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9 Best Distressed Leather Laptop Bags For Men

The love for vintage is never-ending. Not only vintage but anything old gives us a sense of nostalgia.

Such items have a sentimental value that makes us want more of them. The emotions and feelings behind an item are much more important than the product itself. It is not the product but rather the feeling that makes us want to purchase such an item.

All new things are made to look old based on the demand. From jeans to leather, everything can be artificially made to look worn.

Vintage furniture makes the house feel more homely. It gives the furniture a meaning as if it’s been passed down from generations in a household and has a story to it.

Imagine having a leather briefcase made distressed like it was used by your father and now passed to you.

Leather is a classy and luxurious material and distressing gives it a rusty and edgy character.

What is distressed leather?

As the name suggests, distressed leather is leather that is made to look damaged or marred in ways that cause it to look older or worn. Most of the time, this means scrapes and scratches from the wear and tear over time. But you can also DIY distress leather by cutting or burning it, or even by soaking it in water.

The process of distressing leather not only makes it look worn but also makes it more durable. Making it less likely to crack or scratch along the lines of the damage.

Distressed Leather available in the market is an aniline-dyed leather with an artificially worn and aged appearance in which the natural characteristics of the hide such as healed scars, scratches, and wrinkles are considered a positive characteristic.

The main features of distressed leather are –

  • Changing Colours

The colours often come down to personal taste. A light brown bag looks very different from a deep black, there’s no denying that.

The character and the way it ages over time is what makes leather so popular.

This is particularly true of distressed leather. It is usually made from old leather that is then distressed to add a unique character to the bags.

  • Glossy Patina

A leather bag with a glossy finish is a fine piece of art.

The cracks and scratches give an overall distressed look to the bag when it is distressed. One of the most popular ways to increase the value of the bag is by distressing leather.

The leather used in crafting a shoe must be different from the ones used in making a bag. Primarily, shoes are made of leather, but bags are not.

  • Magic Repairs

Whether you are going for function or fashion, is the first thing you need to decide when it comes to restoring or repairing your leather bags.

As many bags spend their lives in closets or on shelves, it's not always necessary to restore a bag to its original condition. In such cases, you can still restore the bag to its original strength and durability without worrying about original details like manufacturer markings or hardware.

How to distress leather bag?

Distressed Leather Bags

Leather distressing is the process to make the leather look vintage. Without the wear and tear, this process makes the leather item look like you have had to for decades.

Distressing leather products like handbags or wallets will give them the look like they have a story to tell and possibly actually belonged to your grandparents, while still being brand new.

  • What Not to do

When you are treating leather to look distressed, it is also important to know what not to do.

A lot of people have tried using sandpaper or wire brushes as they give that distinct worn look to their leather. It does more bad than good. Even though you achieve the warn patchy look, it degrades the quality of the leather.

The goal is to distress the leather to give it the look of being old while not wearing out the leather. This means it is important that you do not weaken it during the process.

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Another way you should not distress leather is by placing it by fire. The heat and smoke can dry out and shrink the leather. This will cause the leather to crack and damage and you do not want that to happen.

How You Should Distress Leather?

How to Distress Leather Bag

Apart from what not to do, it is time to get to business with ways that you can distress your leather.

There are ways to do this safely and correctly and to simultaneously ensure that your leather stays in the best quality possible while giving it that weathered look. Just follow the steps.

  1. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is often used in addition to petroleum jelly when you are trying to soften your leather. However, to distress leather, you will want to just need the rubbing alcohol on its own.

Apply the rubbing alcohol to the certain parts you want to look distressed from the leather bag. You can use a spray bottle or a rag to dampen the leather without drenching it in rubbing alcohol. This will dry out giving it that distressed look.

  1. Beat It

After you have gotten your leather product wet with alcohol, it is time to get physical with the leather bag, if you want the creased look in it. Fold it, pound it, knead it, and crumple it, to give the leather the distinct creases that you want, while the leather is still wet.

Be cautious while you are doing this, to ensure that the leather is wet enough to be handled without cracking.

  1. Throw It in the Dirt

In addition to the creases and dry patches, some people want their leather to have a dusty worn look. To achieve this look, throw your dry leather in dry dirt.

Kick the bag around to give it a dustier and more worn look, without destroying the leather. Treat it like it has been on a great journey through the wild west and has come back to tell the tale.

9 Brown Distressed Leather Messenger Bags.

Here are the best distressed leather laptop bags that are worth investing in.

  1. Distressed Leather Briefcase
    Distressed Brown Leather Briefcase

Be fashionable at work with a handmade distressed leather briefcase. This leather briefcase will turn on the charm as soon as you enter any room. The black colour of the bag looks extremely elegant. This distressed style gives this black leather a rustic and edgy look giving it a character.

The bag is made from high-quality genuine handmade full-grain leather that is satisfying to smell. The bag has a distressed look on it that looks very classy and vintage in any contrast. This bag is made from heavy-duty leather and that assures durability.

This bag has 4 compartments in total. There are two internal and two front pockets. The internal compartments are roomy and spacious enough to keep your laptop easily. This bag also has an adjustable strap along with a top handle. The dimensions are 12 x 16 x 4 inches.

  1. Rustic Leather Backpack

Distressed Leather Backpack

Buying old is the new fashion now. Anything with a vintage finish is stylish. Hence, this rustic leather backpack is the solution for staying on top of trends.

The backpack is crafted with genuine leather and is 100 % handmade by our artisans skillfully. The colour of the backpack is brown. The quality of the leather ensures the long life of the bag.

This leather backpack has 3 compartments in total. Two pockets in the front for your phone and wallet, and one large compartment. It has two adjustable straps to keep the stuff inside safe.

Along with straps, it also consists of a briefcase handle on top. This can be the new go-to bag that you won’t have to get rid of for a long time.

  1. Full-Grain Leather Messenger Bag

Distressed Leather Messenger

The bag is made in high-quality full-grain leather to outlast every item on the planet. Our skillful artisans handcrafted this bag with sheer passion.

The quality of the leather makes the durability of the bag unbeatable. The bag is also water-resistant which makes it suitable for every season. It provides many features. You can store all your office essentials easily including a laptop.

The tanning processed used is vegetable tanning making it smell extremely pleasant. There is an exclusive feather of phone pockets, pen pockets and an interior zipper pocket. This bag just looks incredibly chic with its smooth finished curves.

This bag also comes with an adjustable strap. The bag comes in the most desired colour for a leather bag. We get to see an attractive saddle brown rugged finishes on this bag. The dimensions of this bag are 11.5(H) x 16(W) x 5(D).

  1. Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Use the best that is available in the market, and it is this dark brown leather laptop bag made of superior quality full-grain leather. These leather bags shows how exquisite your taste is.

There is a lot of space in this bag. Two internal compartments are quite big to store office essentials without forcefully shoving them in the bag. The compartment in the middle has cushioned walls to protect your laptop.

It also has small compartments on the outside. The zippers on the bag are smooth as butter. The hardware of the bag is brass plated making it more alluring.

  1. Light Brown Leather Satchel

Light Brown Leather Satchel

With this tan leather satchel bag, you can now carry your workspace in a compact form. This satchel is handmade from the highest quality genuine full-grain leather. The bag has a truckload of features to offer.

To keep your essentials safe, the bag has got a lot of compartments. The smell of this distressed leather is very satisfying.

It is a perfect pick for travelling as it comes with three compartments. The zippers on these bags are handstitched with industrial thread and are made from the best quality material in the world.

  1. Rustic Leather Satchel

Rustic Leather Satchel

Add a new touch to your fashion game with this handmade rustic leather satchel.

The bag can be used for a prolonged period as it is made of superior quality full-grain leather. There are several compartments given for optimum use. It has 2 large pockets, 1 zippered compartment on the back and 2 internal compartments. The internal compartments have cushion walls to protect your laptop.

It has a rustic look that adds character to the bag making it very alluring. It has an adjustable strap that extends to 55 inches and a briefcase handle on top. The dimensions of the bag are 12 x 16 x 14 inches.

  1. Vintage Leather Messenger

Vintage Leather Messenger

Add this vintage leather messenger to your collection and be classy. This vintage leather messenger bag will make you look glamorous.

The bag is made from high-quality genuine handmade full-grain leather. The vintage finish is precisely attractive. The bag is available in vintage black colour that makes the stitching stand out.

The bag consists of two internal compartments and two front zippers. You don’t have to deal with the strap as there are magnetic buttons equipped. As the bag is very spacious you can fit your files and laptop hustle-free.

The adjustable strap provided can be extended to 55 inches. The dimensions of this bag are 16 x 12 x 4 inches.

  1. Rugged Leather Briefcase

Rugged Leather BriefcaseBe fashionable in the corporate world with this rugged leather briefcase. The distressed style gives it a rustic and vintage look. The briefcase is made of full-grain leather.

The bag has ample space for storage. With 4 compartments and one cushion walled protective sleeve for the laptop making it roomy and organized. It comes with an adjustable strap as well as a handle making it flexible to use.

The zippers on the bag are made of superior quality making it easier to glide. This rugged leather briefcase keeps you in style.

9. Antique Brown Leather Briefcase

This antique brown leather briefcase looks distressed yet stays for years because of the leather quality. The process of distressing leather makes your briefcase durable because of which it hardly gets scratched or cracked.

The distressed leather gets better and more shared as they age.

The polished brass hardware completes the retro-chic look of the brown leather briefcase. You can keep all personal items inside two big pockets and zippered internal compartments so the stuff doesn't get mixed up with each other.

The internal compartments are padded enough to keep your laptop safe when you travel.

The handle and adjustable shoulder strap make it simple for you to carry the antique briefcase easily and comfortably.

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