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8 Best Brown Leather Work Bags For Men (2022 Review)

It's time to ditch your boring old bag and turn it up a notch with leather.

Leather bags are the best option available out there for office bags. You do not want to keep buying new bags every 3 to 5 years. The durability of leather bags allows it to possibly live longer than you.

It is a one-time investment and worth every penny. You need to everything about leather before you buy an office bag.

And I will guide you through it all.

But first, let's see what you should avoid in your bag.

  • Useless pockets or too many pockets
  • Unreasonably heavy bags
  • Poor quality straps
  • Low-quality leather
  • Covered in contrast stitching.
  • Lightweight hardware
  • Flimsy zippers
  • Poor finishing

All these things will make a bag appear cheap. Pay attention to the details so that you do not get ribbed off. Do proper research or you might be fooled into buying a cheap bag for a lot of money.

5 Qualities Of A Decent Leather Office Bag

Brown Leather office bags for men

A well-constructed leather bag can quickly become your favourite go-to item. The most meaningful thing you own, and the thing you never leave your house without.

Leather products are now seemingly everywhere, as the paths of tradition and trend have met. But it extends well beyond trend and celebrity influence.

Luckily, it’s easy to separate well-made items from those mass-produced ones. There are 5 distinct qualities of a well-constructed office bag.

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  1. Uniqueness

Leather isn’t a textile for mass production. When they’re unique, leather products are desirable and worth the investment.

A unique leather product becomes even more meaningful to its owner when the colour and texture evolve with use and time. A richness that develops with age. They mature. Our most profound experiences are carried in the form of marks, scents, and memories.

With time mass-produced, generic items don’t hold or develop character. It’s easy to dispose of and replace.

  1. Durability

Treated or not, leather is naturally durable. For the owners that appreciate it, it withstands prolonged use and harsh climates.

Leather changed with time is looked at as flawed or imperfect by many people, but leather lovers believe the opposite. When put to the test, they know how tough top-grain leather is.

No product is more worthy of being handed down to a child or grandchild than a well-loved leather bag.

  1. Construction

The fabrication of a bag is extremely important and needs to be considered.

Depending on your needs, choose a bag that has the same features to offer. Skillful stitching is necessary, or it might make the bag look cheap.

From the leather to the hardware used should be of supreme quality along with classy finishing.

The construction of the bag can make or break the look of the leather, no matter how good quality the leather is.

A well-constructed leather bag is a belonging you won’t want to throw away.

  1. Imperfections

Flawless leather bags don’t even exist.

The imperfections that hides contain, give leather goods more character and uniqueness. Leather isn’t meant to be perfect, or as colourful and intriguing as its owner.

Appreciate the flaws. Let it breathe. Let it change. Love it even more.

The flaws and imperfections are what make a leather bag perfect.

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  1. Companionship

A well-treated leather quickly becomes an essential travel companion.

Leather bags are no different.

Leather sleeves that offer soft, protective covers for your belongings are something you quickly come to rely on. Leather deepens the meaning of the product in your life, just as it physically changes over time.

8 Brown Leather Office Bags For Men

  1. Cowhide Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase Brown For Men

This briefcase is made with full-grain cowhide leather in brown and with dimensions. It is an ideal office bag with a distressed style. The leather is professionally distressed with excellent enrichment techniques for everlasting usage. The hardware used is constructed with stainless steel and brass.

The zippers are of good quality allowing it to glide easily. The lining of the briefcase is done with durable polyester fabric. The thread used to construct this briefcase is of supreme quality and durable is the heavy industrial thread. It has one zippered pocket on the back. It has two interior walled slots for phones, wallets, etc. One internal walled zippered pocket with a laptop protection sleeve.

It has a large compartment on the inside. This space is plenty for all your office essentials. Along with a leather handbag handle, it has a leather and canvas adjustable shoulder strap. Also comes with a centred topside handbag handle.

  1. Full-Grain Leather Messenger

Leather Briefcase For Men

The bag is made in high-quality full-grain leather to outlast every item on the planet. Our skilful artisans handcrafted this bag with sheer passion.

The quality of the leather makes the durability of the bag unbeatable. The bag is also water-resistant which makes it suitable for every season. It provides many features. You can store all your office essentials easily including a laptop.

The tanning process used is vegetable tanning making it smell extremely pleasant. There is an exclusive feather of phone pockets, pen pockets and an interior zipper pocket. This bag just looks incredibly chic with its smooth finished curves.

This bag also comes with an adjustable strap. The bag comes in the most desired colour for a leather bag. We get to see an attractive saddle brown rugged finishes on this bag. The dimensions of this bag are 11.5(H) x 16(W) x 5(D).

  1. Rustic Leather Backpack

    Rustic Leather Backpack

Buying old is the new fashion now. Anything with a vintage finish is stylish. Hence, this rustic leather backpack is the solution for staying on top of trends.

The backpack is crafted with genuine leather and is 100 % handmade by our artisans skillfully. The colour of the backpack is brown. The quality of the leather ensures the long life of the bag.

This leather backpack has 3 compartments in total. Two pockets in the front for your phone and wallet, and one large compartment makes it a good office bag. It has two adjustable straps to keep the stuff inside safe.

Along with straps, it also consists of a briefcase handle on top. This can be the new go-to bag that you won’t have to get rid of for a long time.

  1. Dark Brown Leather Laptop Bag

Dark Brown Leather Bag

Use the best that is available in the market, and it is this dark brown leather laptop bag made of superior quality full-grain leather. These leather bags show how exquisite your taste is.

There is a lot of space in this bag. Two internal compartments are quite big to store office essentials without forcefully shoving them in the bag. The compartment in the middle has cushioned walls to protect your laptop.

It also has small compartments on the outside. The zippers on the bag are smooth as butter. The hardware of the bag is brass plated making it more alluring

  1. Light Brown Leather Satchel

    Chestnut Brown Leather Satchel

With this tan leather satchel bag, you can now carry your workspace in a compact form. This satchel is handmade from the highest quality genuine full-grain leather. The bag has a truckload of features to offer.

To keep your essentials safe, the bag has got a lot of compartments. The smell of this distressed leather is very satisfying.

It is a perfect pick for travelling as it comes with three compartments. The zippers on these bags are handstitched with industrial thread and are made from the best quality material in the world.

  1. Rustic Leather Satchel

    Rustic Leather Satchel

Add a new touch to your fashion game with this handmade rustic leather satchel.

The bag can be used for a prolonged period as it is made of superior quality full-grain leather.

There are several compartments given for optimum use. It has 2 large pockets, 1 zippered compartment on the back and 2 internal compartments. The internal compartments have cushion walls to protect your laptop. All this extra storage space can be used to keep your office supplies safe even when at home.

It has a rustic look that adds character to the bag making it very alluring. It has an adjustable strap that extends to 55 inches and a briefcase handle on top. The dimensions of the bag are 12 x 16 x 14 inches.

  1. Vintage Leather Messenger

    Vintage Mens Leather Messenger Bag

Add this vintage leather messenger to your collection and be classy. This vintage leather messenger bag will make you look glamorous.

The bag is made from high-quality genuine handmade full-grain leather. The vintage finish is precisely attractive. The bag is available in vintage black colour that makes the stitching stand out.

The bag consists of two internal compartments and two front zippers. You don’t have to deal with the strap as there are magnetic buttons equipped. As the bag is very spacious you can fit your office files and laptop hustle-free.

The adjustable strap provided can be extended to 55 inches. The dimensions of this bag are 16 x 12 x 4 inches making it a compact bag and easy to carry to work.

8. Antique Brown Leather Briefcase

This antique brown leather briefcase can be a great thing to carry at your workplace as it looks rugged yet sophisticated and gets better even with repeated usage.

As the rich grain leather's texture is naturally durable, the bag can tolerate harsh weather and stay intact for years. The polished brass hardware adds a beautiful shine to your leather bag.

The brown briefcase looks perfect not only because of the leather quality but because of the impeccable construction. The internal padded compartments and the sturdy leather surface give the required protection to your laptop from external attacks.

What kind of bag should a man carry to work?

A man should carry a bag depending on the place they visit. When it comes to going to work, they can carry different types of bags. Leather backpacks, with a laptop sleeve, can work well for an office goer.

A leather briefcase can be a good bag to carry to your office as it's practical and looks great when slung over your suit jacket's shoulder.

A messenger bag looks good and helps you to carry a laptop, papers, and lunchbox. This type of bag usually comes with magnetic closures, buckled fasteners, adjustable straps, and interior and exterior pockets.

The most expensive thing you carry to your office is a laptop. So, you should carry a high-quality laptop bag to keep the device safe and secure when traveling. With a good laptop bag, you can also enhance your formal attire and grab the attention of people.

Are briefcases out of style?

No, they aren't.

Nowadays, leather briefcases are mainly designed to carry laptops. Professionals and businesspersons tend to use briefcases when they go for official duties. Many people still use a leather briefcase for everyday traveling and commuting to and from their workplaces. As a leather bag looks traditional, many people are using backpacks for their casual look and convenience.

Business owners who need something to carry their laptops and important documents use briefcases. You can find a variety of modern briefcases made of aluminum to carry a laptop and paper. Aluminum briefcases are more durable, sleeker in design, made with a sturdy interior lining, and can tolerate wear and tear. They look stylish yet professional and can carry laptops and other business essentials.

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