every quilt pattern holds its character, lattice patterns bring a dimensional pattern by using a lovely geometric and graphic design that has its artistic look. lattice quilt patterns are known to displays a certain old-school look while maintaining a modern style.

  • Bargello Quilt
  • This is probably the foremost unique quilt design you'll encounter. this is often because such quilts are woven with bargello designs. When sewn together, a wave-like pattern is made on the quilt.

    Do’s and Dont's When Cleaning And Taking Care of Handmade Quilts


    • Washing your quilt frequently will increase the life of the quilt. Be sure to use a soft detergent or a washing powder while cleaning your handmade quilt.
    • Always hand wash your handmade quilts as you might up losing up the whole structure of a quilt by washing them in a machine.
    • Always try to clean up oil and ketchup stains as soon as possible.
    • If the quilt gets stained wash the whole quilt.
    • Always lay your quilt flat for drying it.
    • While storing them never use a plastic bag. Always let the quilt breathe.


    • Never use a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum might lose out the stitches which would result in a short life span of the quilt.
    • Never use warm water while washing your quilt, cold water will be ideal.
    • Never lay your quilt directly under the sun.
    • Never dry clean, as the chemicals can result in loss of dyes.

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