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5 Tips To Find A Durable Leather Backpack

When you go bag shopping, the best deals in the market are what impress you the most. We do not blame you for that. But, there is a significant difference when comparing a faux leather backpack with an authentic one. Cheap leather bags have a bad reputation for peeling, fading, ripping, and tearing.

No matter how many hours you put into its care, such bags cannot stand the test of time. However, genuine leather backpacks can manage to look as good as new even after 5-10 years. They are assets storage-wise, for clothes, gadgets, books, you name it!

Unlike the messenger bags/sling bags, which carry a few books or laptops, backpacks can fit in anything. But, how do you find a durable leather backpack? We share five easy tips to help you get hold of a sturdy bag in this blog.

Are Leather Backpacks Comfortable?

Comfort is one of the most crucial factors as to why people choose a leather backpack over any other bag. They come to your rescue when you can barely lift your shoulders because of a lopsided backache. Messenger, sling, or side bags strain one side of the body and leave impressions on the skin.

But, leather backpacks simplify the load by distributing it evenly across your shoulders. These bags are the safest bet for anyone who is a last-minute packer. They are stable, and you can throw in bundles of items without structuring or sequencing them.

A notable thing about these backpacks is that they stay intact without slipping off the shoulders. A cushioned padding in the shoulder straps of these bags never numb your shoulders regardless of the weight you carry.

5 tips to find a long-lasting leather backpack

1. Must be made of full-grain or top-grain leather

Full Grain Leather Backpack

The highest quality of leather is full-grain leather. It is also the most durable and robust compared to bonded and genuine leather. Full-grain leather backpacks are not treated in ways that cause the leather fibers to alter. Thus, they retain their fundamental strength.

The full-grain leather backpacks do not wear out easily. Instead, they form a patina that not only adds to the bag's aesthetic but also provides a thin protective layer against wear, tear, and corrosion.

If you do not get hold of a full-grain leather bag, you can always choose a top-grain leather backpack. This type of leather bag is made by rupturing the hide and sanding away imperfections. The process does not make top-grain leather stronger than full-grain leather, but you will still find the bag to be a durable one.

We recommend not opting for genuine or bonded leather bags. These leathers are of the lowest grade in terms of quality. Thus, bags made out of them will tear down if you tend to impose heavily.

2. Must be waterproof

Leather provides some water resistance, but too much contact with water rots it. The porous nature of the material prevents it from being completely waterproof. Hence, it would help if you opted for faux leather backpacks that have a waterproof plastic base or fully waxed top-grain/ full-grain leather backpacks.

By any chance, if you buy a water-resistant bag that is not waterproof, it will become stiff and hard with all the suppleness and moisture gone. Thus, we recommend buying a wax-treated, conditioned leather bag that has considerable water-proofing properties.

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3. Must be stitched well

Leather Backpack Stitching

The stitching quality always plays a pivotal part in a handbag. Thus, when you buy a leather backpack, ensure that it has a straight stitch line with uniform gaps and more stitches between stitches. Nylon threads make for the most durable and strong stitches.

They have a slightly glossy and smooth finish that goes well with a leather bag's polish. If you spot stitched bags stitched with tiny fibers sticking out, stay away from them. Remember that these threads will break and wear off some day, and will render a shabby look.

Opt for hand-stitched bags which have every stitch locked in individually. You must be thinking, why? Well, in such bags, even if a single stitch wears off, the rest of the stitching stays as is and unaffected.

The best bags are those that are hand-stitched where it's necessary. Specifically, parts of the bag that are frequently stressed and require reinforcement. We recommend a backpack with a nice mix of both hand stitching and machine stitching.

That is because a mix of lining, machine stitching the bag's pockets, and hand stitching impart durability. You will also get such well-stitched leather backpacks at a reasonable price. Backpacks with hip belts, padded straps on shoulders, and a snug back panel help in equal weight distribution. Here is how:

  • Cushioned hip belts remove the weight from the shoulders and back. Hence, your leg muscles carry most of the burden while also permitting you to carry extra weight for longer.
  • Padded and contoured backs follow your lower back's natural shape. Thus, they add to the comfort factor. Padded backs contribute to a natural arch which keeps back pain at bay.
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps let the backpack relax. Hence, you experience no strain on your back.

4. Must have single-panel design

For any bag, there are two design aspects- functionality and usability. When you invest in a leather backpack, it should benefit you in years to come. A backpack's sturdiness will depend on the number of panels used to create it.

It would be best to choose a bag with a single-panel design. Such a design reduces the chances of these stitches tearing open. A sensible design will have reinforcements in sections that experience high stress; like the loops on which the shoulder straps hook on to, the handles on top, and area around locks.

All of these spots must have additional support like double-stitch accompanying rivets, or a hardboard piece sandwiched between the lining and leather.

5. Pay heed to budget

A leather backpack's price is reflected in the quality of the materials used, the design's aesthetics, and craftsmanship. You cannot compromise on quality by paying a low price. That is because tearing open a backpack with all your stuff spilling out while on the move will be the last thing you would want.

Some factors influence a leather backpack's cost. These points include whether it is a limited edition bag, a mass-manufactured bag, or a hand-assembled bag. Some basic backpacks can retail for less than thirty dollars, while the high-end ones could cost you above 1500 dollars.

Keep in mind that the prices of these backpacks depend on the brand, fabric, and size. One quality backpack can keep up for many years besides providing you with genuine protection for your belongings.


Leather backpacks are and will always be in style no matter what. However, you must always purchase the one that has been crafted from high-quality leather. Fake or cheap leather, or for that matter, even the bonded one, can never serve you well. So, do not risk the security of your belongings or your appearance with low-quality backpacks.

You can choose from a wide variety of water-resistant leather backpacks at The Handmade Store and let your spirit run amok on rainy days. We hope you find these 5 tips handy, and in case you enjoyed reading this blog, do follow our social media page for other cool articles and discounts.

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