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Area Rugs Cleaning Guide 2022

Cleaning a rug is not a tough job. So many folks are just scared to buy rugs because they think cleaning is a tough job. There are tons of incorrect methods to clean a carpet on the internet. It doesn’t matter which rug you are cleaning.

All it matters is how do you clean your mat that brings a charm to your room.

To clean a rug there are proper ways to be followed. Handmade rugs are usually very delicate and anything that goes hard on the handmade rug results in messing up the entire look.

Every rug should be cleaning similarly is a myth. Cleaning of handmade rugs is comparatively different than cleaning a machine-made rug. Incorrectly cleaning a handmade rug can result in uneven edges and sometimes faded colors on the rug.

Today we have got you the ultimate guide to clean your rug at home fittingly. Gather your tools and supplies because we are about to clean them up.

How To Clean Cotton Rugs?

Area Rugs Cotton Cleaning

Cotton is a favorite rug fiber for all carpet manufacturers because of its lightweight and soft feel. Cotton rugs catch stains and wear. Always make sure you never mess up with your carpet in the first place.


The first step is to put your vacuum cleaner on the medium setting and clean the uppermost surface of the rug. Make sure you also clean the bottom of the rug as grit and dirt get stuck in the bottom.

Vacuuming the rug before washing it into the machine is very important. Tiny particles of dirt and grit get stuck into the knots forever when the cotton rug gets wet.

After the first step, use a soft detergent and put your machine on the gentle cycle.

After washing your carpet, never place your rug into the dryer as it might lead to forceful drying.

Lastly, put the rug in an open space and let it dry on its own. And keep rotating it as it will let the rug dry evenly.

You don't have to clean your rug weekly. too much cleaning is never a wise idea.

How To Clean Woolen Rugs?

Cleaning A Wollen Rug

Wool is famous in the rug industry and is mainly known for its durability. With durability woolen rugs are also prone to catch stains. Cleaning a woolen rug is a bit tricky. A lot of folks go wrong when they are dealing with a woolen rug. Cleaning a woolen rug will be easy for you if you follow our steps.

Vacuum your woolen rug properly and evenly on both sides.

After removing all the dirt and grit, get yourself two spray bottles. one with cool normal water and the other bottle with detergent solution.

Gently pray the soft detergent all over the rug and especially on the stain marks.

Always use a soft brush and clean it according to the texture of the rug. Don’t go back and forth harshly.

After brushing properly. Use the water spray and start cleaning the soap from the rug. Do it until the water starts to flow clear.

Place your rug over a clean and dry surface to let it dry. Don’t forget the switch positions as it may help it to dry evenly.

How To Clean Oriental Rugs At Home?

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Bringing home an absolute piece of art that carries the true heritage of handmade carpet makers and maintaining it is not easy. A lot of folks know how to spend money on these fine arts but they lack the knowledge of cleaning them.

Cleaning your oriental rug is very easy. You can either simply vacuum clean it or make use of vinegar. We will go through both of the steps.

Cleaning your oriental rug with a vacuum is different. Vacuum cleaning any other rug does not need extra precautions at all.

Always put your vacuum cleaner on the low setting before cleaning the rug. An aggressive setting might catch the rug in the process of cleaning and might damage it.

Simply vacuum both of the sides gently. Make sure you clean the floor as too.


The first thing you gotta do is we the rug lightly before the cleaning process starts. Then, at that point, you can make use of white vinegar and warm water arrangement as above straightforwardly onto the space.

For additional cleaning, you can blend 1/2 tsp of pH-unbiased cleanser with 1/4 cup white vinegar and some warm water and utilize this for oily spills.

Simply put the solution over stains. Make sure to use the same solution on some other cloth to see if it will harm colors.

Clean it up with water afterward and the rug is ready to dry.

How To Wash Bathroom Rugs?

Bathroom rugs are the easiest to clean. These rugs are very high traffic rugs. Bathroom rugs are meant to get dirty. Cleaning these is not a tough job at all.

Always wash your bathroom rug with a soft detergent. Machine washing bathroom rugs can be ideal as you are not worried about them losing their color.

Only vacuum cleaning is not a wise thing to do when it comes to bathroom rugs. As it was lead them to smell a lot.

Always clean your bathroom rug once a week. Drying these bathroom rugs are very easy and can be dried upon cloth wires.

How To Wash Rugs With Rubber Backing?

Cleaning Rugs with Rubber Backing

These rubber-backed rugs are amazing. They never let you fall over a slippery surface. You can walk over them at any pace. This makes them a very high-traffic rug. Cleaning such rugs is similar to others.

Today we are going to clean a rubber blacked rug with the help of baking soda.

Simply sprinkle baking soda over the rug and scrub the rug gently with a soft brush. Don’t be harsh when cleaning the rug. After you are done with scrubbing, slowly vacuum the upper surface of the rug.

Let the rug dry.

While cleaning the rubber ends, simply use the dishwashing soap. This soap will make the rubber shine more. Resulting in the rug work well on slippery floors.

How To Clean Rugs At Home?

Generally, people get their rugs cleaned by professionals. Handmade rugs do need professional cleaning if the owner knows nothing about them. Cleaning rugs at home is not a tough job.

If proper precautions are taken, cleaning the rug at home is easy. Handmade rugs usually are made with natural dyes. This makes them very delicate. Sometimes if the detergent gets very harsh on it and it leads the rug to lose its natural colors.

One can use stuff like soft detergents, vinegar, lukewarm water, baking soda, and dishwashing soap. Sometimes people also make use of vacuum cleaners just to clean the upper surface of the rug.

How To Get Bumps Out Of Area Rugs?

Bumps in Area Rugs

If you have also placed your rug in a room crowded with furniture. You might have encountered your rug getting bumps.

So how do you flatten your rug?

Gently reverse roll the rug. While reverse rolling makes sure you are rolling it evenly. Make sure you don’t hear any crackling noise in the process of reverse rolling the rug. Stop if you hear any noise as you might help the rug from getting any further damage.

Another working method is. You can place your rug under the sunlight. Place your rug under the sun and place weights in the corner to even out the rug.

How To Keep Rugs From Sliding?

Rug sliding is the most complained issue from the majority of the rug owners. If the rug hasn’t got any rubber backing. One can purchase after-market rubber pads to keep your rug from sliding.

We have got you three options so that you can prevent your rug from sliding.

1. Rubber waffle rug pads

Cop yourself one of these rubber waffle pads to put on some extra grip on your rug. These pads are easily available in the market and very inexpensive too. Simply stick these pads on the edges of your rug and voila your rug won’t slip again.

2. Rubberized Shelf Liner

These thin rubberized liners go under your rug to deliver a grippy experience. These are very thin and mostly are used on heavy-duty rugs.

3. Hot Glue

This trick was stolen from 5 minutes craft ( actually not ). This is a DIY trick and can be used mainly on medium-sized rugs. Simply turn your rug upside down and paste the gum all over on the edges.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of The Area Rug?

This is one of the most complained things amongst all rug owners. You cant tackle the issue forever these small things are the process of owning the rug. If possible, place the rug on a tough floor rather than a carpet while it relaxes.

Try Back Rolling the Rug: many of us find this one among the simplest ways to affect a rug that refuses to take a seat flat. All you've got to try to do is unroll the carpet and roll it up again within the other way. Then, let it sit for each day or two before you unroll it

Place the Rug Unde the outside within the sunlight for a couple of hours. the warmth from the sun helps the rug naturally release tension.

How To Dry Bathroom Rugs?

The drying process of every rug is distinct. The real way to dry out the bathroom rug. Simply use a blow dryer with gentle hot settings. Never let any rug settle with the wrinkles on. Or another way to dry your bathroom rug is to let it sit under the sun.

How To Clean Rugs With Baking Soda?

Baking soda is the natural and cheap solution is to use bicarbonate of soda as your carpet cleaner. bicarbonate of soda will help shower both appearance and smell, and it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.

Just sprinkle baking soda over the rug and let it sit for a while. Then use a wet brush and scrub it out gently. Then use some lukewarm water to clean the baking soda on the rug.

Cleaning rugs with baking soda is the most famous trick to clean rugs at home. Evenly spread out the rug after cleaning in the open air after washing.

Checkout our collection of machine washable rugs here.

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